first_img‘Four Pinocchios’ for President’s Claim of a Turnaround in West Virginia FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Washington Post:Even though Trump claims he has “turned West Virginia around,” the trends aren’t expected to last. The Bureau of Business and Economic Research at West Virginia University estimated the state’s GDP growth to average 1.0 percent per year over the next five years and employment to grow 0.7 percent — well below national projections.Additionally, the coal industry still has a way to go to recover from its losses. In 2008, the state produced nearly 158 million short tons of coal, and by 2016, that number had plummeted to 80 million, according to a report by the Bureau of Business and Economic Research.John Deskins, co-author of the report and director of the bureau, cautioned that while increased coal production is projected to remain stable, the state still has a long road to economic recovery.“West Virginia has no short-term solution for its economic problems,” Deskins said. “We need industrial diversification and investment in human capital. But with the state’s poor education system and really bad drug epidemic, the human capital gains are a major challenge.”Trump takes credit for West Virginia’s economic gains, but it’s undeserved. For one, when the first quarter ended on March 31, 2017, Trump was just two months into his presidency. While he was quick to do away with several regulations on energy production, many of the new policies have yet to take effect. The state’s recent growth is due to increased mining production and a rise in prices for coal and natural gas.Taking credit for economic advances where no credit is due seems to be a habit for Trump. He should be more careful not to overstate the effect of his administration’s policies when praising economic gains across the country.  For trying to capitalize on the hard work of West Virginians, Trump earns Four Pinocchios.More: President Trump’s claim that he ‘turned West Virginia around’ by cutting regulations on mininglast_img read more

first_imgThe Batesville Bulldogs Soccer team traveled for an away game against the Jennings County Panthers winning 2-1. The game started off with good ball possession from Batesville and fast physical play from Jennings County on their fast turf field. Ten minutes into the game Miles Bowser had the ball in the midfield and connected with Michael Ripperger for a 1-2 pass to break the defense and give Bowser the space for a shot on goal to score. The half continued with a fight for possession and strong physical play that ended 1-0. Second half went on much the same, until 18:41 on the clock Michael Ripperger dribbled in from the wing and took a shot from wide which was deflected from the keeper and Johnathan Lynch crashed goal and took a one touch shot to the net. The Panthers continued to threaten the score and with one minute remaining, an opposing forward broke through and a miscommunication led to a goal. The final score ended with a 2-1 Win for Batesville.Courtesy of Bulldogs Coach Kyle Hartenman.last_img read more

first_img(Letter to the Sports Editor) I TAKE this opportunity to offer sincere congratulations to the Guyana Jaguars cricket team and the coach for their recent success at winning the Regional 4- Day cricket tournament for the third year in succession.The players have performed exceptionally well despite all odds and they must be recognised for this unprecedented achievement.Kudos must also be given to the Berbice Cricket Board, especially the Rose Hall Town Youth & Sports Club, led by Hilbert Foster, the Georgetown Cricket Association, led by Roger Harper and the East Coast Cricket Board, led by Bissoondyal Singh and their respective committee members.These gentlemen and their Association/Boards fought steadfastly over the last seven years to organise and develop cricket within their respective areas despite continuous interference and destabilisation efforts, perpetrated by the illegal regime calling itself the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB).Apart from the now regular and infamous impositions of court injunctions within these areas, the self-servicing GCB made regular disruptive incursions into the three areas with the intention of destroying the structure of the very game of cricket that they were supposed to be overseeing.These three Association/Boards have not for over seven years received a blind cent as cricket subsidy from the GCB, which in turn receives over $70M from the WICB for cricket development and administration in Guyana.It is these very three areas that have produced all the cricketers for the various Guyana teams. Yet the GCB wants recognition for the success of the Guyana Jaguars.The GCB does not have a cricket development plan of its own and has brazenly piggy-backed on the tremendous cricket development and the talented players from Berbice, Georgetown and East Coast while ensuring that those areas do not have any say in the administration of Guyana Cricket.What is even more disturbing is that the current Government, through its Ministry of Sport and the National Sports Commission continue to reward this illegal regime for the efforts of others.I do not know if it is due to ignorance, myopia or downright cronyism but the illegal GCB seems to be finding special favours even within their illegal operations.A little over a year ago it was reported that the Minister of Sport admitted that she was unaware that there was a Cricket Administration Act and that she was not prepared to take the blame for not naming the stands at the Guyana National Stadium. Since then, instead of consolidating efforts to remove the frivolous challenges to the Act, the Minister and the Director of Sport seem to have formed a relationship with the illegal and incompetent GCB by:1. Rewarding that illegal GCB and its controversial secretary with sports awards for 2016 at the ceremony held in January 2017, attended surprisingly by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Minister of Sport made some misleading pronouncements on the contributions of the President and Secretary of the GCB with regard to the development of youth cricketers.3. Allocating $1.5?M in balls for school cricket to the illegal GCB. The tournament was disappointingly scheduled to be played during the rainy season and exam term. It would be extremely useful to analyse the programme/plan that influenced this donation since from all appearances there was no proper ground preparation, no proper coaching programme, no proper cricket gear distribution and no proper zoning or coordination of the schedule of matches.The tournament was akin to our youngsters playing cricket in the jungle!There has been no organised ladies cricket since this regime hijacked the GCB in 2011, and they have been selecting female national players from the softball cricket instead. Yet this group has been able to bluff and hoodwink the present sports administration into giving them awards they never deserved.Guyana has got the talent to produce world-class cricketers but the current environment of illegality, amateurism, deceit, favouritism and incompetent cannot help our players. We are winning the war but losing the battle. Why? With Guyana winning regional tournaments and the West Indies Team at its lowest in 20 years, we cannot contribute much to the WI teams.Why are the likes of Roger Harper, Mark Harper, Neil Barry, Ramnaresh Sarwan, Monty Lynch, Albert Smith, Rabindranauth Seeram, Reon King, Clyde Butts, Rodrick Lovell and Hubern Evans not working with our youngsters within a structured programme that is carefully worked out and properly implemented?The time is long overdue to implement the Guyana Cricket Act. If the Minister is unaware of the process she could seek guidance from her Senior Minister of Education, her Director of Sport, her Attorney General, her Minister of State or even the Minster of Public Security all of whom sat at 22 meetings of the Parliamentary Select Committee that crafted and passed the Cricket Bill into Law.The frivolous challenge to the Act that is preventing the holding of free and fair elections of the GCB was instituted by Anand Sanasie et al. It is self-serving and ensures that the illegal GCB does not hold any elections while they fondly embrace the government officials. Is this right in our democratic society?W. G. Bostonlast_img read more