first_imgDubai: Australia’s Sam Fanning has been found guilty of a Level 1 breach of the ICC Code of Conduct for Players and Player Support Personnel and has received two demerit points, for an incident during the ICC U19 World Cup Super League quarter-final match against India as per an ICC release.The Australia batsman was found to have violated Article 2.12 of the code, which relates to “inappropriate physical contact with another player during an international match”.Fanning on the first ball of the 31st over stuck his elbow out which made contact with the bowler while running which is deemed as inappropriate contact with another player.After the match, Fanning admitted the offence and accepted the sanction proposed by ICC U19 World Cup match referee Graeme Labrooy as such, there was no need for a formal hearing. IANSAlso Read: Women expected to be jealous in Hollywood: Elle FanningAlso Watch: CRISIL Foundation’s Gram Shakti certification to drive financial literacy and Inclusionlast_img read more

first_imgFour one-design classes competed in the annual Monmouth Boat Club (MBC) Labor Day Regatta, Sunday, Sept. 1. David Watts with brother Robert as crew, top left, won the Lightning Class with two firsts and a second in three races. John Luard, sailing with crew Keith Petrosemolo, top right, won the Flying Scot Class also with two firsts and a second. Doug Marsh, lower left, sailing with wife Kay, took Albacore honors with three wins and Steve Okinow, lower right, won the WoodPussy class. Series racing will continue at MBC until mid-October.last_img read more

first_imgBy Allison Perrine The Rumson Police Department has, like Oceanport, also noted an overall decrease in call volume since social distancing orders started. Borough residents have reported some car thefts, however, and the department is getting calls concerning violations of the governor’s executive orders. That includes residents outside with others, not wearing masks or face coverings. Kelly also minimized staffing in the department’s building at the beginning of the pandemic to avoid having officers in close quarters. Some were given administrative days at home, allowing them to be on-call but not in the office. Rumson Borough Police Chief Scott Paterson also has his officers in the proper PPE for serious and crisis calls, but they are keeping their distance as much as possible. They do not enter a house without proper equipment, he said. According to Oceanport Police Chief Michael P. Kelly, this issue is not unique to the borough or even to the county, as it is happening across the state. The belief is that there are two rings of criminals operating out of North Jersey who are stealing high-end cars and items inside them, like wallets and cash. But in March, there were a reported 30 car burglaries on the east side of Oceanport; two cars were stolen and later recovered in Newark. In April, in the Kimberly Woods section of town, there were four or five vehicle burglaries. According to Kelly, these rings usually take the cars, put them in containers and ship them overseas to be sold. There has been, however, an uptick in car burglaries in the area, as well as scam calls and first aid calls. MONMOUTH COUNTY – Police departments in the Two River area are reporting a general decrease in call volumes during the COVID-19 pandemic, as more people stay inside and keep off the roads. The parks are open during normal posted hours, available at monmouthcountyparks.com. Parking is limited to half capacity. Park rangers monitor visitor loads and can temporarily close parks if parking lots become too full. Buildings, including restrooms, shelter buildings and picnic pavilions are still closed. Answering emergency calls during the shutdown has created certain challenges. The department is trying to handle as many calls as possible over the phone; more serious calls are handled in person. Officers who are dispatched to any crime scene must take the proper precautions to keep residents and themselves safe; they wear personal protective equipment (PPE), including N95 masks and gloves. “I am so grateful to the Monmouth County Park System for handling the reopening of the parks and golf courses in such an exemplary way,” said Freeholder Lillian G. Burry, liaison to the Monmouth County Park System, in a press release. “I have always said that we have the best park system in New Jersey and I was proud to hear that Governor Murphy, who visited Thompson Park this weekend, publicly complimented the way the County parks were set up and monitored.” center_img There is also a bail scam going on throughout New Jersey that targets elderly community members. Scammers are gathering information about the victims, claiming to be bail collectors and telling them that a family member is in jail and needs bail money. Aside from burglaries, the Oceanport Police Department is seeing an increase in first aid calls, not necessarily related to COVID-19 cases. More people are home, and Kelly believes that’s why there have been more calls of people falling, suffering strokes and experiencing mental health issues. The department has only had a few coronavirus-related calls. “We were lucky we had a supply of PPEs,” said Kelly. “We don’t want officers, and unfortunately it’s happened, bringing the virus back to the home.” Two officers from the department have needed to self-quarantine due to potential exposures to the virus. This past weekend was a true test for New Jersey residents. It was the first weekend after Gov. Phil Murphy reopened state parks and allowed county governments to open parks and golf courses if they chose to do so. Monmouth County opted to open their facilities and, according to the freeholders, it was successful. “I feel as though with the opening of our golf course and tennis courts and stuff like that, we’re going to see an uptick in those sorts of things,” said Paterson. “We’re hoping and praying and asking for everybody to do the right thing and pay attention to all the executive orders.” “Everybody has been hitwith them in MonmouthCounty,” said Kelly. “Weusually have them, butthey’re intermittent.” “That minimizes the number of officers here. Internally, that was the one major thing we did,” said Kelly. “I prohibited officers from congregating. Roll calls were basically done via phone or email so they wouldn’t all be in one area at one time.” “They’re preying on these people and they’re actually getting them to give their information and showing up at their homes,” said Kelly. He believes residents from five county municipalities have been impacted. The article originally appeared in the May 7th – May 13th, 2020 print edition of The Two River Times.last_img read more

first_imgSo moved was Letterkenny priest Fr.Eamonn Kelly by the death of little Joshua Coyle that he wrote a poem for the tragic little boy.Tragic Joshua Coyle who was killed on Friday.The congregation at beautiful Joshua’s funeral mass at St Eunan’s Cathedral couldn’t hold back the tears as Fr.Eamon read these words.He has kindly allowed us to publish them in the hope that it will give the Coyle and Mangan families and the wider community some comfort at this trying time. Rest in peace wee Joshua.Joshua ZackDoes anyone hear our screamsin the middle of all the pain, heartache of this child’s death,action by nature, Joshua by name Beyond words is the sorrowthat his death has causedour community is silenced our world lessened, paused Just six 93 days of ageleaving family broken to the corecommunity stunned, strangers shocked naturally all wanted Joshua more Does anyone hear our screamsthat ask the never-ending whydoes Mammy and Daddy and brothershave to hold a hand and cry To Christ upon the tree we turnhe screamed the shattered cry tooso that in the heartache we mightknow love is forever trueJoshua, we know you live foreverbut for now we must be apartYet Little Action Man knowyou are always in our heartPRIEST’S MOVING POEM FOR LITTLE ‘ACTION MAN’ JOSHUA was last modified: October 1st, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:deathdonegalFr Eamonn KellyJoshua CoylepoemSt.Eunan’s Cathedrallast_img read more

first_imgFulham were grateful for a glaring miss by Leon Clarke to keep the FA Cup third-round tie goalless at the break.When Bakary Sako’s shot on the half-hour mark cannoned back off the post, Clarke looked certain to net the rebound – only to prod wastefully wide of an open goal.It was the clearest chance of a fairly flat first half, in which Fulham strung together some attractive football at times without seriously hurting the Wolves defence.Hugo Rodallega was a thorn in the visitors’ side and he was unfortunate to see an overhead kick loop just over the bar on 39 minutes.The Colombian then fashioned an equally acrobatic volley from Seko Fofana’s cross just before half-time, but it flew wide.In the last action of the half, Sako sent a free-kick dipping just over Marcus Bettinelli’s crossbar.Earlier, Cauley Woodrow squandered the best opportunity of a lifeless first half hour when he blazed over the bar from just inside the box.Lasse Vigen Christensen, who was named in the starting line-up despite having only returned to training on Friday, lasted only 32 minutes before he limped off, replaced by Sean Kavanagh. Fulham:  Bettinelli; Grimmer, Hutchinson, Bodurov, Stafylidis; Parker; Christensen (Kavanagh 32), Fofana; McCormack; Rodallega, Woodrow.Subs: Kiraly, Burn, Kavanagh, Roberts, Ruiz, Williams, Dembélé. Wolves:  Ikeme; Iorfa, Batth, Stearman, Doherty; Evans, Price, Henry, Edwards, Sako; Clarke.Subs: Kuszczak, Saville, Ricketts, McAlinden, Ebanks-Landell, Jacobs, Dicko.Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

first_imgIt’s as indefensible as believers in ghosts lying about observational evidence for them.Dark matter may exist. Spirits of the dead, similarly, may walk the earth. Neither has any hard physical evidence. Multi-million dollar dark matter detectors built deep underground continue to find nothing. If investigators into the paranormal ridicule belief in ghosts, why do they excuse belief in dark matter as scientific?So dogmatic are astronomers about their beloved dark matter, they will lie to the press, confidently asserting it has been discovered. To see the lies, the alert reader has to keep focus on the question, ‘what is dark matter?’ Just as a believer in ghosts cannot allege that rustling leaves in the trees is an effect of a passing ghost, cosmologists cannot assume that motions among galaxies or stars is an effect of dark matter, which they cannot describe. What is it? What is it made of? Without those answers, the term ‘dark matter’ is a placeholder for ignorance.Scientists Find the ‘Missing’ Dark Matter from the Early Universe (Live Science). No, scientists did not find dark matter. What the headline alleges the body text takes away. Mara Johnson-Groh writes,Dark matter makes up approximately 85 percent of the total mass in our known universe, but the mysterious substance does not interact with light, leaving scientists in the dark about the its precise nature. So, instead of viewing it, astronomers must rely on dark matter’s gravitational pull on the normal matter, called baryonic matter, that makes up the stars, nebulas and planets we see in the night sky, as well as all the trees, rocks and people on Earth.In our analogy, investigators did not see the ghosts, but watched the rustling of leaves in the trees. Read further and you find that not everyone was convinced by the Royal Society notice. Also, the article hedges its bold headline by admitting, the “team’s results were highly dependant [sic] on the model they used.” Models are not evidence. Saying that scientists have found the missing dark matter amounts to a highly misleading statement at best, a bald lie at worst.Dark Matter on the Move (Science Daily). This article’s coverage of the Royal Society notice calls the survey the “smoking gun” evidence: “This study may be the ‘smoking gun’ evidence that takes us a step closer to understanding what dark matter is,” an astronomer from Carnegie Mellon says. It may be, or it may not be. The article points to smoke with no gun. Other things than guns can emit smoke – like overhyped news.Dark Matter Behaves Differently in Dying Galaxies (Live Science). Breathes there a reporter willing to critique the belief in dark matter? Rafi Letzter pretends to tell what dark matter does, without knowing what it is. Notice the bizarre incongruity in these statements:Dark matter detectives barely know anything about dark matter, but now they know this: It behaves differently on the fringes of old galaxies than in new ones.Dark matter is the stuff we can’t see in the universe. It makes up most of the mass in the universe but doesn’t emit light. However, it does tug on everything with gravity. Everything in the universe acts like it’s being pulled on by big heavy clouds of something we can’t see. Astronomers just aren’t sure what that something is.This is like saying that ghosts account for most of the motions of leaves in the trees. Can nobody stand up and say that other causes than dark matter could account for the movements of galaxies? Letzter also wrote another article on Live Science, “Four dark matter searches to watch in 2019.” The headline implies that dark matter remains lost. He says of all searches to date,As usual, astronomers didn’t actually find any of the stuff, which is invisible to all our telescopes but appears to make up at least 80 percent of the universe by mass.It looks like dark matter can be heated up and moved around (Phys.org). In this article, astronomer Paul Sutter talks as if ghosts are real, even though we cannot detect them. When you observe a galaxy, you see lots of real objects. But –What you wouldn’t see is what most of that galaxy is really made of. You wouldn’t see the invisible, the hidden. You wouldn’t see the bulk of that galactic mass. You wouldn’t see the dark matter.Saying that dark matter can be heated up and moved around is like saying that ghosts can act more frenzied in some places compared to others, based on which branches of a tree do the most rustling.A ‘Mirror Image’ of Our Universe Existed Before The Big Bang (Science Alert). Does it advance science to explain one occult phenomenon with another occult phenomenon? Can you explain one thing you can’t see with another you can’t see? How bizarre can the dark matter believers get to preserve their pet theory? Jon Christian writes,A new story in Physics World explores the new theory, which was proposed by a trio of Canadian physicists who say that it could explain the existence of dark matter.The new theory, which is laid out in a recent paper in the journal Physical Review of [sic] Letters, aims to preserve a rule of physics called CPT symmetry. In the anti-universe before the Big Bang, it suggests, time ran backwards and the cosmos were made of antimatter instead of matter.This new theory is compelling, according to a news release about the new theory, because it would mean that the universe is filled with “very massive sterile neutrinos” that could explain dark matter, a mysterious material that is believed to make up much of the universe.Writers for Uncommon Descent had some fun with this trekkie idea.Update 1/17/19: New theory could explain missing 95 percent of the cosmos (Phys.org). This has to be one of the most bizarre excuses for dark matter we have ever seen. Cosmologists at the University of Oxford are proposing a substance with “negative mass” for dark matter. This brings to mind phlogiston theory for the explanation of combustion— a widely used example of how some scientists may be willing to give up rationality before abandoning a pet theory. According to the proponents of this new idea,“We now think that both dark matter and dark energy can be unified into a fluid which possesses a type of ‘negative gravity,” repelling all other material around them. Although this matter is peculiar to us, it suggests that our cosmos is symmetrical in both positive and negative qualities.”The existence of negative matter had previously been ruled out as it was thought this material would become less dense as the Universe expands, which runs contrary to our observations that show dark energy does not thin out over time. However, Dr. Farnes’ research applies a ‘creation tensor,” which allows for negative masses to be continuously created. It demonstrates that when more and more negative masses are continually bursting into existence, this negative mass fluid does not dilute during the expansion of the cosmos. In fact, the fluid appears to be identical to dark energy.Go figure. This sounds like the defunct steady-state cosmology. What will it take for cosmologists to admit the possibility that dark matter is a myth? If negative mass fluid is identical to dark energy, is it not reasonable to assume that both occult phenomena are equally unreal?Find our previous articles about dark matter in the Search bar.There have been occasions when appeals to unknown entities, sometimes dubbed “occult forces,” have served science. Oxygen, electrons, neutrinos, and even fundamental forces once were theoretical entities that were subsequently confirmed. Recently, astronomers claimed support for finding the Higgs Boson and gravitational waves. Critics might complain that the latter two are model-dependent, but at least these entities, some of which cannot be determined directly, can be measured to a high degree of accuracy. What is dark matter? Scientists have no idea. They don’t know if it is made of WIMPs or MACHOs, whether it consists of theoretical axions or something completely indescribable. All they know is that they need it for their theories. They need it for an old universe and the big bang theory. They’ve been looking for it for over a century. How much more time do we give them? More importantly, why are so very few in the media recognizing that non-detection of dark matter is a crisis? Misleading the public by assuming its truth is dishonest. A placeholder for ignorance is just that: ignorance hoping for promotion to reality in the future. Stop treating it like a fact. Be open to alternatives.The case of dark matter shows that some education in philosophy of science and history of science helps you interpret claims. Science’s biggest reason for being taken seriously is evidence. You can’t expect people to believe in things forever when there is no evidence.  It can’t be taken seriously when someone’s pet theory needs it. In this case, the consensus trusts the pet theory. But where is the bold prediction that dark matter confirms? Where is the allowance for falsification? Are the believers in touch with reality? Dark matter may turn up some day, but we’d like to see less bombast, more humility, and more willingness to be proved wrong. Until then, dark matter and dark energy are the cosmologists’ pseudoscientific ghosts. Another ghost is natural selection which, as we will continue to see, is being used by scientists as a ghostly agent that no biologist or geneticist can nail down with any confidence. That one is not only a placeholder for ignorance, a vacuous idea, and a self-refuting concept; it is a weapon against critics of Darwinism. (Visited 1,089 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Ron Grayson Burns and his family have diversified their farm and are now raising conventional and organic corn, soybeans and wheat in Union County. The Ohio Ag Net’s Ty Higgins found out more as he visited with Burns, who works at Farm Credit and his brother Austin, who works for JD Equipment, when they’re not in the field. Their dad, Ron and family friend, Steve Wiant were also at the farm running three planters to make up time in this delayed planting season.last_img read more

Darren Moore describes West Broms trashing as bizarre

first_imgWest Brom’s head coach Darren Moore has labeled the game against Derby County as “bizarre” after losing at home to a more clinical side.The Baggies’ five-game winning streak in the league at home came to an abrupt end tonight after losing to Derby County by four goals to one in front of their home fans.Darren Moore felt his side was denied what appeared to look like an obvious penalty just before the halftime marker when Dwight Gayle was trapped inside the 18-yard box.The referee turned down West Brom’s plea for a spot-kick even after replays showed Scott Malone had caught Dwight Gayle’s leg faintly in the penalty area.“I thought the changing part of the game was the incident with Dwight,” Moore said as quoted by Birmingham Mail.“Dwight wouldn’t go down like that, not when he has the chance to score. Whether it was a penalty or a free kick I’m not sure. My players stayed on it and huffed and puffed to the end”videoAshley Cole announces his retirement from football Andrew Smyth – August 18, 2019 Former Arsenal and Chelsea star Ashley Cole has confirmed his retirement from football at the age of 38.“Well done to Derby. They had some clinical finishes and ran out winners.”Albion were jittery and made too many errors at the back that their opponents capitalized on. Derby would have extended the score line but Sam Johnstone was resilient in goal.Yet Moore believed things could have turned out differently and felt his boys dominated some parts of the game.“It was a bizarre game,” he said. “Obviously they were very clinical in their finishing. The first goal they got up and there was a clinical second finish.”“I thought West Brom were in the ascendancy all the way. We had half-chances, which in recent weeks we’ve capitalised on and been devastating with our finishes. It just wasn’t to be. Call it what you want, whether it was a bizarre game or a bad day at office.”West Brom are now fourth on the Championship table with 24 points  just behind Sheffield United, Middlesbrough and Leeds United who all share 26 points but ate separated by goal difference. The Baggies will host Blackburn Rovers on the 27th of October in round 15 of Championship matches.last_img read more