first_imgMagic tree air fresheners, old spice aftershave, the whiff of Brylcreem from my father on a Sunday morning.Pioneer radios and supper tickets for Bella’s nightclub in the Golden Grill. Advertisement All memories of touring around when I first started to drive.You will always remember your first car, the first one you got on the road, especially if it was a car you grew up with.It also can spark the memories recalling other things other than driving that were in your life at that time.The transformation of growing up, from sitting in as a passenger daydreaming of the day you drive the car on the road by yourself for the first time. Advertisement My father owned an old Hillman Avenger. He bought it second-hand from the late JJ Reid. It was yellow with a black vinyl roof.A photo out our very young motoring columnist Brian Mc Daid with his father’s old Hillman Avenger in the background.Picture by the Late Fred McDaid.They were quite trendy in Letterkenny back then because the Hillman Avenger also made a good club man rally car.Our car was four years old when we bought it with a 1974 Donegal registration, WIH 211.The late Eamon Harvey’s latest rally car back then was also a Hillman Avenger, a green one, two doors with a 1973 Donegal registration of UIH 131.While I was getting on the road complete with my ‘L’ plate front and rear back then two young up and coming local lads were teaming up to build their own rally car from a bare shell up.It came to Donegal with a Dublin number plate from 1970, 799 RI was a four-door Avenger. All them years ago we didn’t know it but we were watching history in the making. Looking on in the Church Lane to see if the lights were on late at Caddye’s garage and find any excuse in to see the white rally car taking shape.A four-door family car transforming from a bare white shell to a rally car in a tin shed on the church lane in Letterkenny.Back of the fieldThem young hopefuls received an entry seeded at 112 on the road, then started the 1979 Donegal Rally on a Friday morning, and over the weekend, passing nearly everybody to finish 100 places up in 12th overall on Sunday evening at the finish ramp and first in their class. The local boys, and now heroes, were on their very first Donegal Rally.Over the following decades between them, they went on to win the Donegal Rally no less than six times outright in their separate career paths.The mighty Hillman Avenger in the hands of James Cullen and Rory Kennedy in their first ever Donegal International RallyThat young Letterkenny crew were of course driver James Cullen and his navigator Rory Kennedy.With a car prepared by Danny Caddye and Sons, they proved what could be achieved with a little bit of belief and a huge amount of talent.“And make no mistake about it,” as the late Danny Caddye would say.Mystery AvengerWinding the clock on to the present day and while trying to restore some old rally photos this week, I came across a picture of a Donegal registered Hillman Avenger VIH 330 rally car that I had never seen before.My nose was out of joint because I thought I knew all the Avenger rally cars in Donegal back in the 70s and 80’s as they were passed from driver to driver, but this was the first time I had ever seen this one.The driver was the late Derek Mc Mahon, he is pictured in it on ‘The Tour of Britain’. I’m guessing it was a 1600GT version by the half vinyl roof, proudly promoting Mc Mahon Bros, Letterkenny on its back quarter panels complete with bog standard steel wheels.The late Derek and Anne McMahon pictured with one of their sons Arthur. Photo Brian McDaid.Derek rallied many cars over the years all were well known from Stilettos, Renault Gordni, BMW, RS2000, Series 7 Avengers and Sunbeams all well known in the rally circles but this Series 6 version has mystified a lot even some of the mechanics that worked and prepared his car over the years.After spending the bank holiday Monday this week trying to find out anything about this car, I felt a bit better because no one else seemed to know about this car either.A train of thought was that this Donegal car might never have competed in Donegal, and might only have competed in England where Derek ran a motorsport team, ‘Derek Mc Mahon Racing’.Derek may have proudly registered the car in his native Donegal, a county “Big D” as he affectionally called it and was very proud to be from.All WinnersIf we drew a blank this week in trying to find out the history on this ‘Tour of Britain’ classic Avenger, I hit the jackpot with a chance conversation with Arthur McMahon, a son of the late Derek McMahon, when I showed him a picture of our old Hillman Avenger parked up at the back of our house.My brother Nelius stood at the wheel with a head full of curly hair and my father, Fred, also known as ‘Big Fred’ alongside our dog, Rover, giving him a paw.Our old family car in the 70’s a Hillman Avenger, which started out life at the top prize in the Letterkenny Golf Club Prize, which was won by Anne Mc Mahon in 1974. Photo Brian McDaidLooking at the faded photo and spotting the number plate Arthur asked was the car yellow with a black vinyl roof.I was to find out that even my fathers old Hillman Avenger was also a winner in its day.WIH 211 came out of Mc Mahon Bros brand new and was transported to the Golf Club in Letterkenny as the top sponsored top prize in the Barnhill Golf Club Members draw in 1974.A rare glimpse of this Donegal’s registered Avenger competing on the Tour of Britain with Derek Mc Mahon behind the wheel.Arthur remembers the car so well because it was his mother the late Ann McMahon who landed home with it after her name was drawn out of the hat in the clubhouse draw and she was the winner of the car.So, what ended up as our run about family car, and the car that I so fondly started on the road in, was also the family runabout in the McMahon family in the years before it made it way to the McDaids.Happy Motoring FolksDD Motoring: Avengers assemble was last modified: June 6th, 2019 by Brian McDaidShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_imgIn this edition of the Weekly Wrapup – our newsletter summarizing the top stories of the week – we poll our readers on their 3 most exciting web apps or services, analyze the latest Twitter client stats, report on MySpace’s acquisition of Facebook app iLike, review the state of the netbook market, talk to Tim O’Reilly about his vision for a government web platform, and more. We also check in on our two new channels: ReadWriteEnterprise (devoted to ‘enterprise 2.0’ trends and products) and ReadWriteStart (dedicated to profiling startups and entrepreneurs). The Weekly Wrapup is sponsored by Raptivity, create interactive websites:Subscribe to Weekly WrapupYou can subscribe to the Weekly Wrapup by RSS or by email (form below).RWW Weekly Wrap-up Email Subscription form: Purchase The ReadWriteWeb Guide to Online Community ManagementOur First Premium Report for Businesses Recently we released our first premium report: The ReadWriteWeb Guide to Online Community Management. Businesses seeking to engage with online communities on their own websites or all around the social web will find the guide invaluable in getting up to speed on the state of the art and making sure their employees have the foundation they need to be effective. The report is a 75 page collection of case studies, advice and discussion concerning the most important issues in online community. You will also get a companion online aggregator that delivers the most-discussed articles each day written by experts on community management from around the web. All of this is available for purchase at a price of $299. You can download a free sample section of the report here. Web ProductsTop 10 Most Exciting Web Apps or Services This week we asked what 3 web apps or services you find the most exciting right now. Not your 3 most used or favorite, but the apps that currently make you tingly with excitement. We got some great responses in the comments, so in this post we picked out our top 10 from your choices. We chose 5 services that got the most number of mentions, plus 5 lesser known web apps or services which got multiple mentions.How to Use Facebook: 5 Tips For Better Social NetworkingFacebook is a social networking site that is enormously popular, but it can be a frustrating user experience. The design of Facebook leaves a lot to be desired and there are almost too many choices for things to do on Facebook. So how can you best utilize it and find the good apps? In this post we aimed to find out.iLike Acquired by MySpace This week MySpace announced an agreement to acquire iLike, a social music discovery service. iLike is one of the top apps on the Facebook platform, so how will this affect the competition between the two social networking rivals? We live blogged a press conference with MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta to find out more.The Top Twitter Client Is Still the Web According to a new study from social media solutions provider Rapleaf, the most popular Twitter client is the web via Twitter.com – with 65% of tweets attributed to this method. As far as the third-party clients go, only a small handful of clients had enough users to warrant their own slice of the pie chart, and those slices were in the single digits. Tr.im to Go Open Source, Community Owned A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts richard macmanus ReadWriteEnterpriseOur channel devoted to ‘enterprise 2.0’ and using social software inside organizations. 15 Fluid Apps You Can Build for Your BusinessFluid is a simple application for creating site-specific browsers (SSBs) on your OSX desktop. Fluid is really for anyone, but the low barrier to entry and the effect it has on productivity make it an attractive tool for getting things done. Though it’s been around for a while, few businesses have really taken advantage of its full potential. ReadWriteStartOur channel ReadWriteStart, sponsored by Microsoft BizSpark, is dedicated to profiling startups and entrepreneurs.6 Awesome Apps Begging to Be Developed Y Combinator’s getting pretty fancy with their very detailed Request for Startups idea, which was somewhat like their “Startups We’d Like to Fund” post of yesteryear. While we can’t offer funding, it would make us picky little Internet geeks terribly happy if someone developed any of the six apps listed below. You know, while we’re waiting for the flying cars and food replicators.SEE MORE STARTUPS COVERAGE IN OUR READWRITESTART CHANNELWeb TrendsHow Tim O’Reilly Aims to Change GovernmentSome people go to Washington to try to make the government more honest; others try to make it smaller. Technologist Tim O’Reilly is spending time in Washington, and bringing Washington officials to San Francisco, to do something different – perhaps something more realistic. O’Reilly is trying to help government become a platform for innovation. A “government as platform” would supply raw digital data and other forms of support for private sector innovators to build on top of.What Does Google’s High Customer Satisfaction Rating Mean for Bing? According to the results of a new survey by the American Consumer Satisfaction Index, Google’s users are extremely happy with their search engine. Google scored 86 points out of a possible 100, followed by Yahoo with 77 points. While this survey was conducted before Microsoft’s Bingarrived on the market, they clearly show the problems Bing faces in a marketplace where most consumers are perfectly happy with Google. Tags:#Features#web#Weekly Wrap-ups center_img Bits of Destruction Hit the Book Publishing Business: Part 4 In this fourth part of our investigation into the ongoing changes in the book publishing business, we look at the author’s point of view. What are they getting today? What would they like to get? What can they reasonably expect to get as this drama unfolds? Authors are the creative juice of the whole eco-system. If they don’t create material that people want to read, no one will make any money.Race To Data Portability: Google Chrome vs. Mozilla Weave Google announced bookmark sync to the Chrome browser this week. Chrome users can sync their bookmarks across various machines and store them alongside Google Docs. While the feature is not a new concept amongst browsers, the significance is that yet another player is storing your data in the cloud with the ability to distribute it across networks.SEE MORE WEB TRENDS COVERAGE IN OUR TRENDS CATEGORYThat’s a wrap for another week! Enjoy your weekend everyone. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting After weeks of controversy concerning a possible closure of the service, URL shortener Tr.im this week announced that it’s open sourcing its code, handing ownership of its domain name over to a community nonprofit organization and making clickthrough data freely available in real time. The new Tr.im may be the most exciting thing to happen in URL shortening since now market leader Bit.ly itself launched.5 Reasons to Get Excited about Linux on the Netbook Late last year, we boldly proclaimed that your next computer might be a Linux PC. Thanks to the ever-growing market for the low-end machines dubbed “netbooks,” this seemed like a real possibility at the time. In this post we take a look at the state of the market.  SEE MORE WEB PRODUCTS COVERAGE IN OUR PRODUCTS CATEGORYA Word from Our SponsorsWe’d like to thank ReadWriteWeb’s sponsors, without whom we couldn’t bring you all these stories every week!Mashery is the leading provider of API management services.WeeBiz, a business community where you can find and share new business opportunities.Domain.ME, the official registry for all .ME Domains.Codero, Dedicated Hosting with Backup & Managed Services.Mollom, stop comment spam and build your community.Crowd Science gives you detailed visitor demographics.hakia is a semantic search engine.Rackspace provides dedicated server hosting.Aplus provides web hosting services for small business hosting needs.IronScale, Managed Hosting. The Cloud Gets Physical.MediaTemple provides hosting for RWW.SixApart provides our publishing software MT4. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

first_imgLooking for quality and FREE Final Cut Pro X training?  This series of FCPX video tutorials looks like a great way to get started or improve your Final Cut Pro X video editing.Video producer, director and editor Ben Consoli (of BC Media Productions) is a power Final Cut Pro X user.  He recently released the first two videos in what appears to be just the start of an ongoing video tutorial series on editing with Final Cut Pro X.Ben’s got a straightforward delivery and high production quality make these tutorials stand out in the sea of lackluster free FCPX video tutorials.  How many times have you clicked on a YouTube video tutorial only to have it hosted by an unknowledable teenager – these tutorials are not that!The first two tutorials cover Creating Blu-Ray Discs in Final Cut Pro X and How to Use Final Cut Pro X for Talking Head Interviews (no doubt, something many FCPX video editors are cutting).Marketing Tip: This is a great example of how sharing quality educational content can organically market your video production or photography business!Thanks to Ben for sharing these tutorials.  We’ll be on the lookout for more in the future!  Also, thanks to the great Final Cut Pro X blog FCP.co for the heads up on these quality FCPX video tutorials.last_img read more