first_img Love Letters Alan Alda and Candice Bergen begin their limited run in the Broadway revival of A.R. Gurney’s Love Letters on November 9, taking over from Brian Dennehy and Carol Burnett. Directed by Gregory Mosher, the pair will appear at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre through December 5. They will be followed by casts of stars in strictly limited engagements that include Anjelica Huston, Stacy Keach, Diana Rigg and Martin Sheen. Love Letters is a funny and emotional portrait about the powerful connection of love. Two friends, rebellious Melissa Gardner and straight-arrow Andrew Makepeace Ladd III have exchanged notes, cards and letters with each other for over 50 years. From second grade, through summer vacations, to college, and well into adulthood, they have spent a lifetime discussing their hopes and ambitions, dreams and disappointments, and victories and defeats. But long after the letters are done, the real question remains: Have they made the right choices or is the love of their life only a letter away? The production has also previously starred Mia Farrow. Keach and Rigg will play December 6 through January 9, 2015. Huston and Sheen will then play January 10 through February 15. Related Shows Show Closed This production ended its run on Dec. 14, 2014 View Commentslast_img read more

first_img– ‘Bittersweet’ –US midfielder Carli Lloyd scooped the best women’s player of 2016, the two-time Olympic gold medallist adding to her 2015 FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year accolade.The American finished ahead of Brazilian star Marta and Germany’s Melanie Behringer.She described 2016 as “bittersweet”, with the US failing to win a medal for the first time in women’s Olympic football.Spain’s La Liga accounted for nine of the 11 players in the FIFPro team of the year with Ronaldo and Messi headlining a star-studded line-up.Ronaldo was joined by Real team-mates Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Toni Kroos and Luka Modric while the side comprised four Barcelona players with Gerard Pique, Andres Iniesta and Luis Suarez joining Messi.Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer — named to the FIFPro World 11 for the fourth year running — was the only player selected without links to Spain’s top two clubs.Juventus defender Dani Alves was included for a sixth time having helped Barca to a league and cup double before leaving the Camp Nou for Italy last June.FIFA also gave a fair play prize to the Colombian side Atletico Nacional.The team had asked South America’s football governing body to award a regional club title to Chapecoense after most of the Brazilian side perished in a plane crash on the way to the first leg of the final.– New honours –World football’s governing body launched the new award series after ending its six-year collaboration with France Football magazine for the Ballon d’Or.The change is one of many implemented under Infantino, who took over FIFA last year pledging to lead it away from the scandals that dominated the end of Sepp Blatter’s tenure.Speaking on the so-called “green carpet” outside the Zurich awards venue, Maradona said the prizes helped define a new FIFA identity.“After everything that was taken away from football, everything that was tainted by corruption, to see new people, new faces, that provides me with hope,” Maradona said.But the first 11 months of Infantino’s administration have had their troubles, including massive and often contentious FIFA staff overhauls and an ethics probe that ultimately cleared Infantino of abusing his office.Infantino’s biggest test to date is set for Tuesday, when FIFA’s powerful governing council will decide whether to back his controversial push to expand the World Cup to 48 teams from its current 32-nation format.Share on: WhatsApp Congratulations, Claudio Ranieri!Winner of #TheBest FIFA Men’s Coach 2016 ?https://t.co/LO8lWBKxpn pic.twitter.com/8czujwPzIz— FIFA.com (@FIFAcom) January 9, 2017Having miraculously avoided relegation the previous season, the Foxes rode that wave of momentum all the way to the title.The prizes were based on a combined voting process involving national team coaches and captains, a select group of journalists and fans.Ronaldo took 34.5 percent of the vote over 26.4 percent to Messi, who skipped the awards show co-hosted by US actress and former “Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria.Barcelona said Messi was focused on preparing for an upcoming match against Athletic Bilbao. Delighted to win The Best FIFA award. Wouldn’t be possible without my teammates, coaches and you who support me every day. Thanks everyone! pic.twitter.com/1E1VkaYbTu— Cristiano Ronaldo (@Cristiano) January 9, 2017Zurich, Switzerland | AFP | Cristiano Ronaldo claimed FIFA’s inaugural best player of the year award on Monday, the latest prize for the Real Madrid and Portugal star after a glittering 2016 for club and country.Leicester City’s Claudio Ranieri received the best men’s coach award following his side’s fairytale Premier League triumph.But the night again belonged to the 31-year-old Ronaldo, who edged out long-time nemesis Lionel Messi for the trophy as well as France’s Antoine Griezmann, the top player at this summer’s European championship.Ronaldo had already won the Ballon d’Or after his third Champions League title, thanks largely to his 16 goals in 12 games, as well as triumphing with Portugal at Euro 2016 — the country’s first major prize.“2016 was the best year of my career,” Ronaldo said after being handed the prize from FIFA President Gianni Infantino.Ranieri, 65, who saw off Real boss Zinedine Zidane and Portugal manager Fernando Santos, said the best coach honour was “incredible” after receiving the prize from Argentine football legend Diego Maradona.Under Ranieri’s leadership, Leicester pulled off one of the greatest shocks in English football history by defying title odds of 5,000-1 to lift the Premier League trophy last season.last_img read more

first_imgMy Fellow Liberians:Let me begin by extending my solemn condolence to all Liberians who have lost loved ones to the deadly outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease or have been otherwise affected by the epidemic. My prayer remains that all of us will continue to work together with international partners who have come to our aid to remove this scourge from our country and from the region as a whole.I have convened this Press Conference this morning to inform the Liberian public that I have just respectfully asked President Sirleaf to accept my resignation which I tendered on March 31, 2014. You may recall that last October, the Supreme Court of Liberia held me in contempt for granting “compassionate leave” to Rodney Sieh, in keeping with Section 34.20 read in concert with 34.2(d) of the Criminal Procedure Law, ILCL Revised.  Pursuant to a public hearing on October 21, 2013, where my counsels were not allowed to raise any legal arguments, but were instead browbeaten into offering an apology to appease the judiciary, the Court proceeded on January 10, 2014 to render a decision suspending my license to practice law for six months.  At the instance and reasoned expert advice of my lawyer, Counselor Varney Sherman, I petitioned for re-argument. Regrettably, the court affirmed the decision to suspend my license as punishment due to its objection to my good faith enforcement of law which it construed as disrespectful, amounting to evidence of contempt of court.In a letter dated March 31, 2014, I tendered my resignation as the Attorney General and Minister of Justice of the Republic of Liberia to President Sirleaf. However, for reasons best known to her, the President delayed acknowledgment of my letter and ultimately postponed consideration of my prerogative to resign from her cabinet appointment.On July 11, 2014, I formally notified President Sirleaf by letter that I had completed the six-month suspension imposed by Supreme Court on my license to practice law and that the Court had ordered that I resume practice.  She responded immediately, asking me to return to work and indicating that we will discuss my letter of resignation of March 31, 2014 at a later date. Out of deference for the Office of the President and in view of the national security crisis posed by the outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease, I obliged and continued with my schedule of duties, while in utmost good faith awaiting President Sirleaf’s convenience to ratify my longstanding decision to resign.On July 17, 2014, in the interim of my good faith anticipation of the follow up discussion about my resignation which the President had promised, I was shocked and dismayed to learn that the Minister of Information, the official spokesperson for the government, issued an eight-page statement which pronounced the parody of justice in the Contempt Proceedings Against Christiana Tah, Minister of Justice and Counselor Beyan D. Howard as a classic example of judicial independence and equality before the law, irrespective of social class.The copious press release, which was disseminated without the commonplace collegiality of informing me ahead of time, failed to acknowledge my pending resignation notice. Indeed, the ceremonial appeared to be aimed at a preemption and/or retaliation of the prerogative to resign, which I sought to exercise nearly four months earlier.My fellow citizens, as difficult and as painful as it has been for me to be objectified into a lightning rod for controversial claims about “the rule of law,” I was willing to subordinate my grievances to the best interest of our dearly beloved nation, to bite the bullet, and to count it “all in a day’s work,” as the saying goes. I was particularly appalled that the Government chose to announce its reaction to my matter with the Supreme Court given that the nation was at the height of its fight against the Ebola Virus Disease.Nevertheless, it has become unbearable to me to persevere in name as the dutifully appointed Minister of Justice of the Republic of Liberia when in reality concrete actions indicate a determination to systematically undermine and gut the portfolio of relevance and effectiveness. The landscape of the Liberian Jurisprudence is being transformed in arbitrary and inscrutable ways that make it onerous to conscientiously navigate. Amidst the prevailing interpretation of the doctrine of separation of powers and the ensuing blurring of the rules and roles of engagement, even within the executive arm of government itself, the investments of national and international stakeholders promoting the rule of law is being eroded by actions that contradict the values that underpin the fabric of our society.I cannot be the Minister of Justice and not supervise the operations of the security agencies under the Ministry of Justice, for example; or what is “the rule of law” if the President asserts that she does not trust the Ministry of Justice to independently investigate allegations of fraud against the National Security Agency? What is “the rule of law” if a duly appointed Minister of Justice with oversight for security has grave concerns about what her volitional resignation will mean for her own personal security and freedom as a Liberian citizen?Cognizant of the President’s rhetoric of commitment to the rule of law, my own painstaking efforts to help re-establish the foundations for justice and venerate defining principles such as the separation of powers in our nascent democracy, and most importantly the duty of transparency and accountability that we owe Liberians as public servants, I believe that it is unconscionable for me not to resign with immediate effect. Accordingly, I have asked President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to accept this reiteration of my notice to resign from her cabinet as the Attorney General and Minister of Justice of the Republic of Liberia with immediate effect.Many of my friends and family who have lived through this trying experience with me, and were perplexed that I tabled my decision to step down on March 31, 2014 at the behest of the President, have asked:  “why did you decide to go back to that job, after everything you have been put through?” The answer is simple: Love of country! Furthermore, the interest of our nation is bigger and paramount over any personal or partisan concern(s). I would also be remiss not to underscore my enduring belief that leadership must be enacted as an art in self-transcendence and that a public servant must necessarily prioritize the collective good through thick and thin. Finally, I deem it important to lead by example in showing young people who struggle everyday with the vicissitudes of life that integrity is its own reward and adversity is an element of growth. In this vein, I believe that as a public servant my oath of office means that I pledge to deepen our collective learning and institutional growth, even if it entails humbling myself at great personal costs.It is the same public spiritedness that informs my world view which underpins the ethical dilemma that has compelled my decision to unequivocally draw the line beyond which I cannot continue to fill the position of the Minister of Justice in name without the substantive support of the Chief Executive. This is especially given that my allegiance is first and foremost to our nation. Having relented at retreating at the height of my own personal pain when my hard-earned professional asset was suspended and my credibility called into question, and having deferred to the President when she denied my prerogative to promptly exit her administration, it is with justifiable relief that I inform you that I can no longer continue to struggle to vindicate the portfolio designated for the office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice of the Republic of Liberia when it is eviscerated and reduced to a pretext to legitimate and perpetrate arbitrary activities and inscrutable practices under the guise of “the rule of law.”My fellow Liberians, to say that these are perilous times for our nation is to put it mildly. Nonetheless, I take solace in our resilience as a people as I pray that we learn and emerge from the challenges of our nation-building stronger.I do honestly thank President Sirleaf for the opportunity to serve my country in the capacity as Attorney General and Minister of Justice for nearly six years. I thank the Liberian people for your support, cooperation, and understanding in even the most difficult times. God Bless the Republic of Liberia.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_imgBy Carol Trivette, PhDEngaging families can be simple at times yet very hard at others. One of the things that can make it hard for practitioners is when we do not know how families REAL feel about a situation. The situation might concern something you are doing or saying to the family. The situation might concern the child’s development or behavior. Or, the situation might concern how the family is changing during deployment or another major life event. But regardless of whether we know what the situation is or not, we might be unsure of what to do or say. If we knew what the parent was feeling, then we might know what to say. What if we carried around a set of emoji expression cards, then families could just hold up a card to indicate how they are feeling….mad, surprised, sad, or confused… maybe then we would know what to say? Would an emoji really help us know what to say next? Probably not.Emojis“Negative” emotions are a little daunting because we might not know exactly what is going on in a parent’s life, and we may worry that asking about it might be seen as disrespectful, intrusive, insensitive, or rude. Yet it is very awkward to know that something is wrong with a parent you are visiting and just continue with the conversation as if everything is fine.We want to be respectful, sensitive, responsive, collaborative, and flexible. What if we just put on a sincere emoji face and say to the parent, “It seems like something is up. Is there something you want to talk about?” Through these questions we are being honest (“it seems like something is up”), respectful (“is there something you want to talk about?”), and yet at the same time we are not pressuring the parent to talk. If the response is “No,” we can respond by saying, “Ok, but if you change your mind, I’ll be glad to listen.” This is respectful and sensitive (“OK”), while also demonstrating our willingness to be responsive (“I’ll be glad to listen if you want to talk”).If the parent indicates that they would like to talk about what is happening and they begin to share, then we need to be really good listeners. Remember “listen” has the same letters as “silent.” Respectful listeners do not talk over the other person, make light of the problem, or offer suggestions or solutions. Good listeners are quiet, attentive, and they reflect on what a person says to clarify. After a while if the parent indicates that advice is welcome, this is the time to start a collaborative, empowering conversation. You might begin by asking, “What have you thought might help?” or “What have you tried in the past that helped?” This response is respectful, because it does not appear that you have a magic answer and the implication is that the parent’s ideas or previous experiences might be helpful.Even in a world where parents routinely tell us what they are feeling with an emoji card, we probably still would not know what to say. But perhaps the next time you are in an awkward situation with a parent, you will think of an appropriate emoji. Then, try putting on a sincere emoji face and use one of these prompts to start a conversation. Just remember that you can only start the conversation, parents do not have to join it. It is their decision and we have to respect that.  This post was edited by Robyn DiPietro-Wells & Michaelene Ostrosky, PhD, members of the MFLN FD Early Intervention team, which aims to support the development of professionals working with military families. Find out more about the Military Families Learning Network FD concentration on our website, on Facebook, on Twitter, and YouTube.last_img read more

first_img“If I am able to play good tennis and play well with my forehand and backhand, I hope to put him in trouble. If not, I will be in trouble,” said Nadal.Novak Djokovic (SRB x1) v Dominic Thiem (AUT x4)Djokovic leads head-to-head 6-2World number one Djokovic is now potentially only two wins from becoming just the second man in history to hold all four Grand Slam titles simultaneously twice, but will face a formidable task against Thiem.The Austrian fourth seed will be playing his fourth straight semi-final at Roland Garros and reached the final last year, only to lose to Nadal.“I think every match I got better and better,” said Thiem, who heads into the match following back-to-back straight-sets wins over Gael Monfils and Karen Khachanov.“From the third round on, it got a lot better. And for sure the match against Gael and also today was very good. I’m happy with the way I’m playing.”Djokovic has sailed into his ninth French Open semi-final and 35th at the majors in total without dropping a set.“Dominic is deservedly where he is, one of the top four guys, especially on clay. That’s where he’s playing his best tennis,” said the 2016 champion.The Serbian leads their head-to-head 6-2, although both of Thiem’s wins have come on clay–including a straight-sets success in the 2017 French Open quarter-finals when Djokovic was the defending champion. LATEST STORIES ‘Rebel attack’ no cause for concern-PNP, AFP Nadal leads the pair’s head-to-head on clay 13-2, holds a 91-2 winning record at Roland Garros and has won all five of his French Open matches against Federer.But Federer is on a five-match winning streak against his old rival, and will be confident after dispatching an in-form Stan Wawrinka in the quarters.“Like against any player, there is always a chance. Otherwise nobody will be in the stadium to watch because everybody already knows the result in advance,” said Federer.The 33-year-old Nadal is also closing in on Federer’s record tally of 20 Grand Slam titles, knowing victory in Sunday’s final would draw him within two of the Swiss.But 2009 champion Federer is showing no signs of slowing down at the age of 37, and is looking to become the oldest man to reach a major final since Ken Rosewall at the 1974 US Open.ADVERTISEMENT Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Golovkin only thinking of Rolls in comeback fight Ethel Booba twits Mocha over 2 toilets in one cubicle at SEA Games venue View comments MOST READ Catholic schools seek legislated pay hike, too Private companies step in to help SEA Games hosting Two-day strike in Bicol fails to cripple transport This combination of file pictures created on June 06, 2019 shows Spain’s Rafael Nadal (L) during his men’s singles fourth round match on day eight of The Roland Garros 2019 French Open tennis tournament in Paris on June 2, 2019, and Switzerland’s Roger Federer during his men’s singles first round match on day 1 of The Roland Garros 2019 French Open tennis tournament in Paris on May 26, 2019. (Photos by Christophe ARCHAMBAULT and Anne-Christine POUJOULAT / AFP)Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer play the 39th meeting of their historic rivalry in the French Open semi-finals on Friday, with the Swiss great looking to finally beat the 11-time champion for the first time at Roland Garros.The prize for victory will be a final against either Novak Djokovic, looking to hold all four Grand Slam titles at once for the second time, or last year’s runner-up Dominic Thiem.ADVERTISEMENT It is the first time the top four seeds have all made the semis in Paris since Nadal, Federer, Djokovic and Andy Murray in 2011.Here, AFP Sport takes a look at the men’s semi-finals:FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSPalace wants Cayetano’s PHISGOC Foundation probed over corruption chargesSPORTSSingapore latest to raise issue on SEA Games food, logisticsRoger Federer (SUI x3) v Rafael Nadal (ESP x2)Nadal leads head-to-head 23-15Federer has already surpassed expectations by reaching the semi-finals in his first appearance at Roland Garros since 2015, but faces a daunting task against Nadal if he is to reach the final. Cayetano: Senate, Drilon to be blamed for SEA Games mess Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. DA eyes importing ‘galunggong’ anew Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles00:59Sports venues to be ready in time for SEA Games01:27Filipino athletes get grand send-off ahead of SEA Games02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss Duterte wants probe of SEA Games messlast_img read more

first_imgAs a result of the gun being fired, a woman inside the home received a non-life-threatening injury to her arm.Investigators believe this was a targeted incident and that there is no danger to the public. The residents of the home are known to police.Sgt. Tyreman added that no further information will be released at this time in order to protect the integrity of the police investigation.Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact the Fort St John RCMP at 250-787-8100 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS). FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – One woman was injured during a home invasion that occurred on the city’s east side over the weekend.Sergeant Dave Tyreman with the Fort St. John RCMP said that sometime during the early morning hours of Saturday, September 29th, three armed individuals forced their way into a home in the 8600-block of 76th Street.Once inside, one of the residents was involved in a struggle with one of the gunmen, which resulted in several shots being fired.last_img read more

first_imgNew Delhi: Chinese top seeds Chen Yufei and Shi Yuqi Sunday pulled out of the India Open on medical grounds, taking some sheen off the $350,000 World Tour Super 500 tournament beginning on Tuesday. Chen recently broke a five-year title draught for China at the All England Championship and Shi Yuqi is the defending champion. With the top seeds withdrawing, India’s P V Sindhu will receive the top billing and is firm favourite to lift the trophy for the second time after claiming the crown in 2017 and reaching the finals in the last edition. China will be fielding its biggest contingent at the India Open this season with as many as 25 shuttlers competing in the tournament, which concludes on March 31. World No. 7 He Bingjiao will now lead the Chinese challenge in women’s singles and she is looking forward to some exciting duel with Olympic silver medallist Sindhu. “A lot of elite Indian players are playing around the world and they got good results. The likes of Saina and Sindhu are quality players. I need to prepare well against them,” Bingjiao said through an interpreter. “PV Sindhu has a very good level and when I play against her, I sometimes win and sometimes lose. The experience of playing Sindhu is very exciting.” Talking about her targets this season, Bingjiao said: There are three targets this year. First one is Sudirman Cup, I want to help my team members win the Sudirman Cup. “Last year I beat Tai Tzu Ying at World Championship, so this year I want to move forward and improve my position at the event. “I also want to join the Olympic team. This is a dream for every athlete. The only thing I can do is work hard and train hard,” he added.last_img read more

Well Never Know Whether Stephen Curry Deserved To Be MVP And Thats

Up until his Golden State Warriors failed to mount a second-half comeback against the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday night, it had been a great week for Stephen Curry. Late Sunday, word leaked out that the Warriors’ guard would be named MVP for the 2014-15 NBA season, and Curry accepted the hardware Monday.Curry’s chief rival for the award, Houston’s James Harden, was reportedly disappointed over the outcome of the voting. It’s a completely understandable reaction: The best advanced metrics had Curry and Harden neck-and-neck in the MVP race for most of the season, so Curry’s big edge in first-place votes likely owes more to the Warriors’ incredible team record than any real difference between the two players. In fact, according to our wins above replacement (WAR) metric, Harden slightly edged Curry in value, 16.8 to 16.6.The truth is, we’ll never know which player really deserved the award … in part because a phrase like “most valuable” is very hard to quantify. Metrics are imperfect, probably to a much greater degree than any stathead would like to think. But one thing we can do to combat a false sense of certainty is assign probabilities to each player’s case for adding the most value. Along the way, we can also compare the results to past MVP races — for instance, how did Curry-over-Harden compare to other MVP decisions in history?To measure the uncertainty between a player’s measured WAR and his actual “talent” — that is, the number of WAR he would earn if we were omniscient and knew the exact contributions of every NBA player — we can look at the confidence interval around a player’s measured value.1In this case, since we need to use Statistical Plus/Minus (SPM) for historical seasons, I looked at the standard error between a player’s multi-year projected SPM talent and his Real Plus/Minus (RPM), a new metric that melds a player’s boxscore stats with his on-court influence over the team’s scoring margin. I then combined that with the standard error between RPM and “true talent” to estimate the probability that any given player had the league’s true best WAR in a given season. In turn, those confidence intervals can tell us the probability that a player was truly the most valuable (by WAR) in a given season.This year, Harden was the most likely “true” WAR leader — but with a mere 22 percent probability of being the best. In the past 37 NBA seasons,2The 1978-79 season is the earliest for which this calculation can be run. this year is the seventh most uncertain in terms of whether a WAR leader was actually the league’s true most valuable player. Meanwhile, Curry came in third this season with a 12 percent probability of being the true best player in the league (the Clippers’ Chris Paul was sandwiched between Harden and Curry at 19 percent).In some ways, 12 percent is very low probability. Since 1978-79, only 12 players have won the award with less certainty that they actually produced the league’s greatest value. But the 2014-15 season also featured an unusually wide-open MVP race. Kevin Durant, last year’s winner and the presumptive favorite going into this season, missed 55 games with injuries and only recorded 4.5 WAR. And LeBron James, who’d been projected as the league’s best player on a per-minute basis every season between 2005-06 and 2013-14, produced his lowest WAR (13.1) since his rookie season — yet still had a 9 percent probability of being the true best player in the NBA. And that’s without even getting into the cases to be made for Russell Westbrook (9 percent probability of being the best) or Anthony Davis (4 percent).On the other hand, the gap between Harden and Curry’s odds of being the best player was just 10 percentage points. Excluding the 17 seasons since 1978-79 in which the most likely true WAR leader was also named MVP, that’s the sixth-smallest gap between any MVP and that season’s leader in “true best player” probability:By that standard, Curry’s win was a far cry from past miscarriages of MVP justice, such as Michael Jordan losing out to Magic Johnson in 1988-89 despite Jordan having a 55 percent probability of being the league’s true best player — the second-highest “best player” certainty of any season since 1978-79, trailing only James’s 66 percent mark in 2009-10.Conversely, there was no such certainty in a season like 2014-15, where several of the usual MVP suspects were absent from the front of the race. In such a situation, you can’t really go wrong (or, perhaps, you can’t really go right) no matter which MVP you choose. read more

Cirque du Soleils VOLTA in San Diego

first_img 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Cirque du Soleil’s newest production is now playing under the Big Top at the Del Mar Fairgrounds through May 5th.The first ever sports-inspired show by Cirque du Soleil, VOLTA features a full-blown BMX park mounted live in front of the audience’s very eyes.Cirque du Soleil VOLTA is Cirque du Soleil’s 41st original production since 1984, and its 18th show presented under the Big Top.For more information about Cirque du Soleil, visit www.cirquedusoleil.com. KUSI Newsroom Cirque du Soleil’s VOLTA in San Diego Posted: April 23, 2019 April 23, 2019 KUSI Newsroom, Categories: Entertainment, Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

Two Transported To Hospital After Collision On KBeach Road

first_imgBoth drivers were injured and transported to Central Peninsula Hospital.  Barnes was charged with Negligent Driving.  Alcohol and drugs were not a factor in the crash however the operation of a cell phone is believed to be. Central Emergency Services and the Alaska State Troopers arrived on scene and contacted the drivers of both vehicles, one of which was entrapped. According to Troopers, Julianne Barnes, 34 of Soldotna, was driving a Chevy Suburban when she crashed into the back of a Ford F150 driven by Thomas McCray, 64 of Soldotna. The investigation is ongoing. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Two individuals were transported to Central Peninsula Hospital following a motor vehicle collision on Kalifornsky Beach Road near Judy Lynn Lane, around 10:05am, Wednesday.last_img read more