September 2017

second: time of writing must be the most active in their state of mind. I think that writing is a kind of mood ", a lot of time with our own state are closely related, each has its own fixed writing period, this period is probably the most active state of their own and thinking, such as myself, as early as 8:30 is the most active period of time for the brain, write this time of thinking is very clear, your state of mind and you end up writing to give people the feeling is a great relationship, no state, write very boring, write scrawny feeling, when you adjust to an optimal state you will find the time to write the article is very true to life is full, each person writing periods are not consistent, some people love the night writing, some people love in the morning, according to their characteristics Find the best use of their own time state, so as to write high quality articles. read more

website optimization is facing new challenges

The quality problem of !The algorithm in the evolving

2, work experience, as there are no two identical leaves, each person in the work of the sense of enlightenment that is different, these insights summarized is a unique content information;

website optimization?What method can solve the together to discuss!


3, edit the content integration, a lot of website information to meet user will always check, let users need to know the terms of these mirrors, for why the user is undoubtedly a kind of torture, if you can restore the information in the "truth", the content of the web site and other sites should be higher than the natural score to the contents of the win. read more

Of course I said


1. spiders to

web server for a web site in the end how important, here we show a set of data. The list of server problems on five days and ALEXA rankings: 9.25 ranking rose 2539, 9.26 ranking rose 6863, No. 9.27 server problems, taking account for line problems, when long 4H, the cup began. The day down 7938, the 9.28 nightmare continues to fall 32307, 9.29 decline in 7364, 9.30 began to rise, until now.

5, the web server:

above is yourself with your own web site some experience, hope that we can learn from the failure of the tutorial, learning knowledge, keep the spider. Finally, hope to help everyone, and you do not consistent place also don’t throw stones. read more

5 Shanghai dragon based more reading

1. to prevent untrusted content, is the most common spam messages and comments on the blog in order to get outside the chain of spam links, in order to prevent the page to page and site some garbage.

Effect of


) pruningThe abuse of

nofollow HTML (meta) content meta tag attributes and link tag (a) of a value of the rel attribute, tells the machine (crawler) without tracking the target page, in order to fight against the blogspam (blog spam messages), noble baby recommend the use of nofollow, tell the search engine crawlers without grasping the target page. At the same time tell the current page search engine without the Pagerank transfer to the target page. But if you are through sitemap directly to the page, or crawler crawling, here nofollow is the current page an attitude to the target page, other pages of the target page does not represent the attitude. read more

third is the attention stability of site space.


function of

if the one hundred trillion web space for you, and can quickly upgrade, so many website space content, then the content is moving not to bypass the problem, the stable web space provider has become some necessary choice.

Telecom, China Unicom and double is now our three websites the main provider of domestic space, the southeastern region is stronger in the Northwest for Telecom, China Unicom, China Unicom telecom customers if you access the web space is relatively slow, in turn, telecom customers visit Unicom website space speed will be very slow. But the two now very fast, but the cost is very expensive. read more

2, login to your site server, usually the location of the log C:WINDOWSsystem32LogFiles

so how to identify the types of search engine? Such as a IP which contains the Baiduspider search engine is love Shanghai, containing noble baby BOT is the Google search engine, search engine containing 360Spider is 360. Or can be analyzed by some web log tool. Web log analysis is suitable for beginners to use, because can directly see the information inside the data.

is now a lot of grassroots webmaster do not know, how to view the site log, web log inside how to identify the types of search engine, IP the meaning and true spider judgment, Qiao said today Shanghai forum for Dragon how to analyze the web log inside IP introduce. You must first put the web log download, download method: read more

forum is certainly there, at the forum, what can you do? How hot: real hot, combined with your website, this is a problem worthy of study. We can also think, specific keywords need to be flexible combination.

A look at the

method: Shanghai love your keywords, find the related blog or forum.

popular blog is good traffic, and these popular blogs are recommended to the website of chance, Sina’s popular blog is a good example. The second is some site navigation station will have a popular blog site. Take advantage of the web site is also good. read more

Q & a platform industry

2, love Shanghai search

As shown by


1, love Shanghai drop-down box

logon love Shanghai promotion assistant, a good tool in the search for the promotion of "under the" keyword tool "is a keyword mining. As shown below:

optimization of long tail keywords ranking, we need to solve 3 problems;

first of all, we need to learn to develop and expand the keyword.

as follows, through love Shanghai mining index

5, Jinhua webmaster tools or after word tools read more

fourth, the construction site outside the chain must be a degree of relaxation. We know that the link is the entire Internet pathway spiders and user access to the site, whether the chain or chain or spiders and users to visit our site through a link. So the link in the construction of Shanghai Longfeng work has attracted much attention and concern. Especially the chain construction site, the author suggests that we must distinguish between the order of priority, the degree of relaxation, the construction site outside the chain can not be blind, not jumped blindly, grasp the construction principles and rules of the chain, the quality and stability to win. read more


two, frequently modify site title

, a server failure

keyword ranking hardships make up, hard most of the time to harvest the results, but not always the first, your ranking up that has to be liberated, then you wait off too late to regret, the ranking is to maintain, occasionally to query keywords situation is good the rise is happy, the mood also decreased not too low, summed up what is the reason for our ranking dropped off? Ranking is not terrible, terrible is not to return to the throne, it is a solution to put back. I will introduce several factors and solutions for you: read more