July 2017

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example: the "grassroots webmaster with graph king wrote: do not finish the station, making endless money", because of the grass-roots webmaster, do what is the purpose of the station, whether do dumpster or industry, is to make money, there are also some people is to earn money, but still there are many grassroots webmaster and did not earn much money, do not even know that what $GG account in to their own hands, when can let yourself taste that from the network to the wealth of joy! We all love money, also love to do a lucrative station, also want to know how to make their own stand to make money, so we have each other to reprint this article which add a few ADMIN5 links, but people still go to reprint, because writing is really, very suitable for the needs of owners So there will be more people to reprint, but also attract more eyeballs! read more

has sold my forum now, and I’m concentrating on my www.job528.com. In order to let A5 webmaster run his own forum well, I have sent some work experience. In fact, should not send ah, in order to A5, contribute. Very practical tutorial, and it is practical conclusion.

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promotion methods

one, about how to optimize the community search engine for Post search engines

(1) will not post the press as it is, and send it on the first floor. The original news will be divided into two or even the third floor. Reduce page similarity. read more

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) January 29th news, recently, the Tencent announced the acquisition of Shanda literature, and the formal establishment of a reading group, unified management and operation Chinese network, originally belonging to the starting point of Shanda literature and Tencent’s literary creation Chinese, Xiaoxiang College, Hongxiutianxiang, reading novels, clouds college, QQ reading and other well-known network the brand. And what types of domain names do these domestic literary websites like to open? Let’s see what happens next. read more

whether enterprise or stationmaster, do website to be to be looked for. If no one sees it, then the site is white. This time, I don’t refer to "cross sector according to authoritative statistics, now Baidu’s market share accounted for much of my life", as long as the list of three or four examples, can let you understand why this website attention to Baidu, although these examples are funny.

in Baidu’s "search list", there is a keyword has been ranked in the top five, that is 126. People who know the computer may enter www.126.com directly in the browser’s address bar, but there are still a lot of people who first open Baidu, and then type 126, these three numbers in Baidu’s search box. The first time I found this "ridiculous" thing is two years ago with a female classmate to the electronic reading room to check things, I will laugh at her why not directly in the browser’s address bar enter 126 address at the time, she was surprised to say: "remember the 126 web site, Baidu more convenient". I was in no mood at all, but today, there are still a lot of people doing stupid things, even though they are also college students. read more


website, share ideas and operational site energy, imperceptibly by 2012, from the understanding of the site to construction has gone through 2 years, and it is with my pay and gradually grow up, the site is the result of efforts, some people say that persistence is the foundation of SEO; some people say. Execution is the best site to open traffic keys, these friends, think of your advice, let me determined to persist, have their own a stick, then share a stick and grow into this website at the beginning of the move. read more

The core of

interaction design is information architecture and interaction detail design. Information architecture includes information classification and information display, logic design, and interaction details are mostly the selection of control and the definition of interaction effect. In the information design, meet the most difficult issue is the amount of information is too much and the design results unsatisfactory, then in the premise of cut away the needs (too much information, perhaps there is the possibility of reduced demand itself), how to solve this kind of problem read more

community is what? In fact, we all understand, but sometimes fooled by people, and confused.

some people say that the community is an identity. Is that wrong? Yes, but it’s just as boring as saying that people are flesh animals. When we put the community as Gewu circle, the user is not only the identity, and identity, identity contribution. Of course, a good community is made up of N circles.

FB says that he is not a community, but that he is a social platform and a social tool. In fact, social tools and platforms end up through human participation and activities, not just countless communities, an apple or ten apples, a green apple or a red apple, all of which are apples. read more

with the computer dream involved in the network tide, no scruples to the industry pressure, no scruples to the industry of bitterness, remember the first time in May 2008 to apply for a free web space, then only a little HTML on the dynamic language ASP what a blind, then what are not, is the envy of others for a friend, is driven by a curiosity, let me take the initiative to learn how to build, how to write some simple procedures. In June 9, 2009 my first website also officially launched, but is very happy, almost a night of excitement can’t sleep, I was on the second day after the college entrance examination, this is the beginning of my network, from the purchase of virtual space, to the website with the domain name for the record, and so on, do not know what I said. Of course, some of the webmaster friends to help me, they patiently tell me some experience, let me understand a lot of site knowledge, in this I also special thanks. For network promotion I have tried various methods, hard to learn, while others during the holiday can free play, I still stay in power, really very happy, very surprised, finally realized for the first time that the network can earn, first learned of the network is so magic. read more

was the first domestic renren.com, social networking sites, presumably even you know, whenever you make a fortune, meet you is ridiculed and laughed at; renren.com, you know, when we talk about "the renren.com next step will be how to do", will be very contemptuous saying "just do it" transformation investment company; renren.com, you may have thought that once the scenery between listed you and now you come down, what difference what

?You must want to

out loud foreign shouting, "earnings losses increase is because in the digital transition period necessary to increase investment", "investment company as part of the normal financial operation does not do well because by the unfair treatment, cash equivalents is not more good, why this will become a slot point you the" is also done to the campus market, why Yik Yark just started not to any performance by everyone so much touted for their own just made some mistakes, we will not give a chance to regain their own"…… read more

at this stage of the Internet, all types of websites want to be able to show as much as possible, and the choice of search engines such a platform seems to be the best channel, perhaps the only channel. According to people’s thinking patterns over the years, search engines have developed the main search patterns using keyword search, and search engines have played keyword games. Various types of websites also try their best to link their websites to key words on search engines. Like young men and women, they always want to find someone to spend their lives with. read more