May 2017

everyone has their own childhood memories, will think of a lot of children playing toys, eat things. Moreover, the current emergence of nostalgia stores in the market, sales are very hot, considerable profits, a lot of entrepreneurs to see the business opportunities, to join them.

"if when those Optimus Prime, Megatron could leave today, at least can sell thousands of yuan." Many people have such a sigh. Survey shows that 70% of adults over the activities of childhood still has a special liking, these activities include childhood toys, stationery, books, audio and video, and even left after the jar, cream and cookies after biscuit boxes etc.. read more

for any one of the retail stores, tobacco and alcohol are the bulk of sales, and each owner of the tobacco and wine is also very focused on stocking. For this reason, every Spring Festival, I put the tobacco and alcohol as the focus of stocking. Tobacco and alcohol is the Spring Festival, the largest number of sales of goods, relatives, visit friends have to take smoke get wine, so the Spring Festival stocking and must not be ignored. Speaking of tobacco stocking, seemingly simple, but actually a lot of knowledge. read more

living conditions in the continuous improvement, many people are suffering from some diseases, in the diet should pay attention to, need to eat some sugar free food, but food is sugar, if you start sugar free shops, the business will certainly be very good, with the development of broad prospects!

1. business strategy work done in the quality of goods. In ensuring the quality of sourcing organizations, the author summarizes three experiences: first, for the quality inspection report to the manufacturer; second, purchase generally have good selling products; third, good service, customers feel satisfied, can be returned. In short, to allow customers to have a sense of trust, they use well, naturally will come again. read more

under the current social conditions, need to use candles unless some professional places, its scope is very narrow, but who would not think of, is a product of this narrow, unexpectedly also can be used as a rich opportunity, Li Lan took 100 thousand yuan Bay rainbow rain candle house, and business is booming.

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is now in the catering market, what to say is the most popular what is the most delicious a special delicacy, needless to say, is a spicy, spicy taste because very much, the taste is very good, and also nutritious and delicious, because the economical characteristics are very good to meet the many needs of consumers, so now there are many investors to join the Malatang investment to join the ranks, today Xiaobian to recommend a good Malatang brand, it is the devil Malatang to join, want to better understand and follow the small series with a look: read more

modern society more and more entrepreneurs to invest, want to step into this industry, need to pay attention to what matters, how to do is correct? To know the first to join, but the market is so much more than the franchise project, which one will be the best? Let’s go and have a look.

first, choose to join business friends, have significance and spirit to join to understand, then to be able to do this in accordance with the spirit and meaning as the criterion for screening out the final project partners, but what about joining the brand system of agents. read more

is now on the market leather leather products sales are relatively large, in fact, the choice of such products to invest in investors is also very much. For those who join the leather leather industry entrepreneurs, in order to achieve good development in leather and leather industry, in the opening of leather goods store, we should pay attention to the work of the site.

shops in different regions have different characteristics, the bustling commercial district and shops along the street traffic, but the high cost of rent. Densely populated large and medium-sized residential areas, the source of stability, but the direction of business is limited. read more

a person to the success of a very long journey, is not a step can be reached, so in the entrepreneurial process to step by step. So what kind of people are more likely to achieve entrepreneurial success, the following is a small series for the integration of the four elements of the entrepreneurial environment!

1, the organization’s training, a wealth of work: to successfully create a small company, it is best to go through the organization of the first big temper. Because the organization can provide a larger field of vision. read more

shop business has become a way for a lot of people want to get rich, toy stores in recent years, the business is good, a lot of friends want to open a toy store, then how many friends site become a headache. According to the characteristics of the toy store to open lots to divide, we can divide him into the following categories:

1, business center district. This area is generally a regional commercial center or downtown, the lot of commercial activities, daily sales are higher. Such as shopping malls open area selling toy store and supermarket counters is typical of such shops; read more