February 2017


] April 15th news billion state power network, Han beam officially recognizes and gphl cooperation rumors, Han’s CEO Chen Yuxin said micro beam, and gphl cooperation is the "first Han beam +" new micro business model.

called the "Han beam +", Chen Yuxin introduction, refers to the similar Han bundle such success in the micro channel business enterprise team, on the basis of the original at the same time with other industries or brand to form a strategic alliance, it will be the future as an important form of cross-border business alliances and healthy development. read more

December 27th news after taking over the full Suning fresh section of Su Xiansheng’s right to operate, the group’s full channel strategy and action. Recently, fresh fruit and easy operation platform announced a HK $950 million stake in Lianhua Supermarket (00980), to become its second largest shareholder.

the evening of December 23rd, the Shanghai Lianhua Supermarket Limited by Share Ltd (00980) announced that, according to the agreement on the transfer of shares, Yonghui supermarket agreed to Shanghai fruit all sell its holding company 237029400 shares of domestic shares, representing the company’s issued share capital of 21.17%. read more

[shop selling "copycat" network platform or will "sit"] Legal Affairs Office of the State Council published on the 2 Revision of the patent law provisions of the draft, the network service provider if the provider knows its network users for patent infringement or counterfeiting patent, not to delete, shielding, disconnect the link of infringing products and other measures, jointly and severally liable to the user. The draft also clear that the deliberate infringement of the patent, the Supreme Court can determine 5 million yuan compensation. (reporter Bai Yang) read more

a lot of home owners to see Groupon in the United States is very popular, we have started a group buying site. In fact, the network has long been in the country, mainly the group buying site business model is different from the traditional. The domestic lead several sites are: the United States Mission network, handle network, the most earth network.

since the most earth released the source code, the domestic group purchase network began to fluctuate. Whether it is a company or individuals are engaged in the purchase of the network, and now more successful on the U.S. mission network, but there are a lot of failures, why? Why do they fail? read more

news September 18th, the day before, Tmall released the 2016 double 11 venue commentary information, show a total of 9 points, including 11 Tmall dual venue types and venue resources giving and cancellation of standards and other information.

According to

billion state power network understanding, 2016 Tmall double 11 venue will use personalized gameplay. Double eleven activities merchants’ shops or activities will have the opportunity to show the goods in the double eleven venue page, and the double happiness of the total mobilization of businesses, shops or activities do not have such an opportunity for goods. But the activities of commodity will be given priority in search of list and list category navigation page display. Allegedly, this is in order to give a different Tmall consumers more in line with their needs of quality goods. read more

the afternoon of May 17th, the latest news, concern for the outside world to stop Alipay mall Jingdong cooperation topic, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong mall today responded positively, he said that the cooperation with Alipay this week to stop, the reason is because Alipay rates too high. He also revealed that within 2 months, Jingdong will jointly launch a new payment instruments unionpay.

talked about why stop cooperation with Alipay, Liu Qiangdong said there are several reasons. The first reason is that Alipay’s rate is too high. read more

Abstract: industry analysts believe that Jingdong’s good day seems to end. In the Tmall comprehensive border, with Beijing as the center of the northern region will further consolidate the lead at the same time by the Alibaba, will have great impact on the Jingdong is rooted in Beijing for many years.

news September 23rd, a person close to the Alibaba said, Tmall headquarters will be moved to Beijing from Hangzhou, is expected to be the fastest in the year 11 before the completion of all double relocation. read more

Enterprises do not register the domain name "new in order to be different"

– on how to give full play to the commercial value of the domain name

first, in the "name" before, you should first consider the future of enterprise website service object focuses on the group. If you want to expand trade opportunities, highlighting the globalization of business philosophy, so we must pay attention to the international domain name registration, according to the enterprise business characteristics, correct moral English terminology to combination of domain name, to prevent misuse "Chinese thinking" like English vocabulary, to avoid foreign business colleagues in the "search" "not on the number, the opportunity to pass". At this point it is even necessary to consult the relevant expert consultant. If you locate the user groups, mainly concentrated in the general public in the country, there is no need to translate your domain name into English expression, so that it will not affect the understanding of foreign language customer inquiries. You can choose "pinyin" as the domain name code, make your domain more emotional color, your potential customers even if you do not fully understand the situation of the enterprise, as long as through word-of-mouth etc. slightly heard, with only a vague impression on the Internet will be able to find your location. In addition, the unique role of Chinese Pinyin domain name is not inferior.

read more

according to the "Wall Street journal", the online retail giant Amazon plans to open its first line of stores in New York, if the news is true, that traditional retailers including WAL-MART, Taghit, the future will face challenges.

is reported that Amazon’s first physical store will be opened in Manhattan 34 street, and will be opened before the holiday shopping season in 2014. New York Amazon users can order online in store pickup, and may even be selling their own electronic products, such as the Kindle series Kindle Fire series of e-books, tablet computer and Fire Phone intelligent mobile phone. It is said that Amazon will also be part of the store as a mini warehouse. read more