14 subtle signs youre slowly but surely becoming your mammy

first_img1. The odd sentence now ends with the words “Please God” Source: Shutterstock2. Keeping tabs on what “yer wan next door” is doing is a favourite pastime Source: Shutterstock3. Your knowledge of weather patterns knows no bounds Source: Shutterstock4. “In my day” has become an important resource in your vocabulary Source: Shutterstock5. Your draught detector has gone in to overdrive Source: Flickr6. Picking your housemates’ or other half’s clothes and towels up off the floor in a huff is now a regular thing Source: Flickr7. You’ve developed an inexplicable urge to feed all friends and visitors Source: Flickr8. It’s taking longer to actually hang up the phone than ever before Source: Shutterstock9. You can’t buy clothes or shoes without considering how much wear you’ll get out of them Source: Shutterstock10. Washing powder and fabric conditioner must be vetted before purchasing Source: Flickr11. A good deal on textiles, bed linens or home furnishings can genuinely make your day Source: FordsofoakhamThere’s a two-for-one on fitted sheets and those curtains you’ve had your eye on are FINALLY down to half price. Source: Giphy12. You’d rather spend your Friday night in on the sofa watching the Late Late Source: Imgur13. Meanwhile, nights out are spent commenting on younger revellers’ appearances Source: Flickr Source: Flickr14. And there’s nothing better than getting out of there early and snuggling down into bed at a respectable hour Source: Giphy12 signs you are suffering a quarter-life crisis>9 of the worst smells found in every Irish household>last_img

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