Looking for some place to put your Delicious links Try these ideas

first_imgHave you been lamenting the demise of Delicious? Dedicated fans of the social bookmarking service are scrambling for alternatives before the service sunsets or, at the very least, gets translated into some sort of social-networky mashup of failed Yahoo properties.Before the site closes you’ll want to grab your bookmark data and figure out some place to put them. If you opt to go with something local then LifeHacker has a post that explains how to export your data and then import it to your browser. It’ll be quick and painless, unless if you have thousands of bookmarks and are afraid of things getting too crowded. You could even install another browser just to hold the bookmarks, but that doesn’t seem very efficient, does it? Also you’ll lose your precious tags if you go with this method.AdChoices广告If you want to go the open source route then you can check out Scuttle or Semantic Scuttle. These are a bit of a pain to get to work and you’ll need a web server, but once they are going you’ll have your own service up and running. Check this guide out if you are looking for an installation walkthrough.Other bookmark destinations include Spabba, Pinboard, and Evernote. TheNextWeb has a full list if you want more alternatives. Keep in mind that Delicious exports an HTML file so it’s really easy to work with.Scuttle links via our corporate sibling: @sourceforgelast_img

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