Retailers say Nintendo 3DS to launch on March 18th in the UK

first_imgNintendo has yet to officially announce the North American and European release dates for their upcoming handheld, the Nintendo 3DS, leaving interested round-eye gamers left to infer the date from various hints.We know that the Nintendo 3DS is set to launch in Japan on February 26th, and that Nintendo is convinced they’ll sell up to 4M units across America, Japan and Europe by the end of March, from which we can infer that Nintendo intends on launching the 3DS in America and Europe as early in the month of March as possible.Perhaps that inference is wrong, though. New listings from UK retailers suggest that it will be closer to the end of the month of March before the 3D-capable portable will hit dear old Albion.The new listings have appeared at major retailers like Woolworths, WHSmith, Best Buy and the Hut, all of which list the Nintendo 3DS with a March 18th release date, with customers now able to preorder the device if they want it in blue, black or red.Another big unknown is the price. Originally, the sites listed the 3DS’ price as £299, but then shifted back down to £250. Since then, however, the price has disappeared entirely from those sites (which are all serviced by the same pricing engine). Now, you only have the option of putting a £2.97 deposit on a Nintendo 3DS. Assuming that’s a 1% deposit, that puts the price of the 3DS back at £299.It’s worth noting that none of this pricing or release dateis official, or even necessarily applicable to Americans, but if the American 3DS launches around the same timeframe as the European one, we’re probably looking at a $300 Nintendo 3DS in the middle of March. We should know all on January 19th, when Nintendo is officially slated to outline the price and release of the 3DS. Until then, we’re still all conjecturing.Read more at Eurogamerlast_img

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