Buy Halo 4 get 2 weeks free access to Xbox Live Gold

first_imgMicrosoft doesn’t just want us to regularly purchase games once we own an Xbox 360 Best Price at Amazon , they want money for a yearly subscription to Xbox Live Gold, too. In order to push us to sign up, many Xbox games and services come with restrictions on what you are allowed to play/watch/do. In particular, multiplayer gaming usually requires access to Xbox Live Gold.A Gold subscription is required to access Halo 4 multiplayer, so if you intend on playing online that $60 game purchase turns into a $110 outlay when factoring in the $50 12-month Gold subscription charge.Not one to miss an opportunity, Microsoft is offering Halo 4 owners the chance to try online multiplayer before you buy. In what is thought to be a first, Microsoft has included 2 weeks of free access to Xbox Live Gold with every copy of the game.The inclusion of free Gold-level access has been confirmed via Twitter by David Ellis, the Spartan Ops designer on Halo 4. It’s a move that’s sure to be welcomed by anyone picking up the game who has yet to subscribe, and with the high scores reviewers are awarding the game, I’m pretty sure it’s going to turn into a lot of new Xbox Live Gold subscriptions being purchased in the coming weeks.It’s not clear, but I assume that using the code to get the two free weeks will just extend your existing Gold account for 14 days if you have one. So, everyone wins. But remember, in order to play Halo 4 multiplayer you need at least 8GB of free storage to install it, which means 4GB Xbox 360 owners require a hard drive or USB stick.via Polygonlast_img

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