Magnemite Gets Its Own Song Following The Likes of Magikarp and Slowbro

first_imgStay on target Finally, Ash Ketchum Is A Pokemon MasterMint-Condition Set of Pokemon Cards Sold For $107K Magnemites are weird, but the official Pokémon YouTube channel has upped the ante on this bizarre Pokémon with its very own theme song. The new Magnemite anthem features miniature versions of the Pokémon hidden about and is somehow adorable and creepy at the same time.Magnemite is a strange Pokémon. Even though it looks like a floating eye with magnets slapped on the side, in the anime at least it’s shown to reproduce and require sustenance like a biological organize. It’s evolution, Magneton, is basically three Magnemites stuck together, which probably sucks. Even weirder is that if no other Magnemites are around, a single Magnemite can still evolve into a Magneton, sprouting two duplicates out of nowhere. Also, under rare circumstances, a Magneton can evolve into a Magnezone, in which one of the Magnemites turns into a big central eye, and the other two get stuck being the shoulders.In Japan Magnemite’s name is Coil, and apparently, you can find them everywhere. In phones, in boxes, on telephone poles, and amongst everyday detritus. This isn’t the first weird anthem the Pokémon YouTube channel has put out. The Slowpoke anthem, while less frantic than Magnemite’s theme has its own sense of weirdness about it.last_img

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