The Exorcist Finally Gives Us a Full Exorcism Kind Of

first_img 7 Horror Movies You Forgot Were GreatThe 11 Scariest Religious Horror Movies This is it: The episode we’ve been waiting for since the beginning. We pick up right where last week’s episode left off. Angela is understandably pissed that Father Marcus didn’t tell her they’d found Casey. The entire family comes in, and the demon torments each one of them. First, it reveals that it was responsible for Kat’s car accident, saying that Kat killed the most talented member of her dance group because she was too busy ogling her. Then, it makes fun of Henry’s stutter before telekinetically throwing them around the room. Angela tells the demon to “get the hell out” of her daughter. The demon replies that Casey is already in Hell, and there’s room for Angela.The Rance family waits out in the hall, listening to the chanting and banging of the exorcism through the door. Angela tells Henry and Kat to go home and pack up the house. She knows that after Casey is better, the police and press won’t leave her alone. Inside the exorcism room, tension flares up between Fathers Marcus and Tomas. They begin to fight, but Marcus notices the demon smiling and stops. They decide that they’re only hope is to give the demon what it wants and bring in Angela, as she knows the demon better than anyone else.Marcus tells Angela to keep the demon talking. The demon knows they’re trying to keep it distracted, but can’t resist the chance to torment Angela. As she tells the story of how Casey broke her foot as a child and walked home on it. The demon’s taunts get more vulgar, and it tells the priests that Angela aborted her first pregnancy. The distraction works. The priests and nuns tell the demon it is forgiven, hurting it. Angela begins reading from The Bible, and the demon begins speaking to her telepathically. It tells her they are going to play a game. Angela blinks and is suddenly in a basement, watching her younger self-play with an Ouija board.The Salesman (Robert Emmet Lunney) and Angela/Regan (Geena Davis) visit Regan’s childhood (Sophie Thatcher). (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)We see The Salesman manipulating the pointer, unseen by young Regan. He addresses the adult Regan, saying he brought her back here because this is his favorite moment. He refers to her as the one that got away. She demands that he leave her family alone and he says she doesn’t get to walk away. He tells her he misses her taste before licking her in one of the show’s most unsettling moments.Angela is pulled out of her vision and finds the priests standing over Casey, reading the last rites. The demon chastises them for giving up, but they say the rites aren’t for Casey, they’re for it. The demon begins to turn Casey’s head all the way around (“giving the people what they want,” it says), but Casey can fight the demon off for a moment. The priests intensify their prayers and Casey’s body rises into the air and contorts grotesquely as the demon leaves her body. She falls back to the bed, herself again.Meanwhile, Father Bennett has contacted the police, who investigate the landscaping companies warehouse he investigated last week. They find the pile of bodies in the boiler room. They’re investigation leads them to an apartment where they find a room full of inverted crosses hung from the ceiling. A man sits in the corner with a gun. He reveals himself to be possessed before blowing his brains out. They also discover evidence of a plot to assassinate the pope. Father Bennett tries to warn a French cardinal of the plot. The cardinal appears to be on his side at first until Bennett assures him that although the Friars of the Ascension are evil, there are still those who are loyal to the church. The cardinal asks for their names. When that sets off alarm bells in Bennett’s head, the cardinal’s associates put a plastic bag over Bennet’s head.Father Bennett (Kurt Egyiawan) should really know not to trust anyone at this point. (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)Father Tomas returns to church where he finds Jessica and her husband Jim waiting for him. Jessica apologizes, saying Jim was waiting for her when she got to her apartment. Jim asks how many times Tomas slept with his wife. Tomas takes off his collar and waits for Jim to hit him. Jim says that instead, he’ll call Tomas’s boss and tell him about the affair. Jessica apologizes again and says that she’ll take care of the situation.Father Marcus sees the details of the assassination plot discovered by the police and recognizes the man who killed himself. He was homeless, living under a tarp just a few weeks ago. Since a man like that couldn’t afford the cache of military-grade hardware found in the apartment, he realizes the assassination plot is far from foiled.Back at the Rance home, Chris and Angela are finishing packing up when Angela begins acting strange. The demon, it turns out, isn’t gone. It just moved and now possesses Angela. She grabs her mother’s head and twists it backward, letting her body crumple and fall down the stairs. As the episode ends, we see that Angela now has a second, red iris on one of her eyes.It’s happening again. (Photo: Screenshot via FOX)This was the episode we’ve been waiting for all season long. When they first announced they were making an Exorcist TV series, this is what came to mind. It was tense and scary all the way through, there was tons of grotesque body horror, and we finally got to see a full exorcism play out. The twist at the end was completely unexpected, eliciting an audible gasp. I desperately want to see what happens next, but we’ll all have to wait a while. The show doesn’t come back until December 9. Stay on targetlast_img

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