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first_imgThe Collectors Heritage, a one of a kind homedecor showroom in Noida offers products that transport you into the medieval era simulating the  environment of a museum. We had a talk with the firm’s CEO, Sugandh Windlass, read on as to what she had to say: How and why did you get involved with such a project? And tell us a bit about yourself and your involvement with Collector’s HeritageCollectors Heritage is a brand of the Windlass Group of Companies which is a family owned business. Windlass Steelcrafts the parent company was started by my grandfather in 1942 and since then we have been exporting all our products. We launched Collectors Heritage in 2012 to start selling our products in India. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Is this something that always fascinated you or was the interest more recent?This field has always fascinated me. I am very interested in the manufacturing of swords. I was involved in the US operations of our company which is basically our marketing arm. We have two e-commerce websites. After working there for a while, I decided to start this e-commerce website in India and thereby branch into stores.With a decent number of museums in the country, why do you think a collection like this may attract people? Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixI feel that with the number of museums in the city, people will be more interested in our products. Everyone wants to take a walk down memory lane. All our products have a history. These are very products which you can see in a museum but not buy. However, with our store you can actually buy these products.How affordable or not affordable are the works and who exactly is your target audience/customer?All our products are meant for collectors who understand the product and does not mind spending. The price points range from Rs.2000 to Rs 20,000. We have products for Rs.700 and also for Rs.1.5 lacs. Our target customer is anyone who has an eye for unique products. Why do you think a concept like this might work here? All of our customers love to know more about the products. People are always looking for something different and thats what makes our products work. The biggest loophole that we have fixed is that we have mounted our swords permanently as swords cannot be sold. We have mounted them to make them into wall decorations, so that they cannot be called weapons.last_img

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