As part of its continued commitment to ensure adhe

first_imgAs part of its continued commitment to ensure adherence to the strictest standards of animal welfare, World Expeditions has announced the removal of the eagle hunting festival from its Mongolian program. The adventure company’s decision was taken in consultation with World Animal Protection, the expert organisation which assists in the company’s comprehensive Animal Welfare Code of Conduct.“Although it is not our place to pass judgement on the long-held cultural tradition of eagle hunting in Mongolia, it is our place to remove tourism activities from our program that do not adhere to the principals of animal welfare,” said World Expeditions Responsible Travel Manager, Donna Lawrence.“The eagle hunting festival is a spectacle for tourists and the welfare of the eagles and their prey at the festival does not adhere to the universally accepted ‘Five Freedoms’ of animal welfare”, on which our animal welfare Code of Conduct is based.”World Animal Protection Senior Wildlife and Veterinary Advisor, Dr. Jan Schmidt-Burbach said the concept of the eagle-hunting had cultural origins, but the festival was first conceived in 1999 with the purpose of boosting tourism.“The festival is a comparatively new event designed to attract tourism, and the commercial aspect of the festival has unfortunately led to negative impacts on the welfare and the conservation of the eagles.” adventureanimal welfareeagle hunting festivalecoMongoliaSustainableWorld Expeditionslast_img

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