By UPF Germany An international Café was held in

first_imgBy UPF Germany: An international Café was held in the rooms of UPF Gießen on the April 24, 2016.One of the goals of UPF is to contribute to a deeper understanding of international relations and an appreciation of the intercultural environment in which we live. With this in mind, an International Café has taken place every other month for the past few years, where natives of different countries are given a platform to share their experience and knowledge with an audience that is eager and open to learn.On this occasion we gathered with our friends to learn about the beautiful country of Mexico.A very insightful and colourful presentation about the history, traditions, music, culture and lifestyle in Mexico was given by Dr. Lucía Velasco Medrano. Dr. Medrano, who lived for a long time in Mexico before coming to Germany, has become a dear friend of the Gießen UPF community. She has lived here with her German husband and her son for many years. The event was also supported by two of our youth UPF members who were moderators and translators for our speaker. After an interesting presentation full of pictures and explanations about Mexico and its population, the audience was given the opportunity to ask questions. This was insightful for the listeners and speaker; it was interesting to access the knowledge and experience of a Mexican native who could disband any prejudices about Mexico and its people.For all the participants, it was a chance to connect with each other on a deeper level as well as to reflect on our cultural understanding and how we deal with the resulting differences. The event was a chance to create a welcoming atmosphere for citizens of different backgrounds and to give an opportunity to learn about common values and ideas. It also was an occasion where global issues such as environmental pollution, and government corruption could be addressed, as well the problems resulting from warfare. We all must find ways of dealing with these issues.Our hope is that by bringing together various people we will broaden our viewpoint on social and political challenges, learn from each other how to better deal with such challenges, while creating a friendly community where there is mutual respect and understanding.last_img

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