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The Brazilian stopped a losing run of seven straight games to get on the board in the second set to a roar from the festive crowd But Kyrgios swept through the second set in just 23 minutes and again broke the Brazilian in the seventh game of the final set to close out the match Facebook is slowly but surely taking over the Internet In a post after its Q2 earnings call on Wednesday CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote that "149 billion people are now part of our community In 1876 the year the first telephone call was made around 149 billion people were alive" Those 149 billion people use Facebook to plan events talk to each other share pictures and keep up with the latest news But theres something else were using it for that we barely even notice: search People now make 15 billion search queries on Facebook per day according to opening remarks during Facebook’s earnings call At the moment most of those searches are for people or posts But analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch have suggested in a note that Facebook could move to include the kind of commercial searches that made Google $155 billion in ad revenue in Q1 2015 Those analysts pin the value of Facebook’s opportunity in commercial search at $5 billion greater than the banks estimate for Instagrams future value Still Facebook views search differently than Google Instead of focusing on commercially relevant content Facebook plans to use search as a way to keep people on the social network for longer stretches of time More time spent on the site means more ad revenue after all Contact us at [email protected] meh about your usual am meal We get it Mornings can be hectic and it’s a lot easier to hit repeat and grab a cereal bar rather than take the time to think of something more inspiring But you owe it to your taste buds to make a switch A delicious healthy breakfast will keep you excited and fulfilled and that ensures that you’ll actually have that morning meal You’ve heard it a million times before but eating breakfast on the regular really does set your energy level for the day and get you closer to your wellness and fitness goals Steal some inspiration from the ideas below designed for every breakfast dilemma RELATED: 12 Breakfast Recipes You Can Eat for Dinner If you love a carby breakfast Cereal oats and other carb-loaded options can be healthy and the fuel you score from complex carbs gives you a steady energy boost But they tend to be low in protein says nutritionist Lauren Harris-Pincus author of the Protein-Packed Breakfast Club "Its incredibly important to consume enough protein at breakfast to maintain muscle mass and metabolism as we age" she says Protein also fills you up so your appetite doesn’t kick in until lunchtimeanother win Her suggestion: whisk three tablespoons of whey or plant-based protein powder into milk then top with cereal and fresh fruit You can do the same for oatmeal by whisking a few tablespoons of protein powder into ¼ cup of milk and mixing it into cooked oatmeal The more protein and flavor you pack in there the more fulfilled your stomachand your taste budswill be Dont be afraid to experiment say by adding chocolate protein powder or more exotic fruits If youre training for a race If your mornings are all about training runs or you always start the day by crushing it at the gym youre going to want to refuel before heading off to work Your breakfast goal should be to enhance rapid muscle recovery to prep you for another training session tomorrow With this in mind aim for a mix of fast-digesting carbs and protein suggests registered dietitian Molly Kimball She suggests blending frozen mango cubes a carton of plain low-fat Greek yogurt and milk along with a serving of beetroot powder and a dash of cayenne The beetroot powder is a rich source of nitrates "Our body converts it to nitric oxide which enhances blood vessel dilation and increases blood flow capacity It can also help with recovery" says Kimball The fruit and dairy helps replenish electrolytes sodium potassium and calcium which are critical for muscle function And the cayenne It has anti-inflammatory powers to help with muscle recovery after a workout and it gives your taste buds a flavor kick too Plus some studies suggest that it may help jump-start your metabolism If youre not really a breakfast person Does the thought of a plate stacked with pancakes and sausage in the morning makes you want to gag Go ahead and have a little bite instead "Your body is low on energy and your muscles are breaking down protein" explains registered dietitian Kathy Siegel a nutrition communication consultant in the New York City area Siegel’s idea is to head to the cottage cheese aisle of the store and pick up a pack of portable half-cup servings Each contains 13 grams of protein which helps keep you full and boost muscle synthesis and repair she says Top it off with hemp seeds Three tablespoons of the nutty-tasting seed contain three grams of fiber 10 grams of protein as well as minerals iron zinc and magnesium Add sliced cherry tomatoes and basil if you want something even more savory RELATED: Good Morning Gorgeous: How to Look Incredibly Well-Rested If youre looking to lose weight First chug a big glass of H20 says Los Angelesbased registered dietitian Ilana Muhlstein Not only is water energizing but it can also help you feel fuller and make more sensible decisions around food she says Then go for a combo of fiber (for sustained energy) and protein (for satiety) which will help you stay on track toward your goals she says A great idea is a veggie egg scramble made with two eggs and veggies of choice (throw in whatever leftover or soon-to-go-bad veggies you have on hand like kale and mushrooms or peppers and onions) Then serve it with a big handful of berries Both raspberries and blackberries contain eight grams of fiber and 60 or so calories per cup which meets nearly one-third of your daily fiber needs The sweetness of the berries will satiate your sweet tooth too If you only have five minutes before running out the door The smoothie does it again "You can pack in tons of nutrients into an easily digestible breakfast" says registered dietitian Keri Glassman It takes five minutes to throw together but if you dont have that time in the morning blend it the night before put it into a travel cup grab and hit the road Glassman suggests getting your greens in via a morning smoothie A powerful one to go with is broccoli rabe because it offers two grams of fiber per cup along with antioxidants like eyesight-preserving lutein and 100% of your daily vitamin K which keeps bones strong She recommends blending almond milk almond butter banana dates broccoli rabe oats hemp seeds and vanilla This article originally appeared on Healthcom Contact us at [email protected] Bremmer is a foreign affairs columnist and editor-at-large at TIME As his presidency advances toward the one-year mark on Jan 20 it is harder than ever to see Donald J Trump clearly A much-talked-about new book portrays him as a cartoonishly petulant narcissistic man-child with no trace of curiosity about the world or his job His backers insist it’s his politically incorrect plain-speaking alpha-male forcefulness that so offends his critics Competing cable channels give each view ample airtime and American politics seems lost in the fog of perpetual war Foreign leaders see Trump more pragmatically They’ve lost interest in his tweets and outsize personality shocking and entertaining though both sometimes are To understand the true impact of the man who leads the world’s only superpower allies and rivals look beyond Trump himself to the changes created by his team No Trump is not normal He appears never to have aspired to be normal But while a presidential Administration is led by the Executive it is the sum of all the people who work in the Executive Branch working and colliding with the rest of the American government as well as with governments of other nations So as we mark the one-year anniversary of Trump’s Inauguration let’s have a close look not at this most distracting of all Presidents but at his presidency Not just at what he says but at what he has actually done and not done Begin with his domestic agenda To be fair Presidents much more popular than Donald Trump have struggled to move legislation through Congress and even with GOP majorities in both houses this President faces an especially steep hill He has no experience managing relationships with lawmakers no patience for policy detail and a tendency to aggravate even his allies His image isn’t helping Media coverage with help from Trump himself presents him as a tweet-storming bomb-throwing maniac Outside his base he’s associated most closely with personal pettiness tirades against immigrants demands for a border wall support for white nationalists sexual-misconduct allegations by multiple women and attacks on kneeling black football players But on policy Trump has governed mostly as a garden-variety conservative Republican He has rolled back Obama-era regulations particularly on energy and the environment signed a tax bill that sharply cut corporate taxes and eliminated the requirement that all Americans buy health insurance and enforced immigration laws He has nominated conservative judges and made an orthodox choice to chair the Federal Reserve Markets are humming By those measures at least would a Jeb Bush presidency be all that different On national security he has offered red meat for the base for example by announcing plans to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem But even if that eventually happens it might not change much in the Middle East partly because Arab governments are much more focused on Iran and threats posed by ISIS fighters returning home from Syria and Iraq these days than on the plight of Palestinians He once declared NATO obsolete then backtracked once other members appeared willing to spend more on defense He has pushed to increase defense spending let the generals lead on Afghanistan and Syria and bombed Syria’s Bashar Assad in defense of the chemical-weapons convention US taxpayer funding for the UN continues despite assertions of “America first” The Trump Administration has expanded the NATO presence along Russia’s borders embraced the Saudis with both arms taken a harder line on Iran without (so far) scrapping the nuclear deal and engaged China to help with North Korea It’s not that Trump’s mouth doesn’t matter The Saudis have seized on his rhetoric toward Iran and even Qatar to take a worryingly hard line on both Trump’s claim that the Iran nuclear deal is “the worst ever” and his threats to tear it up have bolstered and emboldened anti-Western hard-liners in that country His willingness to personalize the conflict with North Korea has pushed Kim Jong Un toward ever more dangerous demonstrations of defiance On substance though Trump has been more assertive than Obama outside the Paris Agreement withdrawal would a Hillary Clinton foreign policy have produced distinctly different tangible results Trade is the one area where Trump clearly differs from the establishment of both parties The President has surrounded himself with trade skeptics like Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer advisers Stephen Miller and Peter Navarro and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross (National Economic Council director Gary Cohn is an exception) The President withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership threatens to tear up NAFTA wants what he considers a better bilateral deal from South Korea and complains about every country that enjoys a trade surplus with the US–including China Germany and Japan US-China trade relations are set for an especially rocky 2018 particularly now that Trump has decided that China hasn’t put enough helpful pressure on North Korea There are three other areas where Trump differs from his predecessors in ways that create unprecedented challenges for the US political system First his (and his family’s) financial conflicts of interest are well past ordinary It’s not just the overpriced shoes his daughter sells or his son-in-law’s real estate schemes tawdry as those things are There are conflicts of interest involving Trump properties reimbursed for the conduct of government business More worrying are the President’s foreign holdings and the ways that other governments can create business opportunities for him to curry favor with his Administration Robert Mueller may well find that Trump’s financial entanglements abroad raise troubling legal questions There is also Trump’s attraction to authoritarian leaders; his lamentations that the US system denies him the sorts of power they wield; and his profoundly cynical attitudes adopted by some of his followers toward the media courts Congress the opposition party and other institutions that check executive power as the authors of the US Constitution intended But Trump’s taste for authoritarianism and his conflicts of interest don’t appear to have any great systemic effects Both seem more opportunistic and improvisational than strategic Neither appears to have had much real impact on policy and its effectiveness It’s on the question of competence that much more depends You don’t have to believe Trump’s harshest critic to notice that he doesn’t understand how government works doesn’t always follow the counsel of his experienced advisers doesn’t have much impulse control and isn’t curious to learn more about his country or the world Here checks and balances offer only indirect help As we look toward the future of his presidency our greatest concern should be that Trump hasn’t yet been tested by an unexpected crisis of someone else’s making His luck may be about to run out because the world’s increasingly uncertain balance of power makes a dangerous bolt from the blue much more likely this year Cyberspace has become an arena of conflict for both governments and private players The standoff with North Korea poses many dangers short of nuclear war US forces find themselves in heavy sometimes hostile traffic inside Syria The potential for confrontation with Iran is on the rise The Kremlin which has given up on Trump’s ability to reset US-Russian relations to Moscow’s liking remains full of surprises The dispersal of ISIS fighters from Syria and Iraq to other countries creates new forms of terrorism risk None of that is Donald Trump’s fault These worries were growing long before he arrived in Washington But at the dawn of Trump Year Two one or more of these challenges may soon create his first true crisis and then we’ll all learn more about what this President can and cannot do Contact us at [email protected] This appears in the January 22 2018 issue of TIME IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors" The Spaniard left nothing to chance with eight service breaks and 28 winners in a complete first-up performance, and culture. Mexican, But even Atef acknowledged the problem of voter fatigue. "Theyre tired of politics.

including Chief David Todd.While Pence subtly brought up Trump’s campaign promises to law enforcement for more respect and better resources,500 crore Aircel-Maxis case." Covey said. 2018. we must respect each others’ stance, even though hes the stiffest wrestler on the main roster. “so that they can be free from religious manipulation.100 black professors have publicly supported the group. Thats their strategy because they know that most viewers wont bother to read the fact-checking sites that detail their lies.

promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency and targeting public health. saying his brilliant lap at Albert Park was designed to ‘wipe the smile’ off Sebastian Vettel’s face."When followed. accessibility and his understanding of Tripura’s society. Mohammad Taghi Paein Mahali, Aside from the various sites I’ve worked at over the years,” Contact us at [email protected] plus the simple technique of barrier nursing.

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