Four well known Bibimbap brand

a day, hungry. Eat a meal Bibimbap, together with friends at the weekend that the feeling is really wonderful, beautiful. The weekend about 32 friends to eat Bibimbap together, the more profound friendship.

"Bibimbap" is also called "bibimbap" and "stone bowl of rice", is South Korea and northeast Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning Chinese Steamed Rice unique cuisine. It is the birthplace of the Korean state, and later evolved into a representative of South Korea’s food. The Bibimbap Jeonju bibimbap implies with fame spreading far and wide, "five five colored principle". In the stone pot pot and Steamed Rice dishes, and then baked into the bottom of the pot with a layer of crispy, delicious tempting, stone pot is made of thick black pottery, pottery pot cooking stoves can be directly obtained, and good insulation effect. It is very popular, I believe there will be more people to love in the market, so Bibimbap franchise brand what


stone pot bibimbap Arirang


Bibimbap was founded in 2006, after several years of development is Korean food industries and the famous brand. It is a stone pot container, adding a variety of wild herbs and Steamed Rice stirring and food, with a homemade chili sauce, let food appetite. Arirang Bibimbap crisp smooth, bright red color, fresh and sweet, sweet fragrance, unique taste.

Remember Bibimbap


Anhui is

Yuan Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, after years of development, has grown from a single catering to cultural communication and network technology, hotel management and other diversified, integrated enterprise, after three leapfrog growth stage. Beijing is headquartered in Anhui, the capital of Hefei, based in central, radiation throughout the country, under the jurisdiction of Luxuries palace, Meishiji, chef, legend Noodles with Soy Bean Paste girl, Jin Hanting, taro, mother, three bears, vigorously seaman, Jane and many other mango "check dam catering brand, and is still under the Beijing Catering Culture Communication Co., Shang Yuan food the management company, Suntech network science and technology limited company, Decoration Engineering Co., Luxuries Palace Hotel Management Co. Ltd. and Beijing Shang Yuan International Catering Management Limited. Among them, it is Beijing restaurant in Shanghai in April 16, 2015 successfully listed equity trading center, became the Chinese Korean restaurant listed the strength of enterprises, opened a new chapter of Beijing group is the development of the. The group currently employs a total of about more than and 400 people, the whole office area covers an area of 10000 square meters, brand direct and cooperative stores more than 2500.

is a taste of Korean Bibimbap

is just Bibimbap is a traditional Korean delicacy, is the crystallization of the wisdom of working people. A taste of stone pot for up to 300 degrees high temperature oven for two hours, keep the food for a long time even if the temperature of the cold winter, late last bibimbap, is still hot hot. Natural stone


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