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first_img Youth Minister Lorton, VA May 2, 2016 at 2:32 pm Mary,You really need to go back to school and educate yourself about sexual orientation and gender. The statements that you make suggest that LGBT are sexual predators. That is a shameful lie you are spreading based on ignorance. The fact is that 99.9% of all sexual predators are heterosexuals and most of that 99.9% are heterosexual males. Please if you do not believe me look at academic studies that prove it. Therefore, I would ask do you not care about the children of the state of North Carolina? Are you lobbing your state legislature for new laws to protect children from heterosexual males, based on the fact that almost all pedophiles are adult heterosexual males? This is why I suggest that you educate yourself on issues of sexual orientation and gender before speaking about them. Sexual orientation and gender is a different issue then child molestation, the two are not related. In addition, there is a huge difference between ones perception; and what you have been led to believe, and what is actually the truth. I will pray that you find more compassion and understanding in your life. Rector Hopkinsville, KY Inaugural Diocesan Feast Day Celebrating Juneteenth San Francisco, CA (and livestream) June 19 @ 2 p.m. PT Submit an Event Listing April 29, 2016 at 1:47 pm Proud of the Episcopal church, thank you! There is no need for discrimination in this world of ours. Even Trump, Nascar, Michael Jordan, and just about any real CEO agrees with you An Evening with Presiding Bishop Curry and Iconographer Kelly Latimore Episcopal Migration Ministries via Zoom June 23 @ 6 p.m. ET Claire Doyle says: Rector Tampa, FL Rector (FT or PT) Indian River, MI Episcopal Migration Ministries’ Virtual Prayer Vigil for World Refugee Day Facebook Live Prayer Vigil June 20 @ 7 p.m. ET Scotty Plappert says: Ya no son extranjeros: Un diálogo acerca de inmigración Una conversación de Zoom June 22 @ 7 p.m. ET TryTank Experimental Lab and York St. John University of England Launch Survey to Study the Impact of Covid-19 on the Episcopal Church TryTank Experimental Lab Rector/Priest in Charge (PT) Lisbon, ME April 26, 2016 at 11:15 pm Thanks for speaking out in support and demonstrating God’s live of all people [Diocese of North Carolina] On March 23, the North Carolina General Assembly convened a one-day special session to consider HB2, which legislators passed and Governor Pat McCrory signed the same day. The bill, drafted in response to a Charlotte City Council ordinance granting people the right to use gender-specific facilities based on their gender identity, not only reversed the local council’s action but also prevents local governments from extending anti-discrimination protections to cover sexual orientation and gender identity. Such protections are not included in the state’s anti-discrimination law. HB2 additionally prevents plaintiffs from filing anti-discrimination claims in state courts and prevents local governments from setting a minimum wage for private employers higher than the state minimum wage.The legislation drew immediate criticism and has become the subject of national debate. The bishops’ statement issued April 26 follows.Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,In our baptismal covenant, we commit “to strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being.” For many, this is the most difficult promise in the covenant, as it calls us to move beyond our differences, expectations, fears, prejudices and misunderstandings about other people and meet them where they are. At times, it means standing up in the world and speaking truth to power, knowing that there will be resistance. This promise takes us out of our comfort zone and into the uncharted territory of God’s grace.In the highly polarized and political environment in which we live, we may be tempted to take sides on an issue or to back off entirely and be silent. But the issue of discrimination is not partisan, nor is it secular. The practice of discrimination by a state or institution limits, even prohibits, us from respecting the dignity of another human being. It inhibits our very capacity to care for one another and to work for the common good. This affects all people.On March 23, 2016, the North Carolina General Assembly passed House Bill 2 (HB2). This bill overtly discriminates against LGBT people and goes further by cutting back on protection against discrimination for anyone in the state. HB2 does this by:• Refusing to understand the complexity of the lives of transgender persons and criminalizing nonproblematic behavior by members only of that community; • Overturning the local passage of laws by the city of Charlotte to allow transgender persons to use the gender-specific facilities matching their identities, and requiring all people to use facilities according to the biological sex listed on their birth certificates;• Preventing cities and counties from establishing ordinances extending protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender persons, while making no effort to call for protection at the state level; • Making it more difficult for people who are being discriminated against for reasons of race, age, sex, religion or disability to take legal action by making them take their cases to federal court instead of to the state;• Discriminating against the working poor by restricting a community’s ability to demand that contractors raise minimum wages to living wages and pay for vacation and sick leave.In the weeks since the passing of HB2, other states have followed suit, putting forth bills openly supporting discrimination against LGBT persons. Such discrimination by the state reinforces the fear and prejudices of people who do not know or understand the lives of people who are already marginalized in our society. It cultivates an environment in which we do not respect the dignity of each person but instead fight to hold on to personal power and privilege.The response against HB2, in North Carolina and around the world, shows evidence that this bill affects the lives of more than a few people using the bathroom; it touches on the ongoing struggle for equality.As a Church, we seek to love unconditionally as witnessed in the life of Jesus and follow his example by embracing those who are marginalized by society.We affirm that all people are created in the image of God and are loved by God.We oppose laws supporting discrimination against anyone by race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, political affiliation, genetic information or disability.These are complex issues with wide-reaching ramifications. HB2 was introduced and passed into law in one day, without sufficient time to listen to the voices of all who are affected by the bill. The mounting economic losses for North Carolina show this hasty process did not leave room to consider what impact HB2 would have on our state. We are all paying the price.Because we strive for justice and peace among all people and respect the dignity every human being, we call on the North Carolina State Legislature to repeal HB2. We encourage our leaders to listen to the experiences of LGBT citizens and to seek to understand their lives and circumstances. Furthermore, we offer our prayers and support for the LGBT community, and for all who are affected by this bill.Yours faithfully,The Right Reverend Anne E. Hodges-CoppleBishop Diocesan Pro Tempore of the Episcopal Diocese of North CarolinaThe Right Reverend Porter TaylorBishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Western North CarolinaThe Right Reverend Robert S. SkirvingBishop of the Episcopal Diocese of East CarolinaThe Right Reverend Peter James LeeBishop Assisting of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina Posted Apr 26, 2016 Rector Belleville, IL Associate Rector for Family Ministries Anchorage, AK The Church Investment Group Commends the Taskforce on the Theology of Money on its report, The Theology of Money and Investing as Doing Theology Church Investment Group Submit a Job Listing Associate Priest for Pastoral Care New York, NY AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to PrintFriendlyPrintFriendlyShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailShare to MoreAddThis April 28, 2016 at 8:37 pm And furthermore, no surgery will EVER change someone’s biological sex. May 24, 2016 at 4:42 pm I am not an Episcopalian (I am Unitarian Universalist and attend the Unitarian Coastal Fellowship in Morehead City, NC), but I see from Bishops’ statement that we share a lot of common values. Thank you for an excellent letter. The Church Pension Fund Invests $20 Million in Impact Investment Fund Designed to Preserve Workforce Housing Communities Nationwide Church Pension Group Assistant/Associate Priest Scottsdale, AZ Cathedral Dean Boise, ID Karen Walker says: May 6, 2016 at 11:50 am I think its disgraceful you call yourselves ministers of the Gospel. Please resign and go sell cars or something but don’t stand as ministers when you want stand for the Bible. HB2 is a stand for righteousness and common sense. April 27, 2016 at 2:06 pm You need to give the Episcopal Church another try. As in any other denomination, attitudes differ from church to church, but by and large, we are what the conservatives accuse us of being – outspoken liberals who stand up for justice. My Episcopal church in Pittsboro, NC would welcome you for sure – even on the vestry. April 28, 2016 at 8:43 pm It appears, once again, the Episcopal Church, instead of REALLY following Jesus and His teachings, seeks the altar of secularism. To love as Jesus loves does not mean accepting ones behavior as right. You speak of how quick the HB2 was passed, yet your statement does the same. If you truly read and understood the HB2, you would not believe the propaganda spewed that it has to do with discriminating against the lgbt community, but has EVERYTHING to do with ALL North Carolinians. Do you not care about the children of this state Bishops? Do you not care at all that the over 20,000 registered sex offenders who would have taken advantage of the Charlotte ordinance had HB2 not been put in place? Your actions and words are not that of Christ’s love but that of men seeking to work of evil, be it intentionally or blindly. I pray for the people of the Episcopal Church, you have led many astray. Check your own numbers….they have been in serious decline for many years, by your own admission. Why – because people are seeking truth, which they will not find behind that red door. April 27, 2016 at 8:31 am Something most people don’t know… In order to qualify for a correction to their birth certificate, Trans people in NC have to have surgery. But in order to have surgery, the medical standards of care used by Gender specialists dictate a period of at least a year beforehand living in the target Gender role. This means using the correct restroom. HB2 therefore makes having such surgery impossible.The legislators know full well this Catch-22 situation. No change to birth certificate without surgery, and no surgery allowed now without a change to the birth certificate first. This law is deeply, deeply dishonest, in its very foundations.My thanks to the Bishops for their principled stand, that is bound to lead them to be attacked by unprincipled politicians. You have been weighed in the balance – and NOT found wanting. April 27, 2016 at 10:27 am Thank you very much for this strong statement. As trans people are subjected to increasing attack– in the media and in person– it makes such a difference for us to hear these statements of support. Phillipe Loher says: Associate Rector Columbus, GA Susan Powell says: Mary Watson says: Zoe Brain says: May 13, 2016 at 10:11 pm Mr. Gillis,I read Mary’s comments and did not see any suggestion of equating LGTB persons with sexual predators. Instead what I read pointed to the NC bill as protecting all people from sexual predatorswho could disguise their gender appearance, and use restrooms as an arena for crimes against women and against men, and as you point out, those predators are mostly heterosexual males. Robert Gillis says: Featured Events April 26, 2016 at 7:43 pm Thank you, Bishops! You make us proud of our church. Assistant/Associate Rector Morristown, NJ April 26, 2016 at 8:36 pm For anyone who is interested, I have designed an anti-HB2 bumper sticker which includes the phrase “Respect the Dignity of Every Human Being.” (I am former Director of Communications for the Diocese of North Carolina.) My first delivery from the printer will be on late Wednesday afternoon, and I plan to bring a supply to Raleigh on Thursday, April 28, to Quail Ridge Books, Diocesan House, and other places. I can be reached by email at [email protected] The bumper stickers will be available through our website probably by this weekend. Missioner for Disaster Resilience Sacramento, CA April 28, 2016 at 9:44 am Thank you; thank you.From a grateful Episcopalian. Rector Knoxville, TN April 27, 2016 at 5:54 am Thank you for your support. I grew up in the Episcopal church. I eventually became senior warden of the church I attended, all the while knowing that if I dared reveal who I was I would not be welcome. I was living a lie in order to fit in, something I had been doing my entire life. I watched as my church split over the ordination o an “openly gay Bishop” and knew there was no room for me. In-person Retreat: Thanksgiving Trinity Retreat Center (West Cornwall, CT) Nov. 24-28 This Summer’s Anti-Racism Training Online Course (Diocese of New Jersey) June 18-July 16 Curate Diocese of Nebraska Rector Smithfield, NC Frank Riggio-Preston says: Frank J. Corbishley says: Rector and Chaplain Eugene, OR Priest-in-Charge Lebanon, OH Join the Episcopal Diocese of Texas in Celebrating the Pauli Murray Feast Online Worship Service June 27 Ann Woodley says: Rector Albany, NY Mary Watson says: Rector Pittsburgh, PA North Carolina bishops issue statement regarding HB2 Comments (18) Press Release Service Family Ministry Coordinator Baton Rouge, LA Priest Associate or Director of Adult Ministries Greenville, SC Director of Administration & Finance Atlanta, GA Bishop Diocesan Springfield, IL Lee Anne Leland says: Episcopal Charities of the Diocese of New York Hires Reverend Kevin W. VanHook, II as Executive Director Episcopal Charities of the Diocese of New York New Berrigan Book With Episcopal Roots Cascade Books Assistant/Associate Rector Washington, DC May 1, 2016 at 8:51 am I agree with Susan. Many Episcopal churches have a “Welcome regardless” sign which is more than a sign; it is an active reflection of the message of love in the Gospel. If you are ever in Murphy, NC please worship with us. April 27, 2016 at 12:28 am Having been born and raised in N.C. (I know longer do) am ashamed of the turn this legislation has taken. Thank the church for taking such a positive stand against this hurtful law. Rector Bath, NC Virtual Celebration of the Jerusalem Princess Basma Center Zoom Conversation June 19 @ 12 p.m. ET Cameron Partridge says: Rector Martinsville, VA Canon for Family Ministry Jackson, MS Selena Smith says: Rector Washington, DC Director of Music Morristown, NJ Seminary of the Southwest announces appointment of two new full time faculty members Seminary of the Southwest Comments are closed. Submit a Press Release Course Director Jerusalem, Israel Rector Collierville, TN April 27, 2016 at 11:19 am God’s child does not discriminate.Thank you. The Rev. E. T. Malone, Jr. says: Paul Wooten says: Rector Shreveport, LA Featured Jobs & Calls Curate (Associate & Priest-in-Charge) Traverse City, MI Remember Holy Land Christians on Jerusalem Sunday, June 20 American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem Terry Morris says: last_img read more

first_imgShareFacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsappMailOr Clipboard Copy “When memories of older homes return, in the new house we go to the land of immobile childhood: immobile like the immemorial”. Gaston Bachelard. Save this picture!© Gustavo Sosa PinillaWide galleries, yards, large halls, basements and attics, were part of the phenomenological images of the owners about their natal home. Above these dreams of the past we build the present. The new house stands its bases over the missing one. The house is for a young family with two small children. It’s located in a country club in Buenos Aires. The land counts with beautiful trees on the southern limit, which are pretended to be conserved and maximized.Save this picture!© Gustavo Sosa PinillaThe program is composed of two different areas suggested by the clients: “one formal and organized” that would embrace traditional programs and an “informal and playful area” that would include a playroom and a place to receive friends.We found in the “casa chorizo” a starting point to materialize those imagesHowever, we travel back in time looking for the origin of this typology: the roman domus. Then, we subordinate them to concrete conditions: the land, the pragmatic relations, customs and their lifestyle.Save this picture!© Gustavo Sosa PinillaThe result is a house around a central yard with galleries. It Is the true heart of the house, but the static yard of the domus becomes dynamic…it beats.The mass that defines it –once limitless- is atomized in three stereotomic boxes that dance free under sunlight and trees, embracing inside them “the ordered programs”: To be, to eat and to sleep. Promoting, thus, the topological relations near-far, open-close, inside-out, short-tall.Save this picture!SketchThe tectonic wood-gallery is more than a transition space and a sun screen; It is the articulation between parts; It is indoor-outdoor. It hosts the “more informal programs”, gradually revealing spaces, breaking the path, providing scale to the yard, realizing the flow of reminiscences. Project gallerySee allShow less20 Architects Design a Dolls’ House for KIDSArchitecture NewsAD Classics: The National Art Schools of Cuba / Ricardo Porro, Vittorio Garatti, Rob…Architecture Classics Share 2012 Argentina Photographs ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsappMailOr Clipboard “COPY” Year:  Architects: Estudio Botteri-Connell Area Area of this architecture project Casa Fenomenológica / Estudio Botteri-ConnellSave this projectSaveCasa Fenomenológica / Estudio Botteri-ConnellSave this picture!© Gustavo Sosa PinillaHouses•City Bell, Argentina Projectscenter_img 2012 Area:  320 m² Area:  320 m² Year Completion year of this architecture project Casa Fenomenológica / Estudio Botteri-Connell ArchDaily photographs:  Gustavo Sosa PinillaPhotographs:  Gustavo Sosa Pinilla+ 21 Share Year:  “COPY” Houses CopyAbout this officeEstudio Botteri-ConnellOfficeFollow#TagsProjectsBuilt ProjectsSelected ProjectsResidential ArchitectureHousesCity BellHousesArgentinaPublished on September 13, 2013Cite: “Casa Fenomenológica / Estudio Botteri-Connell” 13 Sep 2013. ArchDaily. Accessed 11 Jun 2021. ISSN 0719-8884Browse the CatalogShowershansgroheShower MixersVinyl Walls3MExterior Vinyl Finish – DI-NOC™ Abstract EarthPartitionsSkyfoldMarkerboard Finish for Folding WallsPanels / Prefabricated AssembliesKingspan Insulated PanelsInsulated Wall Panels – Designwall R-seriesWoodBruagRoom Acoustics – Interior Cladding PanelsEnclosures / Double Skin FacadesIsland Exterior FabricatorsCurtain Wall Facade SystemsConcreteKrytonCrystalline Waterproofing – KIMBricksNelissenSpecial Bricks – Slips and HalvesCeramicsTerrealTerracotta cladding in Le TrèfleEnclosures / Double Skin FacadesFranken-SchotterFacade System –  LINEASideboardsUSMLow Shelving – HallerTable LampsLeds-C4Lighting – ElampMore products »Save世界上最受欢迎的建筑网站现已推出你的母语版本!想浏览ArchDaily中国吗?是否翻译成中文现有为你所在地区特制的网站?想浏览ArchDaily中国吗?Take me there »✖You’ve started following your first account!Did you know?You’ll now receive updates based on what you follow! Personalize your stream and start following your favorite authors, offices and users.Go to my streamlast_img read more

first_imgSan Francisco – April 7 marked one year since the police assassination of Luis Góngora Pat, a 45-year-old Yucatecan Mayan immigrant restaurant worker in the Mission District of this city.Luis Góngora came to the U.S. from Mexico in 2004. He helped to support his wife, parents and three children in the small town of Teabo, Yucatan, Mexico, by sending remittances from his earnings as a restaurant cook and dishwasher in San Francisco.An angered, sorrowful community commemorated the anniversary at the spot where Góngora was riddled with police bullets, execution-style, as he sat on the sidewalk near the tent he’d lately been calling his home.Led by Aztec dancers and drummers, protesters marched to the Mission Police Station. That’s where Cristina Gutiérrez and four others began a 17-day hunger strike in April 2016 to condemn the seemingly endless string of police killings of Black and Brown people in this rapidly gentrifying city. Gutiérrez decried the fact that District Attorney George Gascón has not prosecuted a single one of these killer cops.The “Frisco Five” hunger strikers had only one demand: Fire Greg Suhr, the police chief who for five years had been crying crocodile tears while justifying every police killing of a Black or Latinx person. For five years, Suhr was vigilantly protected by the mayor, the media, the labor leadership and the city’s ruling Democratic Party political establishment.The de facto policy of the Democrats seems to be no prosecution for killer cops. However, a militant grass-roots campaign spearheaded by the Frisco Five finally did succeed in forcing out Chief Suhr, less than a month after the Góngora murder.The third stop of the “Justice for Luis” procession was the residential hotel where Góngora had been living until he was illegally evicted and forced to live on the street. “They pretend that this is a sanctuary city but that’s a lie,” said Bilal Ali from the Coalition on Homelessness. “If you’re an immigrant in San Francisco and homeless, there is no sanctuary here.“McCoppin Park here used to be a refuge for people without a home, where you could lay your head without fear of being harassed or beaten by the Blue Klux Klan,” said Ali. “Now, they’ve put a high fence around the park. That’s how they entrap people, forcing them out into the street where they can be abused or killed. This city spends $20.7 million to criminalize and brutalize and drive out homeless people.”Gloria Esteva, from Causa Justa/Just Cause, said, “We need to braid together our many different struggles, small or large, so we can bring down the monster of injustice that is hurting all of us.”“We are not only advocating against police brutality and murders,” emphasized Laura Guzman, director of homeless services at Mission Neighborhood Health Center, “but also that this city is promoting racist and ethnic cleansing and houselessness” in the Mission and throughout the city. “No one is homeless by design,” she added, calling for “a massive program to provide immigrant housing.”Góngora’s cousin, Luis Poot Pat, said in Spanish, “My cousin suffered many injustices to get to this sanctuary city, only to face more cruelty here. He suffered poverty, forced migration, low wages, illegal eviction, homelessness and discrimination, only to be killed by an act of senseless police brutality in less than 30 seconds.”Góngora’s family in Teabo wrote a statement that was read on the steps of City Hall: “Today marks a year since the death of Luis, our beloved father, an exemplary father, a great son and a great husband, whom the San Francisco police took away from us. The culprits are still free. How is that possible in a city like San Francisco? All we ask is justice for our father.”FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

first_imgJournalist Michael Wolff’s new book “Fire and Fury” depicts Donald Trump as totally unfit to serve as the chief executive of U.S. imperialism. It describes the Oval Office as a snakepit populated by subordinates and relatives at each other’s throats, but who all have a low opinion of Trump and his abilities. Many, according to Wolff, question his personal and mental capacities.The publicity given to the book is a clear signal that the capitalist media and many pundits are trying to undermine the Trump presidency. They give great publicity to the quote from Steve Bannon about Donald Trump Jr.’s attendance at a meeting with a Russian lawyer. Bannon called Trump Jr.’s presence “treasonous” and “unpatriotic.”This may have been Bannon’s way of keeping himself from being indicted by the Mueller Russia investigation, or it may have been driven by ultra-right factionalism. But the widespread coverage of this quote was aimed at breaking up the Trump-Bannon axis, which lasted even after Bannon was fired.Bannon is an ultra-right ideologue whose aim has been to destroy the political center of the Republican Party. Trump, on the other hand, is a right-wing, racist, misogynistic bigot without any particular ideology. He is a pragmatist known to be easily manipulated, so the bourgeois establishment is pleased at the split caused by the book. They fear Bannon’s influence on Trump more than they fear Trump himself.Trump, the state and the ruling classThese events raise the question of the relations between the ruling class, its executive in the form of the presidency, and the capitalist state as a whole.It is a tenet of Marxism that the capitalist government is the executive committee of the ruling class. Its job in general is to enforce the will of the bosses and bankers. When the capitalist class is split, this function can become complex, but the general claim is certainly true. However, Marxism is also dialectical and recognizes contradictions.Right now there is a contradiction between the immediate short-term interests of the corporate boardrooms and parlors and the long-term interests of the ruling class to maintain the U.S. as a global imperialist power.On the one hand, Trump is showering the bosses and bankers with riches — billions in tax cuts, gas and oil drilling rights, mining rights on public lands, destruction of environmental regulations, rollbacks of banking regulations and labor protections, etc.On the other hand, he has taken a hatchet to many long-standing policies of imperialism abroad and capitalism in the U.S. that can do long-term harm to broad ruling-class interests.Capitalist advisory establishment and the ruling classIn this discussion it is important to distinguish between the advisory establishment to the ruling class and the class itself. The bourgeoisie over the years has created a vast stable of intellectuals who serve different factions of the ruling class.There are think-tank intellectuals devoted to ferreting out the interests of the imperialists as they see them. There are journalistic scribes with different political lines, depending on which faction of the bourgeoisie and the political establishment they are aligned with. There is a vast array of academic advisers who go back and forth between the universities and the capitalist government.They all vie with one another to serve the interests of imperialism and become the favored mouthpieces. Their immediate perspective can be quite different from the immediate perspective in the boardrooms, however, even as they seek to serve capitalist interests.While various journalists, think-tank bourgeois intellectuals, academic pundits and commentators of all sorts are aghast at Trump as he swings his diplomatic and political wrecking ball, the bosses are focused on the money.Trump drives bosses’ gravy trainAs long as Trump is in the presidency, the bankers and bosses are going to get much of their way with respect to profits, business, money. Under the various Democratic and Republican administrations, they have been chipping away at public land and coastline, at bank regulations, at environmental regulations, etc. But now they are enjoying unusually expanded freedom to plunder the land and the sea. They are exulting in the cuts on corporate taxes, from 35 percent to 21 percent, and billions from other cuts. Whatever Trump’s shortcomings, they can overlook them for now, because the billionaires don’t want the gravy train to stop.The military-industrial complex — Lockheed, Boeing, Raytheon, United Technologies, etc. — is feeding off the increase in military spending to $700 billion for nuclear weapons, anti-missile systems, new warships, warplanes, drones and missiles as Trump stokes the flames of war with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, feeds the Saudi war machine’s assaults on Yemen, ships weapons to Ukraine and positions arms to threaten Russia, China, Iran and other countries.Military stocks rose to an all-time high when Trump signed a $110 billion arms deal with the bourgeois-feudal monarchy of Saudi Arabia. He has been the arms salesman in chief, pushing offensive missile systems, fighter jets and ships on Japan and South Korea as part of the war buildup against the DPRK.When the government checks come rolling in to military corporate treasuries, the embarrassments and limitations of Trump can be easily overlooked for the moment. The mass deportations, racist code words, misogyny and sexual harassment, homophobia — all are brushed aside.It is no coincidence that when the Wolff book came out, Trump quickly made a public announcement that he was opening up the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf coasts to the oil and gas industry for drilling. The executives of ExxonMobil, Chevron and Conoco were not giving their primary attention to the scandals of the White House at that moment.Energy Fuels Resources, which mines uranium, got the Trump administration to slash the 1.35-million-acre Bears Ears public area down to 202,000 acres. That put the uranium deposits outside the national monument. Native lands stolen from five different nations were redirected to the private sector by this ruling.Trump has taken an axe to ruling-class institutions. He has launched attack after attack on the FBI, the crown jewel of the ruling class’s repressive apparatus, in order to discredit the Mueller investigation into his relations with Russia — even though the FBI has ruthlessly carried out the destruction of progressive and revolutionary organizations since World War I.Trump has also taken an axe to traditional imperialist alliances. He has denounced NATO and demanded that NATO countries pay more for their militaries. He has humiliated the presidents of Mexico, Canada and Australia, among others. He has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and torn the mask off the U.S. as a “neutral” mediator in the struggle with the Palestinians.In addition, Trump pulled $1 billion in funding from the United Nations. He pulled out of the Paris climate accord and jettisoned talks for a pact on immigration and asylum.Reagan administration and the ruling classWhen the right-wing government of Ronald Reagan took over in 1981, the majority of the ruling class was deeply concerned. Reagan was the darling of the ultra-right and stood outside the main capitalist establishment as he climbed the political ladder in California. His wing of the Republican Party was at war with the Rockefeller wing.Reagan started out his term in office by viciously breaking the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization. The workers who went on strike were then banned from federal employment for life. It was the first time in decades that such a brutal, premeditated attack was made on a labor union.This was followed up by a full-scale anti-labor offensive against copper miners in the West, meat packers and Caterpillar workers in the Midwest and more. Reagan and his corporate allies herded scabs in all strikes that took place.Reagan slashed welfare spending by hundreds of billions, attacked welfare rights and turned the money over to the military for a vast expansion.At first the ruling class was deeply concerned, not for the workers or the welfare recipients, but from fear of a rebellion from below. But there was no real fightback and the labor leadership not only abandoned the welfare recipients but capitulated to the anti-labor offensive. Reagan got away with it! Then the bosses and bankers and their politicians adjusted to the new normal of reaction. They laughed all the way to the bank.Trump coming after us — we must come after himThe deep support that Trump is getting from the Republican Party is a reflection of the bosses’ attitude toward him. They are sticking with him in this latest crisis. They have tied their fate to him for now. The Republican congressional gang wants to attack Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. If they start down this road, they are counting on Trump’s backing.For political reasons, he may not be so anxious to launch such an attack. But Paul Ryan and the Republicans have not given up on this program at all.Just as during the Reagan administration, the bosses and bankers are not rushing in to stop Trump — for the moment. They may ultimately unseat him, but for now they are watching to see how much he can get away with. They will stick with him to try and get the last nickel in profits out of his rulings and laws. Until he endangers their profits and their social stability, the ruling class proper, as opposed to their pundits and advisers, will stick with him, whatever his embarrassments, limitations or diplomatic blunders.What did not happen under Reagan was any fightback. And the Democratic Party is following the same route they did under Reagan: reliance on electoral politics and now the hope that the Mueller investigation will unseat Trump. Even the recent suspension of Temporary Protected Status for 200,000 Salvadorans in this country — on top of denial of protection for tens of thousands of Haitians and Nicaraguans — has not moved the so-called Democratic opposition to fight back.Mass resistance in the streets, the factories, the retail stores and service industries, the campuses, and the oppressed and immigrant communities is the only way to stop this right-wing wrecking machine.Trump wants to come after us. It is time for us to come after him.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

first_imgHome Energy Growth Energy Welcomes Energy Title of Farm Bill SHARE Facebook Twitter SHARE Buis is hopeful the House and Senate will pass the legislation without hesitation soon – and the President signs it into law – finally providing rural America with the certainty and federal agriculture policy it deserves. Growth Energy Welcomes Energy Title of Farm Billcenter_img Previous articleFarmers Manage Risk Through Purchasing Crop InsuranceNext articleShareholder Resolutions Rejected at Monsanto Meeting Gary Truitt Facebook Twitter By Gary Truitt – Jan 28, 2014 Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis says the farm bill conference report provides the necessary incentives to continue to develop fuels from the farm. He’s pleased that the measure establishes 881-million dollars in mandatory funding for the Energy Title. He says his will allow critical programs like the Biorefinery Assistance Program, Rural Energy for America Program and Biomass Crop Assistance Program to continue providing the funding necessary for rural America to develop new methods and feedstocks for producing energy from America’s heartland. Buis says the bottom line is that the legislation helps create jobs in rural America and advances first and next generation biofuel production that will help improve the environment and reduce our addiction to foreign oil.last_img read more

first_img Facebook Twitter Facebook Twitter SHARE SHARE By Gary Truitt – Oct 20, 2014 Previous articleClosing CommentsNext articleWTO Rules Against US COOL Gary Truitt The frequent rains have continued to prolong fall harvest, making it difficult for farmers to use equipment in the soaked fields, according to the USDA, NASS, Great Lakes Region. Average temperatures for the week ending October 19 ranged from 53 to 60 degrees, and from 2 degrees to 7 degrees above normal. The lowest recorded temperature for the week was 29 degrees; the highest, 79 degrees. The statewide average temperature for the week was 55.7 degrees, 1.9 degrees above normal. Recorded precipitation ranged from 0.57 to 3.43 inches, with a statewide average of 1.57 inches.By region, corn harvested for grain was 25% in North, 26% in Central, and 52% in South. By region soybeans harvested was 29% in the North, 32% in Central, and 30% in South. By region, winter wheat planted was 45% in the North, 36% in Central and 33% in South.Corn is slowly being harvested and now requires extended drying at grain elevators. There is some concern about risk for lodging in the corn crop if the wet weather continues. Soybean harvest has come to a standstill in many areas of the state, hindering winter wheat planting which is already 24% behind last year. Farmers are preparing for an extended harvest season.  Harvest ProgressSoybean harvest is catching up as the gap between current harvest progress and the five-year average begins to shrink. Farmers across the Corn Belt have reported significant soybean harvest progress and above average yields. Corn continues to lag, mainly because the corn in the field is still too wet to harvest. On average, farmers have been reporting corn moisture contents between 22-27%, well above the optimal 15%. The six to ten day forecasts are predicting drier weather in major corn growing regions, which should help dry the corn down.The USDA estimated the corn harvested at 31%, a 7% increase from last week, but 22% behind the five-year average. Analysts estimated corn harvest at 31% ahead of today’s report. Of the top five corn producing states, Iowa and Minnesota remain the furthest behind their five-year average at 34% and 31%, respectively. Rain Delays Extending Hoosier Harvest Home Indiana Agriculture News Rain Delays Extending Hoosier Harvestlast_img read more

first_img  Print This Post Governmental Measures Target Expanded Access to Affordable Housing 2 days ago Data Provider Black Knight to Acquire Top of Mind 2 days ago April 6, 2018 893 Views Servicers Navigate the Post-Pandemic World 2 days ago in Daily Dose, Featured, Journal, Market Studies, News Home Values Job Growth 2018-04-06 Staff Writer Demand Propels Home Prices Upward 2 days ago The Best Markets For Residential Property Investors 2 days ago Previous: Fight Against Urban Blight Finds Unexpected Ally Next: How Homebuying Millennials Must Adapt Sign up for DS News Daily Related Articles Share Save Demand Propels Home Prices Upward 2 days agocenter_img Tagged with: Home Values Job Growth As Jobs Grow, Home Listing Prices Follow Governmental Measures Target Expanded Access to Affordable Housing 2 days ago Servicers Navigate the Post-Pandemic World 2 days ago Data Provider Black Knight to Acquire Top of Mind 2 days ago Home / Daily Dose / As Jobs Grow, Home Listing Prices Follow The Week Ahead: Nearing the Forbearance Exit 2 days ago Subscribe The Best Markets For Residential Property Investors 2 days ago Kristina Brewer is a graduate of the University of North Texas (UNT), where she received her Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in rhetoric and writing and a minor in global marketing. During this time, she served as Director of Philanthropy in the national women’s fraternity Zeta Tau Alpha, of which she is an alumna. Her passion for philanthropy continued after university when she was an intern at Keep Denton Beautiful, a local partner of Keep America Beautiful, where she drove membership, organized events, and led social media campaigns. Brewer honed her writing at the North Texas Daily, UNT’s student-run newspaper where she wrote about faculty, mentorship, and student life. Brewer also previously worked at Optimus Business Plans where she helped start-ups create funding proposals, risk assessments, and management plans. You can reach her at [email protected] In a report released by the U.S. Department of Labor, surveys found that total nonfarm payroll employment increased to 103,000 in March, while the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 4.1 percent, for the sixth consecutive month. “In March, a net of 103,000 additional jobs were created, a slowdown from February, but still enough to make the 90th consecutive month of job growth,” said Danielle Hale, Chief Economist from “Since October 2010, 17.9 million jobs have been added to the economy. But this weaker than expected job growth may lead to more fluctuations in the stock market as it recovers from this week’s potential trade war news.” Hale goes on to project what this may mean for the housing and mortgage industry.“Home prices continue to steadily increase, driven by demand and the overall strength of the job market. Unemployment remains low at 4.1 percent. As new workers join the workforce, there’s potential for even more demand to be added the housing market which could drive prices even higher. In March, listing prices rose 8 percent year-over-year and are easily on track to surpass last year’s highs.”The number of unemployed persons changed little, at a reported 6.6 million in March, while the number of long-term unemployed, or those jobless for 27 weeks or more, accounted for 20.3 percent of unemployed persons. The labor force participation rate was 62.9 percent in March, with the employment-population ratio holding at 60.4 percent. “The unemployment rate has remained flat for six straight months, and the average workweek held on to the increase in the prior month. Wages picked up during the month, but the year-over-year rise has held within the narrow band seen since late 2017,” said Doug Duncan, Chief Economist at Freddie Mae. “The 15,000 drop in construction employment—the weakest in three years—following the 65,000 gain in February—the strongest in more than a decade—supports the view that the February-March swing in hiring was likely weather-induced noise. Despite hiccups in some economic activity amid increasingly heated rhetoric on trade, our growth outlook and our call of three Fed hikes this year have not changed, though downside risks appear to be intensifying.”In March, construction employment decreased by 15,000, following a large gain in February of 65,000. Nonfarm payroll employment grew in manufacturing (22,000), with the durable goods component accounting for nearly three-fourths of the jobs added, as well as healthcare (22,000), and mining (9,000) with gains reflective in support activities for mining and oil and gas extraction. Employment in professional and business services continued to trend up in March (up 33,000) and has risen by 502,000 over the year. About Author: Kristina Brewerlast_img read more

first_imgNews UpdatesCalcutta High Court Sets Aside 2016 Recruitment Process For Assistant Teachers in Upper Primary Schools In West Bengal LIVELAW NEWS NETWORK11 Dec 2020 11:21 PMShare This – x”Selection process where the irregularities are stark and have not been accounted for, cannot be permitted to proceed or reach closure”The Calcutta High Court on Friday cancelled and set aside the 1st State Level Selection Test, 2016 for recruitment of Assistant Teachers in Upper Primary schools in the State of West Bengal, citing several irregularities in the recruitment process. A Single Bench of Justice Moushumi Bhattacharya has directed the West Bengal Central School Service Commission, designated to conduct the…Your free access to Live Law has expiredTo read the article, get a premium account.Your Subscription Supports Independent JournalismSubscription starts from ₹ 599+GST (For 6 Months)View PlansPremium account gives you:Unlimited access to Live Law Archives, Weekly/Monthly Digest, Exclusive Notifications, Comments.Reading experience of Ad Free Version, Petition Copies, Judgement/Order Copies.Subscribe NowAlready a subscriber?LoginThe Calcutta High Court on Friday cancelled and set aside the 1st State Level Selection Test, 2016 for recruitment of Assistant Teachers in Upper Primary schools in the State of West Bengal, citing several irregularities in the recruitment process. A Single Bench of Justice Moushumi Bhattacharya has directed the West Bengal Central School Service Commission, designated to conduct the said Test, to hold a fresh selection process of all the candidates who were found to be eligible under Rule 12(2) of the West Bengal School Service Commission (Selection for Appointment to the Posts of Teachers for Upper Primary Level of Schools) Rules, 2016 and proceed onwards from that stage. “This Court is of the view that a selection process where the irregularities are stark and have not been accounted for, cannot be permitted to proceed or reach closure. This would mean that candidates whose academic and professional credentials have not been fairly evaluated or have not been evaluated at all, would be excluded from a fair process till the next State Level Selection Test, whenever that is announced,” the Bench observed. It relied on several precedents whereby it is settled that cancelling the entire selection process and directing a fresh evaluation is a possible course of action if a Court finds that the selection process has been vitiated by irregularities or have been conducted de hors the Rules. For instance, in Gohil Vishvaraj Hanubhai v. State of Gujarat, (2017) 13 SCC 621, the Supreme Court upon considering the large-scale malpractices relied upon the doctrine of proportionality and opined that the innocent candidates including the wrongdoers should get an opportunity of participating in a fresh examination process. Accordingly, it ordered for a fresh examination on spotting large scale malpractices in the examination process. In the case at hand, the Petitioners had made a 6-pronged challenge to the selection process: a) Lesser qualified candidates with inferior academic qualifications and lower TET (Teacher Eligibility Test) weightage have been included in the Merit List. b) The Interview List has been published without disclosing the specific marks obtained by the candidates. c) The Commission failed to prepare the Merit List in terms of the Rules. The Commission also failed to prepare the Interview List in the ratio of 1:1.4 of the final vacancies as mandated under the Rules. d) Untrained candidates were brought into the zone of consideration in violation of the Rules. e) Arbitrary awarding of marks in the Personality Tests/Interviews which would be evident from identical marks awarded to several candidates. f) The Commission commenced the Personality Test of candidates in the Interview List without first publishing the final vacancy list. The State Government had however contended that the writ petitions are not maintainable since Rules 18 and 20 of the 2016 Rules provide for a grievance-redressal mechanism under which an aggrieved candidate can approach the Central Commission from which a further reference can be made to the State Government. It was also argued that the Petitioners do not have a right to invoke the jurisdiction of the Court during an ongoing selection process. They submitted that an applicant in a selection process does not have a right to appointment even if such person has been empanelled in the selection. Further, it was argued that it is impermissible for a Court to make a roving inquiry and a fact-finding exercise into a selection process where a large number of candidates are involved. It was submitted that in such processes, there is a presumption in favour of the validity of civil and judicial acts unless otherwise proved. The Court rejected all these arguments and held as follows: As for the issue of maintainability, the Court was of the view that the Commission, being the appointed authority for conducting the selection from the start to the finish, cannot take on the role of an independent adjudicator or be equated with a second tier of challenge as is commonly provided under several statutes. “The remedy provided under the suggested Rules is akin to an in-house mechanism for dispute resolution,” it observed. The second argument that an aggrieved candidate, even if selected, does not have an automatic right of appointment, was found to be “unreasonable” by the Court. It held, “Asking a disgruntled candidate to wait till the recommendation is made and thereafter directing that candidate to the Commission for a decision deprives the candidate of a valuable right to question an unfair and arbitrary selection process before the recommendation stage is reached.” As for the third issue raised by the State, the Court held that the same proceeds on the basis that systems of evaluation involving large numbers can afford to “overlook aberrations” where candidates can be permitted to slip through the selection-gates. “It also assumes that the Court assessing the correctness of the selection can afford to turn a blind eye to such slips. This argument runs counter to the principle of fairness in any process of evaluation where the ultimate aim is to preserve merit and choose the best candidate in accordance with the mechanism devised by the recruiting body. This Court is of the firm view that the purity of a selection process will be irrevocably soiled even if one candidate can show that he/she has been unfairly excluded from the selection by reason of favouritism, nepotism or a pick-and-choose policy de hors the Rules,” the Bench said. Case Title: Aktarul Islam Kayal & Ors. v. State of West Bengal & Ors. Click Here To Download Judgment Read JudgmentSubscribe to LiveLaw, enjoy Ad free version and other unlimited features, just INR 599 Click here to Subscribe. All payment options available.loading….Next Storylast_img read more