first_imgSaint Michael’s College,Fiske Guide to Colleges in 2012 and the Princeton Review’s Best 376 Colleges 2012 edition.  The Fiske Guide is widely sold as ‘the #1 best-selling guide to colleges.’ And the Princeton Review’s Best 376 Colleges is called ‘the Princeton Review’s flagship college guide.’ ‘We’re very pleased to be included in these guides; we know that these are among the most important resources for students and their parents in making college choices, so it’s wonderful for Saint Michael’s to be described in books that get into the hands of so many families across the nation,’ said Saint Michael’s President John J Neuhauser. Being selected for these guides in the first place is the big step, since each book selects only about 15 percent of the nation’s colleges and universities for inclusion in its publication. On top of being included, Saint Michael’s was deemed a ‘Best Buy’ in the Fiske Guide, one of 49 institutions so named. Saint Michael’s made the 6th best in the Princeton Review category ‘best gown-gown relations’ and was deemed ‘a best Northeastern college.’ Neither guide ranks the colleges overall from 1 to 376 (that’s left to U. S. News). These two guides simply select the schools they deem academically worthy for inclusion, based on interviews, visits and research.  They also make sure to include schools located across the whole U.S. geography and schools of all sizes. Saint Michael’s is a Fiske Guide ‘Best Buy’‘All of the Best Buy schools fall into the inexpensive or moderate price category, and most have four- or five-star academics ratings,’ according to the Fiske Guide’s  press release, which said further, that despite rising tuition rates, ‘there are some bargains to be found in higher education.’ The Fiske Guide Best Buys are ‘schools that offer outstanding academics with relatively moderate prices,’ Saint Michael’s among them.  Founded and written by Edward B. Fiske, who was education editor of the New York Times for 17 years, the Fiske Guide has come to be widely regarded as the leading college search book. It has been published for more than 25 years, helping untold numbers of students, parents, and counselors gain an independent perspective on the distinctive personalities of ‘the best and most interesting colleges and universities in the U.S., Canada, and Great Britain,’ according to the announcement of the book’s release.Saint Michael’s is #6 nationally in ‘good town-gown relations’ and ‘a best Northeastern college’ in Princeton Review’s Best 376 Colleges‘Our choices are based on institutional data we collect about schools, our visits to schools over the years, feedback we gather from students attending the schools, and the opinions of our staff and our 28-member National College Counselor Advisory Board,’ said Robert Franek, Princeton Review VP and author of The Best 376 Colleges.last_img read more

first_imgLawyer Advertising I read in the October 1 News some rather disturbing comments made by Robert Rush, a member of the Bar Advertising Task Force, relating to a suggested amendment to Bar rules prohibiting direct mail to criminal defendants for a period of 30 days. I was deeply disturbed by his comment that “there isn’t anything bad that can happen to you in a criminal case that can’t be undone by a competent attorney.” That is akin to saying you don’t need to have an attorney review a contract or release before signing it. I am concerned that fellow members of the task force may not understand how very critical it is to have representation immediately after an arrest. The comments reflect a misconception of what really happens in the early days of a criminal case. Let me give you several specific examples of how a delay in hiring an attorney can adversely impact a criminal defendant. In a multi-defendant homicide case, or in a multi-defendant felony murder case, generally there are varying degrees of culpability. In the first 30 days before the filing of the formal charge, a competent attorney may convince the prosecutor to either drop or reduce the charge against his client in return for cooperation and testimony. If successful, this negotiation may result in a client’s status changing from that of a defendant to that of a cooperating witness. This negotiation may also result in the filing of a lesser charge, such as second degree murder or manslaughter. Literally, immediate efforts by competent defense counsel in some cases make the difference between life and death sentences. Similarly, in most multi-defendant drug conspiracies, and in drug trafficking cases, there are minimum mandatory jail sentences. Often, the only way for the client to avoid the imposition of a lengthy mandatory jail sentence is to provide “substantial assistance.” In multi-defendant drug conspiracies and drug trafficking cases, a competent attorney, in the first few days following the defendant’s arrest, may be successful in negotiating his client’s “substantial assistance” in return for a reduced charge or a reduced sentence. This window of opportunity closes quickly. The unrepresented defendant is at a tremendous disadvantage, in that other co-defendants who are represented by competent counsel may offer their client’s cooperation first. In these cases, the result is that there is often a race by the various defendants to obtain a “substantial assistance” agreement. A delay in hiring counsel can result in a defendant coming in last in this race and receiving a mandatory sentence where otherwise he may have received a substantially reduced sentence or no sentence at all. After a defendant’s arrest and before the filing of the formal charges (usually in the first 30 days), quite often the defendant is subjected to additional interrogation. In the real world, the un-counseled confession is difficult, if not impossible, to overcome. It cannot be “undone.” The right to counsel is not just a token right. It is an important constitutional right. A Bar rule that would delay and prohibit attorneys from advising defendants of their constitutional rights for a period of 30 days has serious constitutional implications. The Bar rules presently require direct mail advertisements to be submitted to the Bar for approval. If, in fact, it is an approved communication and contains no impermissible content, then why delay its transmission for 30 days? Hindering or delaying a defendant’s hiring of counsel serves no legitimate purpose and, in many instances, results in irreparable harm to the client. Direct mail advertising by criminal defense attorneys serves a valuable purpose. It encourages clients to compare qualifications and experience. Often, it advises them of rights that may be inadvertently waived. It provides to the client a broader selection of attorneys. Contrary to the conclusions reached by some members of this task force, it provides a valuable service. The passage of Amendment 3, in my opinion, reflects the negative opinion of the general public against what they now perceive to be the “greedy lawyers.” In my view, this is in part due to the saturation of television advertising of some personal injury firms. Direct mail to criminal defendants, on the other hand, is the least offensive and the most informative of all forms of advertising. It reaches only those people who have a genuine need at the time. Peter D. Aiken Ft. Myers December 1, 2004 Letters LettersGay Adoption Overturning the ban on gay adoptions is important for two reasons: 1) it is in the best interest of children awaiting adoption in Florida; and 2) it is in the best interest of the membership of The Florida Bar. Overturning the ban is important to children because there are currently thousands of children languishing in foster homes, awaiting adoption. Many of these children have special needs, and are overlooked by heterosexual couples who are looking to complete a “perfect” family. The Florida Department of Children and Families will tell you that gays and lesbians have already taken many of these children into their homes as foster parents. However, adoption would allow these families to receive governmental recognition in areas such as Social Security and inheritance, and complete these families as deserved. Overturning the ban is also important to members of The Florida Bar. Gay and lesbian members with biological children are unable to allow life partners to adopt their biological children, in the event of their death. Despite the fact that this life partner may be the only other parent the child has known, under the current law a heterosexual stranger is preferred to an existing gay or lesbian parent. In a similar situation, a gay sister or brother is prohibited from the adoption of a niece or nephew, despite the fact that this may be the only family member available for, or capable of, adoption. This law destroys families, including members’ families. Opponents of overturning the ban will not be able to articulate a scenario under which keeping the ban in place will protect a single member of The Florida Bar. Instead, quite the opposite is true. Please also keep in mind that overturning the ban on gay adoption does not mean that gay and lesbians are automatically able to adopt children. Instead, it would just make gays and lesbian eligible to adopt, after going through the same application process that everyone else is required to go through. Patrick C. Howell Maitand On graduating from law school in 1975, I was encouraged and enthusiastic to join the ABA, a voluntary organization with a long, distinguished history of assistance and advancement of lawyers and the profession. I served on committees and remained a member for 26 years. Over that time, the ABA developed into a body that adopts and advocates positions on a plethora of disputed, political, social, economic, military, international, and religious issues. This is done, all the while taking and using the assessments of professional dues from its members, and even though on particular issues, the stances advanced by the ABA are inconsistent with the views of the large numbers of its members. That the ABA appears to regard itself as possessing independent authority to formulate, enunciate, and advocate positions on such issues is an affront to its members who hold different views, and to those members who desire for the ABA to serve its members in their labors in the legal profession, not to champion partisan positions on disputed issues. With cowardly timidity, in silence, I hung on and hung in. Meanwhile, other lawyers, with far greater stature and courage than I, long ago acted on their discernment and principles, and resigned. With some sadness and chagrin at myself, eventually I shook myself from my coma-like slumber, and followed their lead. Now, The Florida Bar, a mandatory body for licensure to practice law in Florida, proposes to surpass the ABA, grinding salt into the wounds of members who neither agree with, nor wish for, The Florida Bar to take and advocate a position on such issues — most recently homosexual adoption. It is flatly unacceptable for a professional body, purportedly devoted to the goal of improving the legal profession and assisting it members, to interject itself — with the compulsory membership and financial resources of those members — in urging particular positions on contested issues about which those members themselves have clashing points-of-view. I never desired to join the camaraderie of licensed attorneys in Florida for the requisite, organized body to advocate, articulate, and urge positions and political action on such issues, as if it spoke with authority and approval of its membership. The astonishing fact is that, although there are ample organizations and bodies for each of us to join, contribute, participate, and advocate; that is neither enough, nor acceptable, for those who wish not only to capture The Florida Bar to their viewpoint, but also to push and coerce those who disagree into accepting the promulgation of that viewpoint from the mouth of The Florida Bar itself. The result is that the Bar organization becomes the vulnerable mouthpiece for whatever point-of-view can wrest control of the organization. As an individual attorney, I am a follower of the Son of God, committed to practicing law in a way that uses intellectual acumen and professional skill to pursue “justice, mercy,. . . faithfulness,. . . and the love of God,” as He instructed. Matt. 23.23 and Luke 11.42. I have strong, solid positions on many issues. Doubtless, there are others who take opposing positions. Nevertheless, I do not expect – or desire – The Florida Bar to be an advocate or spokesman for the truths of the Christian faith. Neither can I accept that The Florida Bar has any business being an advocate or spokesman for positions that are repugnant to those truths. Our cherished constitutional freedoms allow us, individually and collectively, to speak and write our viewpoints, to advocate and promote our positions, in the unrestrained competition of ideas and expression. We neither need, nor have any right, to seize independent, professional — and compulsory — organizations like The Florida Bar to do that, however. Let lawyers be lawyers; and if they also want to be a gay lawyer, a secularist lawyer, an atheist lawyer, or a Christian lawyer, they have the freedom to do that, without securing the imprimatur of the mandatory Bar. Russell W. LaPeer Ocala Post election media assessment is declaring that it wasn’t just about economics, and only to some extent, was it about the war against terrorism; but, rather, the outcome hinged upon family values. The moral conscience of America has opened its eyes. Gay adoption, abortion, victim rights, and the panoply of other moral issues are now substantially influencing the voting public. The pendulum has passed its liberal amplitude and is now on its return swing toward equilibrium. Political parties will adjust or face destruction. The Florida Bar, however, is not a political party. It must not lobby the cultural sentiments of its lawyers even if that persuasion would represent the majority of the membership; to do so would destroy the efforts of generations of lawyers. I agree with David Young’s letter of November 1. Those who would lobby the cultural issues “should not involve the rest of the lawyers who are constrained to be members of The Florida Bar in order to practice law.” When the morass of public opinion has nothing to do with fundamental, constitutional rights, The Florida Bar should hold its tongue and await the decision of the people. Even if the majority of the membership believes a constitutional right is at issue, The Florida Bar must take care to speak only to the Constitution and not seek to represent the moral opinion of its members. Craig S. Dyer Ft. Lauderdale Regarding recent letters in News, it appears that some members of the Bar advocate a policy that places political ideology, personal fulfillment of gays/lesbians, and administrative convenience ahead of the social welfare of Florida’s children. While the majority of those who write to oppose changing F.S. §63.042(3) bases its opposition upon the divisiveness of the issue rather than upon its merits, proponents of gay adoption implicitly associate those who advocate the status quo with unenlightened, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals. Yet contrary to what proponents of gay adoption would have us believe, the body of scientific literature that examines how children fare in gay/lesbian households reaches different conclusions regarding this issue. Could it be that the American Academy of Pediatrics and other publications have agendas of their own? Research indicates that a married man and woman raising children together best ensures the welfare of the children. The God-given mother/father relationship is the proven framework by which relationships among mothers, fathers, and children are established and maintained. Current law is consistent with the cumulative experiences of Western civilization and the beliefs of all major world religions. The fact that single parents may legally adopt is no reason to change the law and use Florida’s children in a grand social engineering experiment. Moreover, the fact that a child is “welcomed into a loving home” does nothing to ameliorate possible long-term effects of abuse, neglect, or abandonment — a fact to which DCF case workers would attest. Gay couples are inherently unstable because there is no marriage relationship. Since Florida does not recognize same-sex “marriages,” gay adoption cannot provide the stability and support that children need. However, altering §63.042(3) and implementing an “individualized assessment of all prospective adoptive parents” will surely result in increased instability and litigation — and who could possibly be in favor of that? Peter J. Sziklai Ocalacenter_img December 1, 2004 Letterslast_img read more

first_imgGreat Britain: Westcode Inc and Sabre Rail Services Ltd have formed Westcode (UK) Ltd as a joint venture to produce air-conditioning and automatic doors.On August 8 GATX Capital Corp and Lombard North Central plc set up GL Railease Ltd as a joint venture offering lease financing to the privatised domestic passenger businesses.Japan: SKF AB has announced plans to establish a research centre in Japan to help increase its local market share.Switzerland: FIAT-SIG Schienenfahrzeuge AG has sold its passenger coach gangway business to German manufacturer Hübner Gummi & Kunststoffe GmbH in Kassel.USA: GEC Alsthom Transportation Inc is to take over the Hornell plant formerly owned by American Passenger Rail Car Co, and previously Morrison Knudsen; after modernisation, GEC Alsthom plans to produce signalling equipment.Bombardier Transit Corp is to invest $18m to double the capacity of its Plattsburgh works, following orders for 680 R-142 metro cars for New York and American Flyer trains for the Northeast Corridor; a development centre will be set up at a local former Air Force base, with a 64 km/h test track.Standard Car Truck Co has bought Durox Co; Standard Car subsidiary J & D Supply will be merged into its new acquisition.last_img read more

first_imgThe large media contingent, the packed house and the undoubtedly big TV audience indicated something important went down in Sin City on Friday night.For the Lakers and their frustrated fans, it was a glimpse into a bright future they pray begins immediately. One that will be anchored by the dynamic abilities of Russell and Clarkson, a pair of guards that offer youth, length, athletic ability, play-making skills, long-range shooting and slashing drives to the basket. “We (can have) a scary backcourt,” Russell said.And while all of those components were on display Friday night — wrapped around the rust, sloppiness and steep learning curve typically associated with summer league games — what they offer most is hope.And we all know the Lakers need plenty of that.With Kobe Bryant likely entering the final year of his illustrious career, and the Lakers now full-throttle in an uncertain rebuilding phase, they need to hit big on Clarkson and Russell.They provided an entertaining glimpse of what might be possible Friday night, and there were a few stretches and sequences when it wasn’t hard at all to imagine them meshing into the kind of dynamic backcourt NBA success requires these days.“It felt good,” Clarkson said. “We’ve been beating each other up in practice, so it was nice to play against someone else.”Clarkson, the Lakers’ surprise second-year guard, looked mid-season ready with 23 points and drew ohhs and ahhs with a resounding dunk and a handful of drives to the hoop.Russell, their 19-year-old, first-round pick from Ohio State, finished with eight points, six assists and three steals.But he also a few hiccups, like the three turnovers and the backcourt violation he was cited for late in the game when he mistook the college rule for the NBA version.“I didn’t know you couldn’t do that,” he said, sheepishly.The self critique didn’t end there.“I had a lot of mental mistakes. Not paying attention to my guy. Sleeping a little bit defensively,” Russell said. “Just little things you can do in college but you can’t get away with in the pros.”All of which is expected for a rookie playing his first professional game.But there were also comforting signs, especially as it relates to Clarkson and Russell as backcourt mates.They seemed comfortable playing with each other, with Russell at point guard finding Clarkson in transition for easy layups or out of half-court sets for open jumpers.“I think there were stretches where they looked very, very comfortable playing together and there was a lot of synergy,” said Lakers summer league coach Mark Madsen. And while their skill-sets are different, they offer enough similarities they can be interchangeable. And that gives the Lakers tremendous versatility.Both can handle the ball — either in transition or out of the half court — and with Clarkson’s outside shot improving, both can be spot-up shooters or put pressure on a defense standing on the perimeter as threats to shoot, drive to the basket or create open looks for each other and their teammates.“It’s going to be fun, “ Russell said, smiling.In a big-picture sense, it might the game-changer the Lakers desperately need.It’s difficult enough finding one guy who can do all those things, let alone two.And with Russell checking in at 6-foot-5 and Clarkson 6-4, they provide unique length to see over smaller guards and lanky coverage defensively.If Russell is everything he’s advertised, and if Clarkson continues to grow from his surprising rookie season, the Lakers have the kind of young, multi-faceted guard tandem that doesn’t just help win games, it also attracts the interest of free agents eager to play alongside teammates who make the game easier for them.Barely a week into his first summer league, Russell is already flashing some important skills necessary for a Lakers turnaround.“It might be a little too early to tell, but I’ve seen some gifts that he has that are special,” Lakers coach Byron Scott said. “His vision on the court is special. Every practice he does something that your eyes just kind of get a little bit wider.” All the more intriguing when you put him alongside Clarkson.It was only one summer league game.But you get the sense the Lakers and their young guards are selling more than just hope. Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error LAS VEGAS >> As initial steps go, this was a doozy.Gathered on one stage just off the Las Vegas strip you had the next Lakers superstar making his professional debut, a matchup between the first two overall picks in the NBA draft, the long-awaited return of Julius Randle and the first glimpse of the talented backcourt the Lakers hope will lead them to their next dominant era.And it all played out in front of a packed Thomas & Mack Center filled primarily with Lakers fans thirsty for something positive to cling to after spending the last few years in the very unfamiliar surroundings of NBA purgatory.The intrigue hung as thick as cigarette smoke in one of the nearby casinos.center_img But for one of the main characters on this opening night, separating the hype of what seemed more like a playoff game than just a summer league game involving mostly rookies and second-year players was as easy as one of those effortless flick-of-the-wrist bounce passes he’s mastered. “I was just trying to break a sweat,” D’Angelo Russell summed up after playing his first game as a member of the Lakers.If only it was that simple.But the throng of reporters surrounding him suggested this was much more important than just a rookie dipping his feet in professional waters for the first time.Same goes for the media wrapup that proceeded it, this one involving Russell’s new running partner, Jordan Clarkson.last_img read more

first_imgJoin DAZN and watch more than 100 fight nights a yearKovalev had been in negotiations to take on unified middleweight champion and WBA “regular” super middleweight titleholder Saul “Canelo” Alvarez on Sept. 14. BoxingScene.com reports that both sides are still in talks for the date. SI.com reports Kovalev’s promoter, Main Events, and Alvarez’s promoter, Golden Boy Promotions, are about $2 million apart. Boxing Scene also reports that if Alvarez-Kovalev does come to fruition, then Yarde will receive a substantial amount of money to step aside. The fact Kovalev vs. Yarde is official puts the ball in Alvarez’s court as to what he wants to do.A fight with Kovalev is still very much on the table, considering $2 million isn’t too much for either promotion. If this is the fight Alvarez really wants instead of a trilogy fight with Gennadiy Golovkin, then he needs to tell Golden Boy to pony up the money to get it done because, in the grand scheme of things beyond a GGG trilogy, this is the most high-profile fight out there for Alvarez.Things can get testy and the possibility remains that Alvarez-Kovalev doesn’t get done. Going back and revisiting the idea of a GGG trilogy isn’t what Alvarez wants; he already went 24 rounds with Golovkin and came out the victor in the rematch last September, and he doesn’t want to give the Kazakh star the satisfaction of getting another crack at him. There’s also WBA (super) super middleweight champion Callum Smith. Both Alvarez and Smith have expressed interest in a fight. That would appear to be the last resort for the Mexican star unless he’s willing to budge from his customary date during Mexican Independence Day weekend. Golden Boy president Eric Gomez told The Athletic that Alvarez would compete on Sept. 14. WBO titleholder Demetrius Andrade, who cruised to a lopsided decision win over Maciej Sulecki last month, is another option. ESPN reported last week that Gomez and Andrade’s promoter, Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn, exchanged text messages and talked by phone to see whether Andrade could do a quick turnaround and fight Alvarez. “Boo Boo” took no punishment in his last fight, so Hearn told Gomez there is significant interest. Andrade has been lobbying for the fight on social media, as well.Ultimately, Alvarez can’t go wrong in any of these scenarios.For the face of boxing, though, it has always been about fighting the toughest competition and trying to conquer the biggest challenges, regardless of what anyone thinks. The stakes are high and the ball is in Alvarez’s court, because the second Saturday in September is rapidly approaching. Sergey Kovalev finally has a fight confirmed, and it carries some “Canelo” ramifications.The Russian Boxing Federation announced Friday that Kovalev will be defending his WBO light heavyweight championship against mandatory challenger Anthony Yarde on Saturday, Aug. 24, at Traktor Sports Palace in Kovalev’s hometown of Chelyabinsk, Russia. last_img read more

first_imgTHE ‘Donegal Is Happy’ video is set to go global. Parts of the video which already seen by more than 129,000 people – and celebrating where we live – are to be shown on the Oprah Winfrey Show.The video has been viewed by the production team for Oprah Prime, the popular show that is hosted and produced by Oprah, and they love the feel-good video, says Denise Blake.“Oprah Prime has an upcoming episode of Oprah and music producer/artist Pharrell Williams. They want to include a segment of Donegal is Happy in a compilation of videos representing all the different countries who have celebrated the song Happy.”The Donegal team of Denise, Shane Wallace, Shane Murphy, Denise Blake, Grace Ann McGarvey and Lisa Burkitt are thrilled. Donegal is Happy was filmed in 24 locations throughout Donegal from Glencolmcille to Banba’s Crown over three days and the hundreds of dancers who took part include Irish dancers, Zumba dancers, hairdressers and butchers, adults and children as well as a dancing camel and goose.“Oprah Prime will bring an unbelievable opportunity to showcase the county and the wonderful spirit of its people,” said Denise. DDTV: ‘DONEGAL IS HAPPY’ VIDEO TO BE SHOWN TO MILLIONS ON OPRAH WINFREY TV SHOW was last modified: April 6th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:donegalDOnegal Is HappyOprahlast_img read more