May 2020

first_img“Barcelona is a special place, because winning the League is not enough. It tastes really bad for Ernesto Valverde. He does not deserve this. Hopefully the situation can be resolved soon, as a member of this club. This is all“, Guardiola sentenced to the completion of Aston Villa-City (1-6).Ernesto Valverde is at the expense of the board of directors ruling on his future, after it has been known that the club is looking for a substitute, by failing two options that have rejected the offer, such as the current Al-Sadd coach Qatari, Xavi Hernández, and Dutch coach Ronald Koeman. The Manchester City coach, Josep Guardiola, he pronounced this Sunday afternoon about the situation he is living Ernesto Valverde in Barça, where it seems that it is more outside than inside the club, noting thatand tastes bad for his counterpart and “he doesn’t deserve that”.last_img read more

first_imgNone of the four goes through a good time, Thomas is the capital at the start of the ball and when breaking lines, but In recent games he has failed to exploit that facet. Saul seems lost between the defense, the band and the middle, and his contribution with the ball is scarce. Simeone counts the days to retrieve Koke, a fixed in his scheme and that, even without going through the best stage of his career, is capital for the team. He brings personality, never hides and is an exit played for his teammates, offering himself in each attack.Summoned without dischargeThe ‘6’ is the player who best understands his coach, who best works tactically on his scheme, finishing game after game as the player with the most distance runs and is also the in charge of leading the team from within the field as athletic captain Simeone summoned him in the list of 20 players for the match against Leganés despite not being recovered from his injury simply so that his captain was part of the expedition before being discarded in the morning.Koke is more than a player for Simeone, with the goodbye of so many heavyweights in summer it has remained as the cholista reference (eight years together) and the Cholo Pray for having him back for the game against Real Madrid next Saturday. Someone trained to raise their voice if it is necessary to alert or call attention to a partner, but also to give a message of encouragement and tranquility mainly to the youngest if things don’t go out. Koke, a football player who is not when it is most important in the team. Atlético goes through one of its most delicate moments since the arrival of Simeone on the bench, out of the Championships, eliminated from Copa del Rey by Cultural Leonesa, of Second Division B and all this after lose the final of the Spanish Super Cup on penalties against Real Madrid. Three defeats and a draw in two weeks that have complicated the season a lot. The four meetings have coincided with an alarming scoring drought (only somewhat) and a football crisis in the development from the midfield. But in addition, the mental blockage that the rojiblanco team has experienced has required leaders to throw the team behind their backs and assume responsibilities in bad times and have not had them beyond an Oblak that with the bracelet on their arm every day Take on more gallons. All of this has had Koke’s injury among the common factors, team captain, cholismo veteran and midfielder with more assists of the decade in LaLiga. Without Koke, Simeone has been changing its center of the field in search of greater creativity and inspiration from the second line. Herrera has been the alternative that has enjoyed more opportunities, with Thomas and Saul fixed in the team, although in the case of ‘8’ alternating their position in the middle with the left side. But the Mexican, who has been a starter in all meetings except Leganés, has failed to settle on the team or have progression in his game. Llorente has also been growing in participation, although its function is more destructive than imaginative.center_img Vallecano was injured at the end of the game against Osasuna (2-0) on a day where he went to play directly from the hospital after celebrating his paternity. Missed meetings against Betis (1-2) and Levante (2-1) for an elongation in the hamstrings of his right thigh until he forced his return in the semifinals of the Spanish Super Cup against Barcelona. He could only hold 27 minutes on the pitch, although it served to make the goal that opened the scoring. Before the Blaugranas, he relapsed from his muscular problems and has been on leave for 18 days. last_img read more

first_imgIn the middle of the race to sign a striker, but with the team’s sport crisis on the table, Josep Maria Bartomeu granted an interview to Mundo Deportivo on the occasion of the gala that organized this media last Monday. The first that He wanted to send a message of confidence to Setién: “He is a coach we like. Both his philosophy of play and his way of thinking. We know that it is not always easy when a coach arrives. There have been few matches and few trainings but soon we will see positive changes. “Then, Bartomeu stopped to talk about several proper names. First, Messi and his renewal: “He has a contract until 2021. Our goal is to retire at Barça and therefore it will have to be renewed. He has a lot of football to teach us and enjoy it. Therefore, he will not finish in 2021 his exercise as a footballer and will have to be renewed of course so that he ends up at Barça whenever he wants. “And then, of Neymar and his possible arrival in summer:” It is the recurring question that makes us all the world since last year but I already said it. Until we have meetings and plan the following season, this topic will not be discussed. Now we are very aware of what we can do this January, some departures that are seen and some arrival. But for next season it has not been spoken and if it has been spoken, I cannot reveal it. We are always open to everything. “ On Suarez he did clear balls outside: “(his renovation) is not on the table. We have not talked to him or his agent. If the opportunity arises, we will talk about it. But we are currently worried about his recovery. It was a shame that you miss this important part of the season. “He also dropped that there will be an extraordinary Assembly to launch the Espai Barça: “We do not know yet (if it will be in March the Assembly), but there will come a time when we must gather the compromising partners to consult them in order to start the works of the Camp Nou. But the Estadi Johan Cruyff is finished, the Mini is already demolished and this does not stop. Now it is necessary to ask the members if they agree with this financing to continue with the Camp Nou, which is the most important of this project, renovate the stadium that is already a few years old. “last_img read more

first_imgIn its ordinary meeting on Wednesday, Competition has valued the racist shouts that Williams received from those 12 subjects when he retired, after being replaced, at the Espanyol-Athletic on Saturday at Cornellà-El Prat. And he has decided to open an extraordinary procedure. As the agency specifies in its brief statement, “from now on an instructor will be appointed, a period of allegations to the clubs will begin and finally be resolved. The estimated period is approximately one month. “Regardless of the allegations that are yet to come, se can take into account that in the letter sent by LaLiga to Competition, and also to Antiviolencia, it was recalled that Espanyol had “sharply condemned” racism and that the racist insult was “isolated” and that the rest of the followers in Cornellà had “adequate behavior.” Iñaki Williams raised his voice. And he received all possible support from the world of sports and even politics. The Athletic Club, of course, also supported him. Espanyol not only strongly condemned any sample of racism but also identified the perpetrators of the insults, 12 individuals specifically, and will expel them from partners, in addition to possible criminal consequences. And LaLiga first asked for the partial closure of Cornellà-El Prat and, finally, moved his complaint to the Competition Committee. And this one has pronounced.last_img read more

first_imgIt was precisely against his previous team that he was injured for the penultimate time, on November 27 at the Camp Nou. The player left desolate of the field, covering the face with the shirt by an injury (muscular break in the right thigh) in a moment, one more, that seemed its consolidation and definitive takeoff.To his misfortune, and that of Barcelona, this mishap in the Champions League was not going to be the last of the course, since it began with one in the field of Athletic Club and concludes with that of Tuesday, a complete rupture of the proximal tendon of the biceps femoris of the right leg that already definitely condemns ostracism this season.In addition to these three episodes, Dembélé’s physical condition set off alarms on September 28, when he fell from the starting team before the game in the field of Getafe (0-2), to be ruled out by some muscular discomfort in the left thigh, which did not go further.PAUL HANNA & nbsp; (REUTERS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Dembélé started badly in Barcelona: in Getafe he suffered his first injury in his second game, first as a starter, with the Barça team at 29 minutes.PAUL HANNA (REUTERS) Dembélé lives in a continuous nightmare, the nightmare of a young player of 22 years who also suffers from Barcelona since the Catalan club made one of the most important disbursements in its history (145 million euros), when he was active in Borussia de Dortmund, and has not been able to enjoy it regularly.This Tuesday, Barcelona reported that, for the eighth time since two and a half years of Barça, Ousmane Dembélé was returning to the starting point, to a new long recovery period due to a new muscle injury, after yesterday Monday already pointed out that something was not going well in the recovery that was in its last phase. Regarding his care, before last summer he was the chef of the player, Mickael Naya, he explained in the newspaper ‘Le Parisien’ the poorly controlled life that an elite athlete like Dembélé had when he sentenced: “(Ousmane) He does not respect rest times at all, there is no high-level structure in his environment.”The reality for Barcelona is that The physical trajectory of the player is something that is unparalleled in his history as a professional, since neither in the Rennes nor in Borussia de Dortmund, his two previous teams, had any significant mishap, the days of casualty that happened in the German team due to a problem in the hip flexor. Four.2018-19Ankle injury1/21/2018185 No.SeasonAffected partDateDays offLow matches In the past winter market, Barcelona sought the signing of a ‘9’ to cover the loss of Luis Suarez, but despite not curdling, he did not despair at the imminent recovery of Dembélé, which led to the club even getting rid of two players of the subsidiary (Abel Ruiz and Carles Pérez) assuming that the Frenchman would be ready shortly, when the second of the subsidiary’s footballers had already proved his worth for the first team. Dembélé de azulgrana’s trajectory -he arrived in the 2017-18 season- is linked to a medical part explaining his nth injury, since Since you saw Barcelona, ​​two and a half years ago, the Frenchman has spent almost one whole (342 days) on leave, a figure that speaks for itself of the sports and economic impact of the investment made by Barça with the French international footballer. The medical history of the French Ousmane Dembélé does not seem to have an end and since since arriving in the summer of 2017 to Barcelona accumulates ten injuries, has been 342 days off and has lost 63 games. 10.2019-20Muscle injury2/2/2020?? Barcelona is currently in a state of shock because it no longer knows how to deal with the Dembélé case, as it has for the player all kinds of care (he put a cook to order the food that was thought messy) and in the last recovery it was decided that there would be a phase in Qatar.Dembéle’s injury history, according to Transfermarktcenter_img 9.2019-20Muscle injury11/28/20197717 6.2018-19Thigh injury5/5/2019424 7.2019-20Thigh injury8/19/20193. 45 5.2018-19Muscle strain2/14/2019264 8.2019-20Muscle discomfort9/27/20193one 3.2017-18Muscle strain1/15/2018267 one.2016-17Hip flexor1/9/201710– two.2017-18Thigh injury9/17/2017106twentylast_img read more

first_imgCarlos Fernandez went through the DAZN microphones after the defeat in the first leg of the Copa del Rey semifinals against Athletic.Semifinals: “In the end we knew the difficulty of the tie. There is no need to draw any conclusions. It’s a 180-minute game. The team has given everything and the tie is fully open.”Three defense: “The idea was to adjust their output and there were times when we were late. We felt better. We could not score, but the tie is still open.” Play off: “They are long qualifiers, 180-minute games and you don’t have to go crazy in the first game despite what Athletic demands in your field. The team has been up to par. We leave with the feeling that we have left 90 minutes to the final. “Copa del Rey: “What began as a long adventure, a competition with a new format allows you to reach this type of qualifiers. We have achieved it and now we will give everything to reach the final.”last_img read more

first_imgCristiano Ronaldo: “Of course, I would like to play with him because he is also one of the greatest in history. You really enjoy watching him and what he is doing in Juventus … For me, he is one of the best ever.”Setién and Valverde: “It is impossible to compare one with the other.” Messi: “It’s amazing to play with him and I think he is really special. If he is the best ever … I think there have been very special players at all times. What is certain is that he has been the best of the last 15 years and, in my opinion, is the best of all time. Playing with him the last six years has been incredible. “Neymar and his possible return: “I would like to have him on my team. He needs to decide what is best for him, since he is my friend and I want to see him happy and safe. When he is happy he is one of the best players in the world.”Most underrated player in the world: “There are many. Mourinho said it was me and he was right (laughs). There are many players like that, although for me it is Pjanic.” Ivan Rakitic has granted an interview for Bleacher Report, in which he has not given a solution to his future always questioned, but has left several headlines. The Barcelona footballer has faced user questions and confirmed that he would like to play with Cristiano Ronaldo, who would love to return Neymar to Barcelona or praised his partner Leo Messi, whom he considers the best of all the times.center_img 2018 World Cup: “It changed me a lot. We had an experience of being there until the last day and losing it was really difficult. I felt all the love in the world and it was very special for us. I will never forget it.”Better with the one who has played and better against the one who has played: “This is easy, Messi vs. Messi.”Defend Messi: “Playing against him is so difficult … It’s like playing another sport.”Would you change a World Cup for the Champions League?: “Yes, no doubt. There are many opportunities to win a Champions League, but a World Cup is more difficult.”Defeat against Liverpool: “It was really difficult, a heartbreaking moment. We have to have a lot of respect for Liverpool. This is what football is about, to fight until the last minute.”Favorite stadium without counting the Camp Nou: “Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán”.Transfer Rumors: “It’s also part of football, you have to understand it and be ready in January. You have to be happy and think about the family. I have to play and if I play at Barça, then I’m happy.”Best defense: “Piqué. If you play with him, you see that he is the best of the last ten years.”Messi’s best goal: “The one in Getafe, the one in the Cup final against Athletic … Choosing one is difficult.”Your FIFA Score: “I just found out, that’s good (laughs).”Most fun player you have played with: “Dani Alves”.Always favorite player: “Robert Prosinicki”.Favorite rapper: “Eminem”.Barcelona kit: “I love it because it is similar to Croatia.”Your breakfast: “I drink coffee, although sometimes I go without breakfast. Other times toast.”Goalkeepers: “Neuer and Ter Stegen, but it’s really amazing to have them on your team.”Eurocup or Champions this year: “I prefer the Euro because I already won the Champions League.”His favorite goal: “My first with Basel. A volley with the left.”Croatia’s future: “I hope it goes well. There are many very good young people and I hope they can do better than the current generation.”last_img read more

first_imgThe 1933 book ‘The Mighty Kick: Romance, History and Humor of Football’already pointed out that Wanderers “They were the first Englishmen to play in most major European cities, although their exceptional task was to visit small towns, where their name was barely known.” A milestone coming from the country where football was invented. They were so superior to most of their rivals that, in their beginnings, they established the norm of stopping if they scored nine goals; in case someone marked the tenth, he paid “drinks and evening entertainment.” And yet, they lost against him Spanish. And for a 5-0 that this Thursday would be worth the parakeets to work the miracle of accessing the round of 16 of the Europa League. A hopeful precedent of not being because those Wanderers were not of Wolverhamptonbut of Middlesex, just 200 kilometers away. Disciple of ‘Staples’, as Gibert was famous, Ricardo Zamora It was precisely one of the highlights in that double confrontation between the parrots and the Wanderers that was lived on May 23 and 24, 1925 in Sarrià. Espanyol was coming from a horrific year at the game level, but in the first of the commitments he was already imposed by a lonely 1-0, who scored three minutes from the end Martí Ventolrà, in one of his initial appearances with the parakeet club, and taking advantage of a goalkeeper’s rejection Roberts. At five in the afternoon of the next day, and with popular prices of one and two pesetas, exactly the same alignments met again. But this time the Espanyol had taken the registration to the Wanderers, until turning the equality of the first day into an absolute overflow. And in a blunt 5-0 that opened Ventolrà again, to the center of Crescent Olariaga, who gained weight with a hat-trick (one of them, on penalty) José Luis Zabala and that culminated Theodore Mauri, in a collective play with Pere Colls and the aforementioned Olariaga. A 5-0 from another era against a wandering team, the other Wanderers. Proof of this is what happened on April 17, 1914. 11 years before measuring with Espanyol, the Wanderers visited the Barcelona, in a series of four friendlies in 14 days. In the third of them, the whole team was short of troops because three of their players, who were students, did not receive permission from their teachers. So the Barça with three Espanyol players: Santiago Massana, Emili Sampere Y Pere Gibert. The latter was tried to sign after the game, but he replied like this: “No. in Espanyol I started and in Espanyol I will finish”. center_img Founded in 1905 in a town that was located northwest of London and that decades later it was already absorbed by the big city, it was an exhibition team, of an ‘amateur’ character in a time, not in vain, where professionalism was not abundant but the trade, experience and sport simply for love . last_img read more

first_imgAs the journalist successfully summed up Ricard Torquemada in Catalunya Ràdio, “Barça and hobby players begin to look each other in the face”. For a long time, and with the bad results, there has always been some layer that avoided direct conflict between the workforce and the partner. The last victim was Ernesto Valverde, to whom time, little even, has ended up giving the reason. The fans who thought that post-Valverde football would thrill have already understood that, perhaps, the cow no longer throws milk and that it was not a matter of coach, but of players, that Barça cannot reach perfection. These days, the Barça It reaches where it arrives. Who else, who least, remembers, every time he sees a player put his hands to his ears, of the gesture of the Topo Gigio by Juan Román Riquelme to Mauricio Macri in 2001 how famous he became in Argentina. But in Barcelona, that gesture of Jordi Alba to the stands when he made the fictional 2-0 to the Real, which was not even 2-0 because it was canceled, he remembered the one Philippe Coutinho did after making Manchester United 3-0 Last season. Coutinho It is not related with Sunrise, who is a youth player and a player with a career in Barça and loved by the fans. But Alba has risked and opened, maybe, the last melon left to destroy in Can Barça. The players-hobby conflict could burn the end of the season in the Barcelona. A vital thread in the health of a team. The fact is that, after a very terrible victory of which there was not much to show off, Alba pushed a center of Ansu Fati Y, hurt by the pitos of the Camp Nou, he put his hands on his ears and left a scroll, angry at what he considered an unfair criticism that ended up making the media public: “The players leave everything. No player likes not to play well, but we are beaten in the fifteenth minute with a zero draw I do not like Just like I respect everyone, they have to respect me. And I don’t like to be beaten. “ 18 And as the first ones who know it are the professionals, maybe that is what hurts them the most and that’s where the laments of Jordi Alba. Barça put everything on the field against Real, with Messi to the head. The players left their souls and the team won. But a hobby that has been accustomed to excellence for more than a decade does not finish assuming that this legendary team can stop playing brilliantly. The conflict even has an emotional cruel point. Support until the end players who have won more than 30 titles or answer them.Those words of Sunrise They can be a reproach. But also a SOS. Admit that, now that they can no longer win as machines, they need the encouragement of people to continue choosing to win titles. From what it seems that nobody would benefit, neither the partner culé nor players, is to consolidate a crack. What the fan likes is that his team wins matches and the player, like any, that people don’t point. We will have to be attentive to the development of this new controversy that opens in the Barça of the messes, with Bartomeu already covered as a general rule for what it seems and with an internal audit to resolve on the issue of I3 Ventures. But, from the outside, Barça is already involved in another type of career, the electoral. And there, all the families of Barcelona move threads and puppets. And everything goes, until the ties soccer-hobby are broken.last_img read more

first_imgItalians Andrea Poli, Riccardo Orsolini and Marco Di Vaio and Brazilian Angelo Da Costa, members of Bologna, called the club’s fans by surprise on Wednesday who live alone to show their closeness at this time of coronavirus emergency. “Andrea Poli, Angelo Da Costa, Riccardo Orsolini and Marco Di Vaio called some of our fans who live alone. A little surprise to feel closer in this difficult period,” reads the statement published by Bologna, which attaches a video of the calls.After more than two weeks without soccer due to the coronavirus pandemic, fans subscribed to the Renato Dall’Ara stadium were surprised with the call of some of their idols, with those who were talking for a few minutes to tell how they are doing. Bologna chose some of the leaders of the squad, such as Orsolini and Poli, and the head of talent recruitment, Di Vaio, former player of Valencia who played 148 games and scored 66 goals in Serie A with the Bolognese team shirt. Italy has so far registered more than 6,800 deaths and more than 69,000 infected by coronavirus and the government has ordered the closure of all businesses except pharmacies and supermarkets in an attempt to contain the emergency.last_img read more