June 2017

in the sales season, as a result of more customers, shopkeepers are generally very motivated, naturally the image of the store will be very focused. However, in the downturn in sales, many shopkeepers will be lazy lazy. In fact, the sales downturn is also our retail customers do not pay attention to the image of the store period, as our operating businesses have deep feelings, whether it is the department store or supermarket goods, more complex is the biggest feature, if we neglect, it may be one of the biggest disadvantages is "chaos". As we all know, the terminal retail is basically based on daily necessities, you put those who eat, use, free throw in which corner, the customer to buy, a hand dust, you say people can buy it? Can not give you business worse? read more

mentioned Nike, I believe no one does not know, as a well-known brand sports shoes industry, Nike’s brand influence is extraordinary, and Nike brand behind the entrepreneurial story is also a legendary story.

1985 in the spring, millions of American TV viewers saw such an advertisement: a basketball quickly rolled to one end of the court, waiting there for a handsome guy easily wearing color sports shoes foot ball hook into the palm, began to move the ball, at the same time, came the harsh noise of engine the engine roared louder, the boy will soar. The last 10 seconds of advertising is Jordan’s "walk in the clouds", even if he has never watched a basketball game, he will be amazed at his skill. read more

is now a lot of female entrepreneurs, want to succeed, you really need to master some skills. As a woman in the business of running a woman, how can the ability to work based on the business community, to keep in mind the eight do not".

1. don’t whisper. Whisper is regarded as distrust of the audience take preventive measures, in a public occasion with companions whisper is very impolite.

2. don’t laugh. No matter what "earth shattering" fun, in the social banquet also have to keep the deportment, most with a bright smile. read more

many places are encouraging entrepreneurship, young people if you want to start a business, it is best to focus on their local entrepreneurial policies. Recently, Shanxi introduced a number of good entrepreneurial policies, and jointly participate in more than and 10 departments to support and guide the province’s migrant workers, college graduates and retired soldiers and other personnel to return home to start business, expand employment space.

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the trend of economic globalization is speeding up, a lot of local enterprises are no longer satisfied with the development of the domestic market, many high-quality enterprises began to go out of the country’s development strategy. The number and amount of overseas investment projects in Henan record a record high, and large projects accounted for a large. China agreed to invest more than $30 million in the project amounted to 12, involving an investment of $1 billion 310 million, accounting for 80% of the total. read more

a shop sign is more conspicuous, really will have the influence to the shop’s business? This is probably a lot of shopkeepers want to ask questions. Below, let us see a real case. My name is Wang Zhihui, in Hunan Province, Liling City, a large town on the road to open a supermarket. Supermarket next to the intersection of the county road, diagonally opposite the bus station, the market, weekdays traffic, traffic are larger. Store used to store the old signs have faded, worn and blocked serious, very inconspicuous. My business has been relatively light. read more

with the people’s living conditions continue to improve, people’s requirements for the quality of life has gradually improved, many people will choose to go to beauty salons to do maintenance in the rest of the time, beauty salons are now to have a small town inside, open beauty salons in the small town of the need to pay attention to what place?

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As the national treasure of our country,

panda has far-reaching influence in our country. In the exchange of foreign countries, we can often see that the exchange between China and the United States, often as a precious gift as a gift to other countries, in order to express the friendship between the two countries!

opened the territory of Sichuan, a river through which, as China’s famous "thousands of rivers of the province", Sichuan will be the Yangtze River economic belt as the core, along the golden waterway, planning a new tourist routes. In May 23rd, the WCC reporter from the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Commission was informed that the "tourism development planning of Sichuan Province Yangtze River Economic Zone" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") has been freshly baked, "plan" shows that by 2020, Sichuan’s domestic tourists will exceed 1 billion 100 million passengers. What is this concept? In other words, 2/3 of the population of China, the future of Sichuan tourism. At the same time, relying on the Jinsha River, Minjiang, Jialing River, and build the brand of cultural tourism. read more

to promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship, there are different measures to implement. Recently held in Xi’an entrepreneurial essay and entrepreneurial ideas collection activities, so that entrepreneurs to share their entrepreneurial experience, the top of the golden ideas will also get a cash reward.

"double week" by the Xi’an Organizing Committee of Xi’an media group, Xi’an evening news launched the "innovation and entrepreneurship in Xi’an" large "essay and innovation and entrepreneurship in Xi’an" golden ideas solicitation activities, have attracted extensive attention of the society since the start, many more people to actively participate in, has been sending their the "golden ideas and entrepreneurial venture". As of November 30th, the collection activities will be all over, I hope entrepreneurs quickly seize the time to submit their own good articles, good ideas! read more

Sichuan Province young entrepreneurs can enjoy preferential policies, many entrepreneurs emerge in an endless stream introduced, creating a hitherto unknown entrepreneurial atmosphere. In order to help young entrepreneurs, Bank of communications Sichuan branch to provide entrepreneurs with interest free unsecured loans, so that entrepreneurs can spend the early stages of entrepreneurship.

1 8, related to the leadership of the CPPCC Sichuan Province, Sichuan Provincial Communist Youth League and from 21 cities (state) of the Southwest University for Nationalities 119 venture enterprises, in a province of youth event – the 2015 Bank of · SYE youth entrepreneurship Carnival and the third session of the "Sichuan youth charity event. read more

life is full of business opportunities, only if you have a pair of eyes can be found. For example, such a healthy food and beverage stores such as diabetes food market, has a very broad market.

Open diabetic food store? Now all kinds of food to consumers stunts, a superb collection of beautiful things, diabetic food is one of them, the difference is that the food is a

for the crowd!

Open diabetic food store is very creative, but also very market. With the continuous improvement of people’s living income, the level of food has also been a corresponding increase, however, the modern "riches and honour disease" also follows. At present, the world’s diabetes occurs more than 65 years of age, while in China is ahead of the age of about 45; according to the most conservative estimates, Chinese patients with diabetes every year, an increase of 1 million 200 thousand people, every day there are 3000 new hair. The increasing number of diabetic patients, in addition to the pharmaceutical industry has brought new growth points, but also to the food industry has opened up a market space. read more

air pollution, so more and more people buy air purifier, which makes air purification products market continues to be of concern to investors, with the air purifier product diversification, development trend, how to improve the air purifier store sales performance? Business strategy described below worth learning.

to ensure sales stable, air purifier stores products to meet the needs and desires of consumers, especially the 80 and 90 for the main consumer of the product design, the function of attention, or uniqueness must fit the current consumer demand, in addition, the price is very critical, many consumers the price is the primary factor in the purchase of products, and then consider other factors, high quality and low price products will certainly attract consumers, but the high quality product will also welcome, guaranteed to give consumers more cost-effective, high quality and inexpensive products, natural guaranteed performance. read more

How to do a good job in the early days of

open dessert franchise? Many businesses will be some bargain activities beginning in the shop, or distribute leaflets etc. to improve the visibility of the shop, these are feasible, the following experience for reference.

A, advertising

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Now more and more people choose to join

to achieve business entrepreneurship shop when the boss, the current market to join the project in the face of this complex emerge in an endless stream, to join the information for investors, in choosing to join the project must be careful to avoid being cheated on, bring unnecessary losses. The following summary of the selection of ten projects to join the project, venture investors must pay attention to.

choose to join the project area: 1 franchise headquarters must be a registered legal entity rather than a natural person, "join the project to make arrangements for the exclusion of self-employed. read more

around a lot of female friends are not make-up do not go out, makeup is very important for women, through constant development, has now become a necessity cosmetics many female friends in life, for them, are in need of some cosmetics, to add their own charm. Because of this, some entrepreneurs have the idea of opening a cosmetics store. But when it comes to the specific business, we still do not have much experience. So, how to open a cosmetics shop business?

if you want to own a single purchase place to do, go to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places to find sources, can be the first suppliers to explain the situation, each of which advanced to two kinds of samples, to avoid the purchase cost too much. How much does it cost to open a cosmetics shop? In variety, daily necessities can be more into some, such as skin care, skin care and other basic maintenance products, and scrub to dead skin cream, etc. can be appropriate to enter, these products are relatively few people use. A few necessary equipment, such as import instrument, ion sprayer, beauty bed and water heater also need to configure, cost about 80 thousand yuan. read more

milk tea shop is small, but its profits and the market is very large, and its cost is relatively low, the store is relatively small, so it won the attention of many investors. So, if you want to open a milk tea shop, how to manage better? Xiao Bian introduced.

a, management

management is the rear, is the backing of the operation of the whole tea shop, with a sound management can effectively control the operation of the entire operating system. How to run a milk tea shop? If our products such as tea taste good, not properly pay attention to small details (such as low efficiency, poor service, waste, etc.) will seriously affect the tea shop business, naturally can not continue to operate; therefore "investment confidence in management". read more