May 2017

everyone has their own childhood memories, will think of a lot of children playing toys, eat things. Moreover, the current emergence of nostalgia stores in the market, sales are very hot, considerable profits, a lot of entrepreneurs to see the business opportunities, to join them.

"if when those Optimus Prime, Megatron could leave today, at least can sell thousands of yuan." Many people have such a sigh. Survey shows that 70% of adults over the activities of childhood still has a special liking, these activities include childhood toys, stationery, books, audio and video, and even left after the jar, cream and cookies after biscuit boxes etc.. read more

for any one of the retail stores, tobacco and alcohol are the bulk of sales, and each owner of the tobacco and wine is also very focused on stocking. For this reason, every Spring Festival, I put the tobacco and alcohol as the focus of stocking. Tobacco and alcohol is the Spring Festival, the largest number of sales of goods, relatives, visit friends have to take smoke get wine, so the Spring Festival stocking and must not be ignored. Speaking of tobacco stocking, seemingly simple, but actually a lot of knowledge. read more

living conditions in the continuous improvement, many people are suffering from some diseases, in the diet should pay attention to, need to eat some sugar free food, but food is sugar, if you start sugar free shops, the business will certainly be very good, with the development of broad prospects!

1. business strategy work done in the quality of goods. In ensuring the quality of sourcing organizations, the author summarizes three experiences: first, for the quality inspection report to the manufacturer; second, purchase generally have good selling products; third, good service, customers feel satisfied, can be returned. In short, to allow customers to have a sense of trust, they use well, naturally will come again. read more

under the current social conditions, need to use candles unless some professional places, its scope is very narrow, but who would not think of, is a product of this narrow, unexpectedly also can be used as a rich opportunity, Li Lan took 100 thousand yuan Bay rainbow rain candle house, and business is booming.

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is now in the catering market, what to say is the most popular what is the most delicious a special delicacy, needless to say, is a spicy, spicy taste because very much, the taste is very good, and also nutritious and delicious, because the economical characteristics are very good to meet the many needs of consumers, so now there are many investors to join the Malatang investment to join the ranks, today Xiaobian to recommend a good Malatang brand, it is the devil Malatang to join, want to better understand and follow the small series with a look: read more

modern society more and more entrepreneurs to invest, want to step into this industry, need to pay attention to what matters, how to do is correct? To know the first to join, but the market is so much more than the franchise project, which one will be the best? Let’s go and have a look.

first, choose to join business friends, have significance and spirit to join to understand, then to be able to do this in accordance with the spirit and meaning as the criterion for screening out the final project partners, but what about joining the brand system of agents. read more

is now on the market leather leather products sales are relatively large, in fact, the choice of such products to invest in investors is also very much. For those who join the leather leather industry entrepreneurs, in order to achieve good development in leather and leather industry, in the opening of leather goods store, we should pay attention to the work of the site.

shops in different regions have different characteristics, the bustling commercial district and shops along the street traffic, but the high cost of rent. Densely populated large and medium-sized residential areas, the source of stability, but the direction of business is limited. read more

a person to the success of a very long journey, is not a step can be reached, so in the entrepreneurial process to step by step. So what kind of people are more likely to achieve entrepreneurial success, the following is a small series for the integration of the four elements of the entrepreneurial environment!

1, the organization’s training, a wealth of work: to successfully create a small company, it is best to go through the organization of the first big temper. Because the organization can provide a larger field of vision. read more

shop business has become a way for a lot of people want to get rich, toy stores in recent years, the business is good, a lot of friends want to open a toy store, then how many friends site become a headache. According to the characteristics of the toy store to open lots to divide, we can divide him into the following categories:

1, business center district. This area is generally a regional commercial center or downtown, the lot of commercial activities, daily sales are higher. Such as shopping malls open area selling toy store and supermarket counters is typical of such shops; read more

clothing market is not a decline of the market, the market will only change people’s needs, but never lost vitality, for investors, if you are an ambitious person, if you are hardworking, then the investment in this industry must be the right choice!

my friends ready to open a clothing store, each invested one hundred thousand yuan, all the goods are sold from Hongkong, only this one’s clothes and accessories, we choose the store located downtown, so the rent is more expensive, 8000 yuan per month, 1 employees, monthly salary of 800 yuan each, plus utilities, the monthly cost of more than million yuan. Friends almost every month to travel to Hongkong, so save a lot of money to purchase, the purchase price of clothing is relatively high, so the price of each garment must improve the plan, priced at around 300 yuan. read more

has been in the food and beverage market has such a statement: it is a good project can change the fate of a person’s life. Do you believe it? Anyway, Xiao Bian quite believe. Each industry has the principle of each industry, food and beverage franchise brand is no exception, then choose what brand is better? Xiao Bian recommended for you taiwan road hot squid. Then we went to see a hot big squid to join what! Hot big squid special delicacy, the very delicious nutrition, so many consumers will stop the smell taste, is the real big squid winner, and favored by consumers. For those who are looking for friends in terms of entrepreneurship, hot squid is a good choice to join. read more

hot pot, in our lives, is also very hot. Moreover, the hot pot to join the project throughout the year are very popular food. Hot pot project to join? The best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs!

Spring Festival is over, summer is approaching, when we started to recall those days, there are always some pictures flash, a beautiful scenery, a movie, a song, or memorable taste, such as a pot of hot Hot pot. Do not know if there is a taste, it appears in your life in a year, you taste it and then love it, you also because of this kind of love in your life to leave traces. We Chinese their lunar new year has passed, standing at the beginning of the rise of memories about the story of the past. Join the business to create more new possibilities for your life. read more

We all know that

is the fundamental business sales of each brand to develop, in order to long-term development, promotion is the main means of operation, is a lot of entrepreneurial business skills, want to make better use of marketing skills, to better understand how to promotion, according to the brand marketing plan, so as to better ensure the store the performance.

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some people have great passion in entrepreneurship, they are not afraid of any difficulties, always believe that they will create a world. So people choose self employment is gradually increased, this is the courage to face setbacks, will be more and more risk, the probability of success is very small, so you are self-employed must pay attention to the following matters, reduce the risks of entrepreneurship.

A, have long prepared to fight a protracted war, the best combination of their professional and good, the integration of its own resources to identify the project, a bold attempt to start to have the quality of life and level of a temporary decline in mental capacity. read more

now society, education has become a sunrise industry, at the same time, the entire education education and training institutions in the market began to hot up, the success of the franchise stores must first understand the main points and matters needing attention before joining join the signing process.

join so easy, chain entrepreneurship is not expected to practice shows that successful franchising business, you have to pay special attention to the following matters.

matters: choose to join the industry read more

a day, hungry. Eat a meal Bibimbap, together with friends at the weekend that the feeling is really wonderful, beautiful. The weekend about 32 friends to eat Bibimbap together, the more profound friendship.

"Bibimbap" is also called "bibimbap" and "stone bowl of rice", is South Korea and northeast Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning Chinese Steamed Rice unique cuisine. It is the birthplace of the Korean state, and later evolved into a representative of South Korea’s food. The Bibimbap Jeonju bibimbap implies with fame spreading far and wide, "five five colored principle". In the stone pot pot and Steamed Rice dishes, and then baked into the bottom of the pot with a layer of crispy, delicious tempting, stone pot is made of thick black pottery, pottery pot cooking stoves can be directly obtained, and good insulation effect. It is very popular, I believe there will be more people to love in the market, so Bibimbap franchise brand what read more

chicken after several years in the catering industry development and innovation, has been very good in the market has laid a foundation for the development of a very good development prospect, because the chicken is getting better, many investors are also good that the favorable business opportunities, have added to the chicken venture capital ranks. As the chicken in the popular brand, buy some chicken off defecation is a very powerful one brand, choose to buy some chicken off to join, return more profit objective. read more

      1000 what business can do what business can quickly make money? Choosing a popular feature food and beverage program is a wise choice! Steamed stuffed bun uncle is such a common mass of the public, to taste the delicious taste of the soup to win the consumer’s favorite, colorful features to occupy a huge market catering!

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dessert investment projects by consumers has a lot, which is a puff look is simple, does not eat what unique dessert, but it was a lot of people love, you know the reason behind this? Let us come to understand this small dessert delicacy puffs through the brand puff era.

is a puff from Italy’s sweets, since sixteenth Century was introduced to France after the promotion, after a long time, occupy a larger share of the dessert market, now has become a large family dinner dessert finale. The traditional puff is adopted in the fluffy cream wrapper with cream, chocolate and other accessories made after. Romantic French legend: because the cream and cake into the wedding hall, so there is a cream cake, and love butter bread can only bury love in the heart, turned into a puff, when you bite the first bite, you will be deeply in love with her. Compared with the French in Chinese, puff traditional technology and product are displayed in the bakery as auxiliary camp single product sales, although the sales situation is more optimistic, but still unable to break through the traditional production methods, sales of single type of embarrassment and technical bottlenecks, the market prospect is severely undervalued. Day food catering through years of domestic market operation and consumption habits of research, and constantly explore the leading foreign puff production technology, after repeated research and deployment, successful innovation dozens of unique taste and product integration puffs, packaging after strong launch, quickly fill the gaps in the domestic market to brand market. " puff times " the successful launch of more indicates that at the same time with a trend of wealth era grand opening dessert. read more