April 2017

shop location has been considered a very important thing, because a lot of good not only for you to bring a steady stream of tourists, but also for you to establish a good foundation for your brand. The catering franchise store location is very important, determines the future franchise business is good or bad, Xiao Bian summed up the five skills of catering chain stores site evaluation in here, hope to help a friend in need!

how to evaluate the location of the franchise is good or bad

, a store structure read more

now society, people for their own investment management more and more, especially people are beginning to pay attention to their appearance, so the entire beauty industry also began to hot up, the beauty salon is produced, in a social demand such as, beauty salons are what shop guide?

see partners is a well managed enterprises. Strict management links, product quality up to national or international standards, business ideas, and keep pace with the trend, it can ensure that the company and its partners to develop steadily. read more

air pollution is very serious, a lot of people in order to maintain fresh air, will buy air fresheners products. However, if the product quality is not pass, not only can not clean the air, but also may cause two pollution. Therefore, if you want to buy air fresheners, naturally you need to choose a higher brand awareness of the industry. Next, let Xiaobian secret air freshener ten brands list.

air freshener ten brands list NO.1, Belle Glade: founded in 1886, the United States, personal care products and insecticidal products, one of the world’s leading manufacturers, Sino US joint venture, Shanghai Zhuang Co., ltd.. read more

will not speak, not only to people’s daily lives have a great impact on the operation of a store is a remarkable influence. So, shop business, talk is the key. It should be said that should not say not to say, to encounter the situation to skilly say, in a word, talk to make customer satisfaction, so that customers happy for the principle.

one day, neighbors Wang couple to my store to buy things. When did the door, Wang daughter-in-law dudunangnang to complain about Wang, Wang is a face of impatience, said: "what do you want to buy to buy, buy to go, not in this long winded!" read more

college graduation season again, just graduated from college students in the confusion of life, may not find their own life orientation. Many college students want to venture into the market but no money, in fact, college students can not afford money business, the following methods can try.


financing way

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When it comes to repeat customers, almost every

owner wants to have, however, want to have such a kind of guests can not casually say live can be achieved, we also need to do the work. In short, business is inseparable from a flexible mind. In the market competition, the retail customers can be described as "The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, Gexianshentong, all in their own fields and give play to their ability and cleverness. "A brave man", "survival of the fittest in natural selection, survival of the fittest". read more

snack market, unlimited business opportunities. There are many franchisees are snacks to join the project, very exciting. Of course, we all know, snacks to join the project, has been very choice of business opportunities. Spring baked potato? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship.

how to join the snack items? Spring baked potato open market nuggets feast. Now the continuous development of food and beverage industry, the characteristics of snacks has been a lot of people’s favorite, so it also promoted the development of specialty snacks industry. Jinan baked potato special snack is produced in such a market environment, with a more superior taste, became the best-selling brand special snack shop to join! Roast sweet potato to make money? To build three specialty products line, to break the traditional baked potato single bottleneck, new product collocation, comprehensive care of seasonal changes in consumption demand. read more

many friends want to open a dry cleaning shop in their own neighborhood, on the one hand is because the market demand for dry cleaning is now growing, on the other hand is a dry cleaners in the vicinity of the district is relatively easy to attract customers. So, how to run a dry cleaners? Dry cleaners need to pay attention to these matters:


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many people are frustrated in the business field in the company or give up the self turning into self abandoned, do not know the market situation changes is a business opportunity in front of people, but most people have no lofty ideals and high aspirations of self pity!

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relative to milk, in fact, the nutritional value of goat milk is higher, however, due to the excavation of late, leading to the current market is still relatively broad goat milk. But at the same time, there are some relatively fast development of big brands, therefore, here Xiaobian to introduce the ten major domestic sheep milk brand rankings, so that everyone in our country goats’milk market brand has a more comprehensive understanding.

milk milk, milk, goat milk, etc.. In Europe and the United States, goat’s milk is regarded as a high-quality dairy products, known as "noble milk". International academic circles as the king of milk". Jin Shilin, a former member of the International Dairy Federation of China’s expert committee, wrote in the dairy science and technology of the United States, "now, in the United States, goat milk is sold in pharmacies and supermarkets in the United States," said Dr. Jin Shilin…… From a worldwide perspective, goat milk in all milk has a rapid development trend. Following with the small series together to look at the 2016 domestic milk powder list top 10 bar. read more

I am a laid-off workers, laid-off after I depressed for a long time, I don’t know what I can do after unemployment, then opened the hotel, the hotel opened, working for someone else, what I almost have done, but nearly middle-aged I have no candidates for the competitive advantage, many times of failure you let me know, must have their own business, to turn over


Roasted Duck shop! read more

cooked food to join the project, has been very much concerned about the choice. Entrepreneurial choice to join the cooked food project, no doubt, is the choice of the business is not it? Halogen taste cooked food? Excellent quality, the best choice for successful business. Join halogen taste cooked food, shop is earned!

halogen taste cooked food bound to white-collar workers, farmers, college students, women, 80 bring greater returns. I would like to introduce you to what are the advantages of halogen taste of cooked food, the general headquarters’s successful business model, experience, you will save time, reduce the waste of investment, savings is far greater than the cost of joining. First of all, the taste of cooked food has a unique formula and exclusive manufacturing, has been the leader in the competitive market, never been defeated. Don’t force it. It’s not about what customers like, but what they sell to customers. Business philosophy to meet the needs of college students "delicious and nutritious" dual requirements, to make up for the lack of food and beverage industry, the market name blank! read more

if you want to open a self-service barbecue shop, and would like to join in the form of starting their own entrepreneurial path, Xiaobian for you to recommend a good self-help barbecue brand, is grilled Kung Fu barbecue buffet.

Bake at

headquarters operation and management Kung Fu label Yongxin (Beijing) Food Science Research Institute affiliated to the Beijing Jin Taixi International Trade Co. Ltd., founded in 04 years, has been committed to exploring new mode of catering, and Chinese in East China, West, north, central and Southern China five places were set up branch, as much as possible strive for cooperation to provide a comprehensive and free service at the same time continue to deepen regional market development, brand development policy to open a shop fire to a shop, allowing investors to truly achieve entrepreneurial success. How much does it cost to join barbecue barbecue? read more

food and beverage industry has been very popular, people is an industry of entrepreneurship are taken into account, but also has the skill of the catering business, a lot of the restaurant business is poor, not only did not profit, but this, this makes the operator of the restaurant was very distressed, in order to reverse this situation, a lot of the restaurant owner in the search for solutions. In fact, in order to lose the restaurant business to win, as long as a little bit, is the scientific management of the restaurant. Specifically how to do it? Let’s go and see it. read more

2017, how about our sweet life? Love to join the gift cake project, the success of entrepreneurship is worth choosing, worthy of trust. How about a love cake? Hot market, hot projects. If you love to join the gift cake project, is also very exciting, hurry up!

love gift cake is a healthy and delicious cake food products, I believe the market will be the majority of consumers and support. Join the gift of love cake do not make money? The gift of love cake in the production process, without any harmful substances, is using a new market delicacy, online and offline set sales, has made great achievements in the wealth market, I believe the majority of venture investors to join the gift of love cake, will to realize their dreams of wealth more easily. read more

grade life lighting choice, for you to create a good choice of life. How about life lighting? The quality of the brand to join the project, the success of entrepreneurship worthy of choice, worthy of trust! If you join the taste of life lighting projects, is also very exciting, hurry to leave the message bar!

investment grade life lighting franchise sales? Choose the quality of life of lighting project, need to y grasp the headquarters management and product development team is, this is very important, it determines the quality of life of lighting can greater development, through continuous innovation to expand the lighting market, is also the popular point that lighting lighting must join the taste of life to sell, now the headquarters for the need of long-term development, investment grade life lighting stores friends need to work harder for you to look at the current management and operation, the advantages of the project! read more

health life, has always been our greatest wish. In fact, the choice to join the health market, is a very attractive choice. Quality of the project, a simple way to join the choice, it is necessary to choose to join the Tibetan Health Museum like how?

Tibet health residence is Beijing Tibet as brand management limited exclusive operation and management of health industry entity brand project, the project is highly valued in the country, the industry gradually standardized, the market demand in the background of the market. read more

common food in life to join the project, has always been very hot. What about the hot beef hot pot? High quality entrepreneurial projects, the best choice for successful business. How do we choose to join the new hot beef hotpot? Shop is earned!

honey Chao Shan fresh beef hot pot, with its own independent R & D sauce, exquisite cooking techniques, can make their own brand production and sales of food taste extraordinary. In order to meet the needs of more consumers, Yue Shi Chaozhou honey fresh beef Hot pot created a variety of flavors, caught many consumers taste buds, occupied a number of share in the market, so the investment, there is a good market opportunity. read more

environmental protection in recent years is a topic to say, an industry is relatively optimistic about the people in the business when, in order to better living environment, modern people’s environmental awareness, in order to create a healthy living space, many people have chosen to use environmentally friendly products, open a green products shop, attracted a lot of people who want to start. In fact, open an environmentally friendly shop, the successful operation is also a need for skills. Here to give you a look at the opening of an environmentally friendly shop operating skills. read more