March 2017

In order to do a good job in 2014 the village (community) "two committees" general election preparatory work, the city district planning early long before the early deployment, for the village (community) committees general smoothly to lay a solid foundation.

"eight clear" to lay a solid foundation. The establishment of the 32 villages "general risk assessment working group, to change before the village" two committees ", the village cadres ideological status investigation Mopai, do the" eight clear ": the village collective economy, culture clear accounts team of the age structure clear and team work performance, clear opinion, clear village team clearly, the members leave turn intends to run for the" two committees ", the main member object clearly disputes, clear rectification work plan clearly, to be aware of, targeted for the smooth development of the solid foundation laid the election.

"leadership package case" to remove obstacles. There is a big contradiction of village (community), county-level leadership "case", to carry out pre election disputes by mediation Mopai work, focus on difficult cases and disputes as well as the complex history of the backlog, to make some major disputes effectively and timely disposal.  
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21 in Xining will build a new school in the north of the city of the three areas east of the new school of Huangshui waterways, a total investment of 100 million yuan, covers an area of 77669 square meters, will be completed by the end of August next year, to become a pillar Xichuan area of education.

September 6th, the reporter saw in the new campus, the new campus gate is part of workers laying floor tiles, the construction side also according to the design requirements on both sides of the gate in a symmetrical way planting two rows of pines, the new school gate has taken shape, some workers are building at the foundation to do the preparatory work before the start. read more

May 31, 2011 afternoon, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau held a clean and honest administration cum administrative meeting, the overall situation of 75 cadres and workers attended the meeting

2011 May 31st afternoon, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau held a clean and honest administration and administration of the meeting, the overall 75 cadres and workers attended the meeting.


meeting to convey the spirit of the Municipal Committee, vice mayor of Comrade Han Jianhua’s speech in the city administration and the construction of the conference, read out the "Office of the CPC Xining Municipal Committee forwarded the" CPC Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Supervision Bureau of Xining Municipality on the current reform of the discipline inspection bodies Accredited System Implementation Opinions "notice" and "Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau in 2011 the construction work points". At the same time, the members of the board leadership and offices, respectively in charge of units responsible for the signing of "responsibility" the construction of 2011 year. read more

recently, built by the West District of Xining City, the province’s first law culture theme park officially opened, people in the entertainment area, can accept education and edification of the popular culture of the rule of law, promote the building of the park to create a civilized city will play a subtle role.

in recent years, the west region attaches great importance to the construction of the rule of law culture, to strengthen and promote the cultural construction of the rule of law as an important task, according to the actual situation, take a number of measures, and strive to legal knowledge into the legal consciousness and the spirit of the rule of law, the rule of law culture construction as the construction of happiness booster of western legal publicity deepening the area of public awareness of the rule of law continue to strengthen. read more

In January 15th, the "Qinghai Youth Daily" published 60 anniversary, published 35 Anniversary Symposium held in Xining. At the forum, in the "Qinghai Youth Daily" work of the old comrades, "Qinghai Youth Daily" the backbone of the business and the provincial capital of journalists, the small reporters and representatives together to review the "Qinghai Youth Daily" published 60 years of glorious history, talk about a beautiful future. Before the forum, the relevant departments of the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department official read out the provincial Party committee, the Provincial Federation of trade unions chairman Ma Shunqing message.

60 years, "Qinghai Youth Daily" adhering to the "education, guide and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of young people" for the purpose, Yong forefront, struggle tenaciously stride forward singing militant songs, witness the Qinghai youth 60 years of glorious and resplendent; clear records of Qinghai economic and social development of the era, as the youth beautiful song, sing for the times change; consciously promote the theme, sing elegy.

the forum, the participants of the joint review of the "Qinghai Youth Daily" and readers together through the extraordinary 60 years, in the "Qinghai Youth Daily" bright future. The provincial Journalists Association and the Qinghai Provincial Communist Youth League leaders were on the "Qinghai Youth Daily" newspaper next idea high expectations, hope that the "Qinghai Youth Daily" in the new historical period, the work center closely around the provincial government and the provincial Party committee, Qinghai economic and social development situation, to meet the spiritual needs of young people as the starting point and end point, service work, youth services, adhere to the correct guidance of public opinion, adhere to the "three close" principle, better play "education, guidance, service and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of teenagers" function.
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Reporters yesterday from the Xining Municipal Administration of industry and Commerce Bureau was informed that with immediate effect, Xining city industry and commerce system will carry out the "consumer rights Huiwanjia activities in the city, and severely punish operators forced consumption, Duanjinshaoliang, by the terms of overlord additional unreasonable conditions for illegal infringement.

during the event, the key work of Xining city industry and Commerce Department will focus on the protection of consumer safety, the right to know, even bargain and to choose the right, right of claim, and severely punish the sale of counterfeit and shoddy substandard goods, false propaganda fraud, false sales induced by demonstrations, misleading, operators forced consumption, Duanjinshaoliang, the overlord in terms of additional unreasonable conditions, illegal behavior does not fulfill the three guarantees and other legal liability. (author: Wu Yachun) read more

In September 12th, reporters in Xining city housing provident fund management center of clean government and PCED work briefing learned that, as of now, Xining city has accumulated 2 billion 102 million 940 thousand yuan regulated housing provident fund, housing provident fund coverage rate reached 71%, the collection rate of 56.3%, pay 1450 units pay employees up to 110900 people.

Xining since 1995 to establish the housing accumulation fund system, the housing provident fund management center has adjusted the internal organs, the successful completion of the transfer of the railway housing provident fund management institutions. This year, the housing provident fund management center according to the "Xining city housing provident fund loan management approach" and the workers purchase housing prices, housing provident fund balance repayment ability and storage conditions, suggested that the relevant departments to cancel individual housing provident fund loans to the maximum amount of 200 thousand yuan limit, the workers will not only satisfy the demand for loans, and loans to broaden the channels for the center the effective attempt. Currently, the maximum loan amount reached 320 thousand yuan. read more

reporter recently learned from the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions, Xining city’s first full-time instructors collective wage negotiations to be stationed in Xining City Industrial Park four.

vigorously promote the universal establishment of the collective wage consultation system of all kinds of enterprises, is the smooth realization of the "12th Five-Year" period of urban and rural residents’ income and economic development simultaneously, labor compensation and labor productivity growth guarantee synchronization target. For the city’s small and medium-sized private enterprises quantity, promote collective wage negotiations difficult problems, Xining City Federation of trade unions in the city to establish the first responsible for guidance and assistance and participation in collective wage negotiation instructors, will solve the grassroots trade union cadres and representatives of the staff and workers "dare not talk", "don’t talk about the problem, promote the collective wage negotiation work carried out. read more

in order to further strengthen the Xining city transportation safety supervision, to ensure the safety of transportation in winter, Xining city traffic bureau into large and medium-sized freight enterprises, automobile comprehensive performance testing station and other units, the winter transport safety inspection.

in the inspection, the Xining City Department of transportation requirements of freight enterprises according to the characteristics of winter transport, carry out a comprehensive transportation safety hazards investigation, strictly "sick" vehicles in road transport activities, improve vehicle regular two maintenance, detection and evaluation of archives. Organize relevant personnel to carry out winter safety transportation education, strict implementation of the daily safety inspection, the establishment of emergency transport plans and drills. The inspection station in accordance with the operating rules to regulate the vehicle detection, the operation of the vehicle technology, regular inspection equipment maintenance and calibration, to ensure that the test data is true, accurate, complete, to ensure road safety. read more

The immigration office in Xining according to the needs of the masses, to increase efforts to benefit the work, launched two new initiatives convenience (i.e. for photos unqualified people free collection of digital photos to Hong Kong and Macao; agent certificate, pass between Taiwan over the age of 60, under the age of 16 to the public address Ning, allowing it to the photo electronic version sent to the mailbox), have come to rush people praise

immigration office in Xining according to the needs of the masses, to increase efforts to benefit the work, launched two new initiatives convenience (i.e. for photos unqualified people free collection of digital photos to Hong Kong and Macao; agent certificate, pass between Taiwan over the age of 60, under the age of 16 to the public address Ning, allowing the photo electronic version sent to the mailbox), have come to rush people praise. read more

11 25, 2009, the provincial inspection team to the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau of the Party group feedback special inspections of the situation of fourth. Leader Qiao Xiaohuan to the bureau Party Secretary Li Liangcai conveyed the Secretary Wang Guosheng will listen to the spirit of inspection work report after speech at the Provincial Standing Committee and provincial Party committee, on behalf of the group of five inspection teams to the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau of the Party leadership had feedback. Li Liangcai presided over the meeting and made a statement. read more

in December 9, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and chairman of the Central Military Commission, the central comprehensive deepening reform group leader Xi Jinping presided over the afternoon of December 9th comprehensively deepen reform of the central leading group of the nineteenth meeting and delivered an important speech. He stressed that this year, under the leadership of the party, all localities and departments to fully implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen session of third, fourth, fifth plenary session, to promote the introduction of a large number of efforts, there are components of the reform results, showing good momentum of reform, the full force of multi-point breakthrough, stabilize hoof walked quickly, push. Next year is the "13th Five-Year" start of the year, the construction of the reform tasks, to complete the system the goal of a well-off society, to build a new system of focusing development focus, grasp the key, precise force, strict responsibility, implement the plan, to ensure that the reform has achieved the expected results.
the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the central comprehensively deepen reform leading group deputy leader Li Keqiang, Liu Yunshan, Zhang Gaoli attended the meeting. read more

In October 19th, party secretary Wang Xiao chaired the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee meeting to convey learning twelve session of the ninetieth meeting of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee conference, in-depth analysis of the three quarter of the city’s economic situation, research and deployment work initiatives focus on the next step.

the conference listened to the first three quarters of the city’s economic situation analysis and proposals for the work in the four quarter report. The meeting pointed out that the first three quarters, Xining city to withstand the pressure and overcome difficulties, achievement is obvious, the situation is good, has been fully affirmed by the provincial government. The city should further enhance the sense of mission and responsibility, the party secretary Luo Huining to make contribution to Xining "development and reform goes before, important requirements do support the stability of implement, carry out the work.
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eleven during the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng, governor Hao Peng respectively on tourism, emergency work, etc..

in recent years, Qinghai tourism industry blowout development, into the autumn of October, my province still tourists. 1 days, 2 days to two days in a row, Wang Guosheng has more to chase kite ditch national Forest Park, the Qinghai Lake, the mirror of the sky, tea cards and other tourists scenic spot investigation.

to see the continuous flow of vehicles on the highway, a large number of tourist attractions, Wang Guosheng, said the province’s tourism development. When you see a retrograde traffic on the highway, Wang Guosheng came to the provincial Office of comrades on duty, asked relevant departments to strengthen the management of road traffic during the holiday season, strengthening management and service work of scenic spots, "Golden Week" to ensure that people travel safety, let the masses live a happy and peaceful holiday. In the tea card area, Wang Guosheng and Wulan county government responsible comrades on duty and visitors to talk, he pointed out that a detailed understanding of the situation of the tourism market, during the festival, the tourism development is to realize ecological protection and economic development, rich people is one of the best fit point. The construction of scenic spots to look out of Qinghai, Qinghai, out of tourism tourism, the ecological and cultural tourism, organic integration, the inside and outside the province, domestic and international tourism market unified use, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of tourism in our province. read more

specification for travel safety and travel market to the National Day holiday, the day before, led by the Provincial Tourism Development Committee, respectively in Xining, Haidong, Hainan, Haixi and Haibei Prefecture, Huangnan Prefecture and other key areas, key scenic spots were examined.

for holiday tourism market, local tourism departments according to the territorial management, departmental interaction, industry self-regulation, carry out their duties, and make concerted efforts to "principle, comprehensive supervision mechanism to establish and improve the tourism comprehensive coordination, tourism and tourism jointly investigating cases accepting complaints unified organization to carry out joint inspection. Focus on remediation especially in the key areas of traffic safety, the order of the tourism market, unreasonable low group, shopping illegal business, illegal tour and other issues, more civilized tourism propaganda, supervision of territorial travel agencies, star hotels and scenic spots (spot) to clear the main responsibility for production safety, establish and improve the tourism safety preventive and emergency measures, issued a rectification notice on the existence of security risks of tourism enterprises. read more

In order to ensure that during the two delicate gas is, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection Organization to carry out a "two" style of construction during the thorough investigation activities to promote the style of the building, the actual effectiveness of "air plant" style of promoting the construction work in depth.

"two" period, the city and county (District) level two 28 total thorough investigation group to carry out supervision and inspection of more than 150 times, a total of municipal departments and county departments and units and towns, grassroots, dining places a total of more than 440 units and key sites were examined. From the inspection situation, the city’s various regions, departments and units to seriously implement the spirit and provisions of the central eight provinces and relevant measures, and timely communication to learn the City Commission for Discipline Inspection "on further strict disciplinary requirements during the new year and Spring Festival notice", reiterated the "six prohibitions" discipline for better implementation of the provisions of style building the system, Gongjusiyong phenomenon basically, no gifts of public funds, public funds, public funds to travel, spamming allowances and subsidies problems found. The city party and government organs, enterprises and institutions at all levels, window service departments and grassroots cadres and workers safety consciousness obvious enhancement, duty consciousness increase, improve work style, improve the satisfaction of the masses. Although attaches great importance to the style of construction work most of the organs and institutions, but there are still a few units in the style of construction and performance of the construction management is not strict, inadequate supervision, individual personnel in violation of work discipline, to inform the sign and does not match the actual bus logo is not standardized phenomenon still exists, in this regard, the inspection team conducted a timely feedback and correct. read more

July 13th, China by the next generation working committee and midrib road and the public welfare foundation jointly launched the "Chaoyang plan — adolescent health guard action 1000th" Chaoyang health room "in the East Sea city safe area of the city center school officially completed.

Vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the ten NPC

long, Chinese next generation working committee director Gu Xiulian, the provincial director of care sang the next generation committee to add, the Provincial Standing Committee of Ministers of the organization Hu Changsheng, deputy director of provincial concerned about the next generation Committee Li Mingjin, Ma Fuhai attended the event and jointly visited the newly completed 1000th the "Chaoyang health room". read more

According to the municipal government to promote the development of tourism and cultural integration requirements, for the prosperity of the cultural tourism performing arts market, hand in hand by the Xining Arts Theatre Limited domestic top team effort to build cultural tourism products — large repertoire "scenarios show road legend", will be held in early May in the Qinghai Grand Theater to meet with the audience. The play is the Xining Municipal State-owned Art Troupes through the cultural system reform following the "Horizon heaven" after a row and a large repertoire of cultural tourism. Large scene show "road legend" when about 1 hours and 10 minutes, the five added back to the order and the end of the 7 Scene pictures. Is an ancient road as the theme, the integration of modern "through" fantasy style stage show. The Tibet Road opened to Princess Wencheng legend as the main clue, from ancient to modern times "through" dialogue as the auxiliary line, vivid reproduction Tangfangudao historical and cultural legends and humanities style, traces the Tibetan people for thousands of years of history and profound sentiments of friendship "friendly love in a foil," love theme, the whole show is warm and touching. The play is the main form in the "Scene" show, show a collection of dancing and singing and acrobatics, magic and other art forms, with large screen projection, video and other high-tech means, the show has a modern dynamic, and rich local flavor, in the history of the romantic tone, combination of authenticity and artistry. Respect the basic historical facts combined with bold adaptation of folklore. The whole show prominent magnificent magnificent color, full of modern science and technology called a variety of stage performance elements of ancient legend culture in national exquisite art form, make the audience "a thousand miles away, a series of ancient and modern knowledge".

the repertoire in the creation of deep folk songs, fully absorb the Qinghai local folk dance art elements, natural scenery features, and these artistic elements and technical elements of the modern stage of organic integration, to show the international modern creation concept, breaking the traditional dance structure, traditional narrative technique, called fully multimedia means. Also highlights the rich exquisite art form, multi nationality at the same time, director of the Beijing Olympic Games opening and closing ceremony of Guangzhou Asian Games and two directors will the opening ceremony director invited many domestic experienced drama production staff to join soon, the scene show will bring a high-quality visual feast for Xining residents and tourists. In addition, large show "legend" as the road situation and creative development of Xining city to attract tourists and cultural consumer eyeballs culture popular brand, also will strive to become a famous brand in the national art of tourism performance, and to significantly enhance Xining cultural soft power, promote the rapid development of the tourism industry. read more

Bank of Gansu team won the championship stage, gains two yellow and green shirt; Qinghai tianyoude team won the "best Asian players," Dong Xiaoyong blue sweater body. Perhaps all the European teams did not expect is that the fifteenth session of the Qinghai rural credit cup, the Qinghai Lake international road cycling race opener will allow the team to take up the majority of the Asian team accounted for two.

yesterday, European teams did not bring too many surprises, perhaps intends to preserve strength in climbing stage. But Asian teams Pinqiang fierce battle. Enter the second circle, Ukraine’s Kors Vitale and RTS · boots; Taipei sendi visiting Ortega · Ramirez two people formed a group leader, has remained the leading edge. But after only one circle, · boots; Vitale returned to the big league, Ortega · Ramirez a leader and once will extend the lead to 3 minutes and 50 seconds. In the meantime, the Italy team will spare no effort to catch up, trying to control a large group velocity "swallowed up" lead rider, but the ghoulishly timely insight into each other’s intentions, and occupy a large groups of the most forward position, destroy "swallowed up" plan. read more

Since March 27th this year, the province started to implement a separate two child policy, around the safe and orderly solid implementation of relevant policies, to the end of May the province’s two single family for child birth a total of 67 households, and 64 households, the overall implementation smoothly. So far, the province’s 64 families were allowed to have a separate family of two children.

in May this year, the province for the two child birth alone 42 households, and 42 households. Among them, the approval of 29 households in Xining. In order to make the province alone two child policy for the safe and orderly conduct, local health departments at the training class, organize relevant personnel to focus on the learning of the State Council "on the adjustment and improvement of family planning policy opinions", the provincial people’s Congress "on the adjustment and improvement of family planning policy resolution" and the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission prepared "separate two child policy the interpretation of" accurate, comprehensive grasp of the adjustment and improvement of family planning policy, fully prepared for the safe and orderly implementation of the policy. At the same time strengthen propaganda and guidance. Start the policy of family households mass campaigns, the community, grassroots health planning agency for the advantage of the masses, distribution of publicity materials, to carry out community seminars to separate two child policy known to every family. Strengthen the accreditation services, improve the development of a separate two children and then fertility norms, simplify the approval process, the opening of the green channel, shorten the time limit. To complete the formalities that is, the shortest in 3 working days to give approval, the masses satisfaction rate is high. Health and family planning technical service institutions in a timely manner in accordance with the policy fertility wishes of people of childbearing age technology services, the existing contraceptive measures for termination of service, especially to the elderly woman’s fertility regeneration guidance and guidance services during pregnancy.   read more