since October 31st last year, with the first Chinese media incubator concept debut, DreamWorks Zhejiang daily media group moves frequently. As of June 19th this year, there have been more than a dozen team plans to enter the first phase of the media dream camp training camp. Previously, the investment in the tiger sniffing the network so that the media dream factory once again aroused the concern of the industry. Why do you want to invest in this kind of network media tiger sniffing the direction of future investment in July 26th, the state capital reporter interviewed to attend the innovation of China’s 2012 fashion finals of the media DreamWorks CEO Jiang pure. read more

the company’s recent server total CPU100% occupancy, server configuration for dual core Xeon3.0x2, 2G ECC memory. W3wp.exe is found to occupy a large amount of CPU. for a long time this situation should be the site of the program has a dead loop caused by the problem. Before you find a problem, you can temporarily restrict the use of w3wp process CPU method to ensure that the site can work:

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in IIS6, often appear w3wp.exe memory and CPU can not be released in time, resulting in slow response server.

1, in IIS for each site for a separate application pool configuration. That does not affect each other.

2, set up the application pool CPU monitoring, no more than 25% (server 4CPU), refresh every minute, more than the limit off.

1, in the task manager to increase the display PID field. You can see the maximum PID of memory or CPU

2, run iisapp -a at the command prompt. Note that for the first time, there will be no JS support, click ok. Then run again. This allows you to see the PID application pool. (iisapp is actually a VBS script, stored in the C:windowssystem32 directory of the full name is iisapp.vbs, if you like me, also banned the Vbs default correlation program, you need to manually select the directory, open mode, and then select "Microsoft (R) Windows Based Script Host", the corresponding relationship PID can be obtained with the application pool).

3, IIS to see the application pool corresponding to the site, on the OK, to make the upper limit of memory or CPU, or to check whether the program has the problem of dead loop. read more

According to insiders,

, which is actually in the specification Taobao, ah, and so on the C2C platform sellers. But in addition, China has more than 600 thousand of the independent shop, which is active in an independent shop around 10. This does not include those who have only one page, through the network search marketing, 400 phone sales.

DoNews July 1st news (reporter Xiao Kefeng) in July 1st, some industry insiders said the shop name system on standard Taobao, yes, sellers, independent shop supervision is still a gray area, we propose IDC, search engines and other companies to participate in the. read more

Ali CEO Zhang Yong at the 16 annual meeting of Tmall global business conference stressed that Ali’s three pass system will provide more services to businesses. Business platform carrying countless businesses, customers, three new service will contain the user’s preferences and behavior path for each user, and classify groups were given different recommendation to enhance the user’s satisfaction. After Zhang Yong proposed a "pass", the use of the advantages of the platform will be Ali electricity providers and media connected by tracing the user behavior, user interest label, this push commodity purchase success rate will be higher. If this project is completed, will bring unexpected results to the user, the platform. read more

In the Taobao

shop promotion strategy, I always hold the view that shops should adopt "shop promotion strategy to point", the so-called "point" is the individual commodity, which is to create individual selling merchandise to promote store sales, which almost all the shops are on trial, especially in the search for the default category now Taobao popularity when searching for a shop without some hot commodity hardly what business sentiment.

sells goods is so important, maybe some people will say it is difficult to make, especially some of the new stores will say our shop was not what those large traffic flow, just on a commodity will sell well. Personally feel that some of their innate advantages of large stores, but also have the opportunity to store, because hot commodity production is not more than the big stores untraceable, just on a commodity can become hot commodities. read more

if three or four years ago, do the site and promotion service is very profitable. I often hear friends around this statement. In fact, many times, the more intense competition in an industry, indicating that the industry is more promising, but you did not find the right way. I share the experience with single over the past year a grassroots webmaster, when the right to initiate.

a, single channel

The author provides

service in a SEO two or three line of the city, and a studio with partner establishment, leisure orders to earn a little money. The author believes that the two or three lines of the main channels are listed in the following aspects: two. read more


note: in recent years, Taobao has been trying to graft with the traditional media, but the road is not easy to explore. (TechWeb with


[IT] happy news from the establishment of Sohu of Taobao and Hunan satellite TV, to establish the "Taobao world" and Zhejiang newspaper group, to establish the number of China Taobao, with China over the past two years, Taobao has been experimenting with traditional media grafting, explore new areas. However, the exploration of the road is not smooth, the number of Chinese from the acquisition of China Taobao, Taobao and Taobao in the happy world, Taobao still face a different concept from the television media the impact of peace, at present, Hunan satellite TV has been seeking to sell a 22% stake to "fade out" happy Taobao. Relevant experts believe that Taobao’s error is normal, the expansion must pay tuition. read more

news July 21st, just shortly after the end of the global investment and purchases of American Jingdong Jingdong "American Museum" to start the ceremony, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong exposed the latest data of Jingdong logistics to billion state power network: as of last night is covered by 2050 counties.

Liu Qiangdong said that China has 600 thousand villages, by the end of this year Jingdong can cover up to 400 thousand. And said that Jingdong in China electricity supplier in the user experience to do the first, the key is warehousing and logistics. "6 years ago we did that day (before 11); April 1st test 15 ~ 30 minutes (Jingdong home); as of last night, covering 2050 counties have now." read more

close to the Spring Festival, Taobao shopping small partners who pay attention to.

days ago, Taobao announced the delivery time and transaction timeout adjustment notice of the Spring Festival in 2017, during the Spring Festival (January 20th -2 5) the seller delivery time, transaction timeout made special provisions.

in the adjustment of the shipping rules, Taobao official announcement said: in recognition of the receipt of overtime adjustment, during the Spring Festival order receipt timeout adjusted from 10 days to 20 days, virtual goods unchanged. read more

: the network promotion of the new era, the formation of ad networks, combined with the network awareness of Internet users, advertisers joint promotion resources to achieve complementary win-win network marketing. To the rich, time, space, human resources, is the biggest advantage of the network, so long as has the correct way to access the Internet, reasonable investment consciousness, selection method of wise, you earn money on the Internet to get rich quick, has become a possibility.

favorite people like to eat crab. 21CN belongs to the modern information era, if not to make money online, I personally think that is equivalent to the blind, can not find the direction in the bright sky. read more