Dubrovnik received new quality content, and it is not a cafe or restaurant, but a “Museum” of love stories

first_imgThe cultural and tourist offer of our most famous tourist destination these days is additionally enriched with a new, unique entertainment and exhibition space that houses the first global collection of collected and donated love stories and objects of great sentimental value – the Museum of Love Stories.Visitors to the Love Stories Museum can experience emotional “sketches” from the lives of real love couples who have decided to share some of their most intimate life moments with the Dubrovnik audience and visitors. Among the numerous exhibits were a souvenir cup from Sweden that unexpectedly connected a divorced American and a Frenchman, a story about a young man who met his future wife at a funeral, as well as an emotional story about a couple before divorce who decided to give their marriage one last chance.Many Dubrovnik guests and tourists will surely be particularly interested in the authentic historical stories, legends and romantic customs of the Dubrovnik region, and there is also a corner for fans of popular film and TV hits that were filmed in Dubrovnik – such as the inevitable “Game of Thrones”, “Wars” Star ”and“ Robin Hood ”.And fans of musical notes will come into their own and perhaps for the first time get acquainted with hitherto little-known details from the personal lives of legendary world musicians, and people who inspired the creation of the most famous love pop and rock songs of all time will be revealed.Croatian country 1000 private museums This news is also specific in the fact that a new apartment or restaurant is not opening in an attractive space in Dubrovnik, which is the most common case, but a private museum. Interesting and different quality content that Dubrovnik so chronically lacks.Croatia is a country of 1000 private museums – this should be in the strategy of our tourism and quality and authentic content should be encouraged and developed. Thus, the tourist destination is strategically and systematically developed – with its content and quality offer. Due to the positional rent and the fact that we do not deal strategically and sustainably with the development of tourism and tourist destinations, our main tourist problems have been present for years: seasonality, low added value, cracking at the seams of our destinations, low tourist consumption , because a large part of tourist consumption is transferred to imports.Our entire coast should have hundreds of private thematic museums, mostly telling stories about our culture and way of life, innovations, specifics, etc.… by what we are different from others, and this is exactly the motive for coming and quality content that we lack in our tourist offer. On the other hand, it is our diversity and authenticity that is our biggest advantage, we just have to pack it nicely and tell it.Love wall – positioning on a conscious and unconscious level      All visitors and couples can sign the “Love Wall” and leave their shared photo or selfie to help create a unique dedication to all lovers who have visited Dubrovnik, and couples who think that their personal love story is interesting and special enough to be included in exhibition collection – they are free to contact the “Museum” of love stories.This simple Wall of Love has a much greater meaning, as much as it may seem like an ordinary wall at first. Namely, visitors will leave a part of themselves on the wall, through a picture or signature, and that is a strong emotion and experience. It is this wall that will remain in eternal memory.Just imagine signing on the wall of an apartment or hotel, leaving a part of yourself, and you will surely return to the same accommodation, if you are coming to the same destination. Ultimately, it is precisely these small personal details and experiences that we remember the most from the destination, because they are personal and are positioned on a conscious and unconscious level.Hotels, travel agencies, hosts in family accommodation have new quality content in the destination – introduce them to this new tourist storyWe are constantly talking about quality content, and how it is not enough to sell only the sun and the sea. Also, all those who deal with the accommodation service must care about the guest’s satisfaction with the overall experience of the destination, because the motive for coming is not accommodation, but the destination. It is the quality content that prolongs the stay of guests in destinations, increases tourist spending and directly affects the final judgment of the guest about the entire destination, and this is the most important thing. Was the guest satisfied with the destination after 3,7 or 14 days. If it is, then they will return and become a free promoter of the same, and thus will return to your accommodation. Rounded story I win-win for everyone.The tourist destination is not the accommodation, but all the participants that make up the overall tourist mosaic. From employees at a gas station and a store, to a traffic cop. The level of quality and performance is extremely important, no matter how small each piece of our tourist mosaic is, because a mosaic with empty holes is not complete. We are all destinations, so it is important that everyone grows and develops in synergy and a clear vision where the tourist destination is seen in the long run.To conclude, Dubrovnik received new quality content through the Museum of Love Stories, tell that story to your guests to experience it. And not only that story, but all the quality content that the destination offers, because in the long run, this is the only way we can complete the whole story and grow strategically and sustainably.The newly opened “Museum” of love stories can be visited from Thursday, May 10, in the immediate vicinity of the old town of Dubrovnik during working hours from 09.00 to 22.00 every day. Find out more about the “Museum of Love Stories” at websitelast_img

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