Big Ten Football and Concussions

first_imgNext year all Big Ten Conference games will have an independent trainer seated in the press box.  This trainer will have a complete monitor system to observe each athlete who may take a hard hit while playing the game.  They will also be in direct contact with the officials on the field.   After any suspicious incident on the field they can call down to the official who will then stop the game.  A doctor on the sidelines will be called to check out the athlete, and he must clear the said athlete before they may return.So far this will only be done for Big Ten Conference games and has not yet been approved for their non-conference schedule.  This seems to be the league’s response to the Shane Morris incident that occurred at Michigan in a game in September.  Morris took a hard hit and came out of the game.   I am not sure what procedure took place on the sideline, but Coach Hoke sent him back into the ball game.  It was discovered after the game that Morris had suffered a concussion and should have been sent immediately to the locker room and not allowed to even be on the sidelines for the rest of that game.This monitoring system will now take all the temptations away from a coaching staff and place them in the hands of medical personnel who will make all decisions on who plays and who doesn’t after a hard hit.last_img

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