Competition opens file for racist shouting at Williams

first_imgIn its ordinary meeting on Wednesday, Competition has valued the racist shouts that Williams received from those 12 subjects when he retired, after being replaced, at the Espanyol-Athletic on Saturday at Cornellà-El Prat. And he has decided to open an extraordinary procedure. As the agency specifies in its brief statement, “from now on an instructor will be appointed, a period of allegations to the clubs will begin and finally be resolved. The estimated period is approximately one month. “Regardless of the allegations that are yet to come, se can take into account that in the letter sent by LaLiga to Competition, and also to Antiviolencia, it was recalled that Espanyol had “sharply condemned” racism and that the racist insult was “isolated” and that the rest of the followers in Cornellà had “adequate behavior.” Iñaki Williams raised his voice. And he received all possible support from the world of sports and even politics. The Athletic Club, of course, also supported him. Espanyol not only strongly condemned any sample of racism but also identified the perpetrators of the insults, 12 individuals specifically, and will expel them from partners, in addition to possible criminal consequences. And LaLiga first asked for the partial closure of Cornellà-El Prat and, finally, moved his complaint to the Competition Committee. And this one has pronounced.last_img

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