Rakitic: “Of course I would like to play with Cristiano Ronaldo”

first_imgCristiano Ronaldo: “Of course, I would like to play with him because he is also one of the greatest in history. You really enjoy watching him and what he is doing in Juventus … For me, he is one of the best ever.”Setién and Valverde: “It is impossible to compare one with the other.” Messi: “It’s amazing to play with him and I think he is really special. If he is the best ever … I think there have been very special players at all times. What is certain is that he has been the best of the last 15 years and, in my opinion, is the best of all time. Playing with him the last six years has been incredible. “Neymar and his possible return: “I would like to have him on my team. He needs to decide what is best for him, since he is my friend and I want to see him happy and safe. When he is happy he is one of the best players in the world.”Most underrated player in the world: “There are many. Mourinho said it was me and he was right (laughs). There are many players like that, although for me it is Pjanic.” Ivan Rakitic has granted an interview for Bleacher Report, in which he has not given a solution to his future always questioned, but has left several headlines. The Barcelona footballer has faced user questions and confirmed that he would like to play with Cristiano Ronaldo, who would love to return Neymar to Barcelona or praised his partner Leo Messi, whom he considers the best of all the times.center_img 2018 World Cup: “It changed me a lot. We had an experience of being there until the last day and losing it was really difficult. I felt all the love in the world and it was very special for us. I will never forget it.”Better with the one who has played and better against the one who has played: “This is easy, Messi vs. Messi.”Defend Messi: “Playing against him is so difficult … It’s like playing another sport.”Would you change a World Cup for the Champions League?: “Yes, no doubt. There are many opportunities to win a Champions League, but a World Cup is more difficult.”Defeat against Liverpool: “It was really difficult, a heartbreaking moment. We have to have a lot of respect for Liverpool. This is what football is about, to fight until the last minute.”Favorite stadium without counting the Camp Nou: “Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán”.Transfer Rumors: “It’s also part of football, you have to understand it and be ready in January. You have to be happy and think about the family. I have to play and if I play at Barça, then I’m happy.”Best defense: “Piqué. If you play with him, you see that he is the best of the last ten years.”Messi’s best goal: “The one in Getafe, the one in the Cup final against Athletic … Choosing one is difficult.”Your FIFA Score: “I just found out, that’s good (laughs).”Most fun player you have played with: “Dani Alves”.Always favorite player: “Robert Prosinicki”.Favorite rapper: “Eminem”.Barcelona kit: “I love it because it is similar to Croatia.”Your breakfast: “I drink coffee, although sometimes I go without breakfast. Other times toast.”Goalkeepers: “Neuer and Ter Stegen, but it’s really amazing to have them on your team.”Eurocup or Champions this year: “I prefer the Euro because I already won the Champions League.”His favorite goal: “My first with Basel. A volley with the left.”Croatia’s future: “I hope it goes well. There are many very good young people and I hope they can do better than the current generation.”last_img

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