Jordi Alba opens a new conflict in Barcelona

first_imgAs the journalist successfully summed up Ricard Torquemada in Catalunya Ràdio, “Barça and hobby players begin to look each other in the face”. For a long time, and with the bad results, there has always been some layer that avoided direct conflict between the workforce and the partner. The last victim was Ernesto Valverde, to whom time, little even, has ended up giving the reason. The fans who thought that post-Valverde football would thrill have already understood that, perhaps, the cow no longer throws milk and that it was not a matter of coach, but of players, that Barça cannot reach perfection. These days, the Barça It reaches where it arrives. Who else, who least, remembers, every time he sees a player put his hands to his ears, of the gesture of the Topo Gigio by Juan Román Riquelme to Mauricio Macri in 2001 how famous he became in Argentina. But in Barcelona, that gesture of Jordi Alba to the stands when he made the fictional 2-0 to the Real, which was not even 2-0 because it was canceled, he remembered the one Philippe Coutinho did after making Manchester United 3-0 Last season. Coutinho It is not related with Sunrise, who is a youth player and a player with a career in Barça and loved by the fans. But Alba has risked and opened, maybe, the last melon left to destroy in Can Barça. The players-hobby conflict could burn the end of the season in the Barcelona. A vital thread in the health of a team. The fact is that, after a very terrible victory of which there was not much to show off, Alba pushed a center of Ansu Fati Y, hurt by the pitos of the Camp Nou, he put his hands on his ears and left a scroll, angry at what he considered an unfair criticism that ended up making the media public: “The players leave everything. No player likes not to play well, but we are beaten in the fifteenth minute with a zero draw I do not like Just like I respect everyone, they have to respect me. And I don’t like to be beaten. “ 18 And as the first ones who know it are the professionals, maybe that is what hurts them the most and that’s where the laments of Jordi Alba. Barça put everything on the field against Real, with Messi to the head. The players left their souls and the team won. But a hobby that has been accustomed to excellence for more than a decade does not finish assuming that this legendary team can stop playing brilliantly. The conflict even has an emotional cruel point. Support until the end players who have won more than 30 titles or answer them.Those words of Sunrise They can be a reproach. But also a SOS. Admit that, now that they can no longer win as machines, they need the encouragement of people to continue choosing to win titles. From what it seems that nobody would benefit, neither the partner culé nor players, is to consolidate a crack. What the fan likes is that his team wins matches and the player, like any, that people don’t point. We will have to be attentive to the development of this new controversy that opens in the Barça of the messes, with Bartomeu already covered as a general rule for what it seems and with an internal audit to resolve on the issue of I3 Ventures. But, from the outside, Barça is already involved in another type of career, the electoral. And there, all the families of Barcelona move threads and puppets. And everything goes, until the ties soccer-hobby are broken.last_img

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