Barcelona’s grassroots football: precarious teleworking

first_imgDespite the obvious limitations, Both the coaches and the physical trainers of grassroots football have given him imagination and professionalism to overcome this enormous challenge. They are made daily sessions ‘on line’ so that the soccer players follow them while they are taught the exercise they have to do, videos are sent so that the kids follow the instructions, games are proposed to do the job less boring and even tactical aspects are worked on so that the youth squads do not forget the basics.Since most players do not have a gym, nor do they have dumbbells, much less gardens to carry out their work, the exercises that are proposed from the club are very dynamic, using body weight to carry out strength work and looking for aerobic activation in tight spaces.All grassroots football is aware of the need to maintain regularity in physical work, although tHe is also aware that in the case of formative football it could be altered in such a way that it might not even restart the season anymore. In some cases, like In soccer seven, the coaches have been even more radical, deciding to stop all physical activity, so the players have literally started their vacations. During these days of confinement, more than one player of the Barcelona first team has shown his day to day through social networks, exhibiting huge and complete gyms. inside houses with large and well-kept gardens, which in most cases have nothing to envy those of the Ciutat Esportiva.However, they are the exceptions to the footballing reality of the Blaugrana club. And is that the rest of the players – affiliate and grassroots football – work in much more humble and precarious conditions to carry out physical maintenance during the duration of the pandemic.To get started, only Barcelona B has a personalized plan for each player. The rest of the categories, from Youth to down, are structured through more generalized monitoring.last_img

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