news July 21st, just shortly after the end of the global investment and purchases of American Jingdong Jingdong "American Museum" to start the ceremony, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong exposed the latest data of Jingdong logistics to billion state power network: as of last night is covered by 2050 counties.

Liu Qiangdong said that China has 600 thousand villages, by the end of this year Jingdong can cover up to 400 thousand. And said that Jingdong in China electricity supplier in the user experience to do the first, the key is warehousing and logistics. "6 years ago we did that day (before 11); April 1st test 15 ~ 30 minutes (Jingdong home); as of last night, covering 2050 counties have now." read more

close to the Spring Festival, Taobao shopping small partners who pay attention to.

days ago, Taobao announced the delivery time and transaction timeout adjustment notice of the Spring Festival in 2017, during the Spring Festival (January 20th -2 5) the seller delivery time, transaction timeout made special provisions.

in the adjustment of the shipping rules, Taobao official announcement said: in recognition of the receipt of overtime adjustment, during the Spring Festival order receipt timeout adjusted from 10 days to 20 days, virtual goods unchanged. read more

: the network promotion of the new era, the formation of ad networks, combined with the network awareness of Internet users, advertisers joint promotion resources to achieve complementary win-win network marketing. To the rich, time, space, human resources, is the biggest advantage of the network, so long as has the correct way to access the Internet, reasonable investment consciousness, selection method of wise, you earn money on the Internet to get rich quick, has become a possibility.

favorite people like to eat crab. 21CN belongs to the modern information era, if not to make money online, I personally think that is equivalent to the blind, can not find the direction in the bright sky. read more

shop style, that is a popular personality, like a person, love what kind of hairstyle, dress up, wear what love styles of clothes and shoes, and even talk, behavior in others to complex information, these information give the impression of good or bad impression. The impression of your store in the customer’s mind, like the first time you meet a stranger, the beginning of the three to ten seconds to meet, you can form the original love or hate impression.

this point, we have a consensus, but also have been aware of the importance of shop decoration, but the problem is that the vast majority of sellers are ready to use the template, or spend money to decorate the design staff. The result is that we now see it, the same, each store can be said is very beautiful, but can be impressive, linger, scanty. Just like wedding photography is using a fixed template. read more

many beginner in the golden Wangzhuan forum complaining of which will not will not, in fact a lot of friends reflect their hands-on ability, the fundamental reason is not formed to operate the habit, you know at any time to try some of the basic operations of our new benefits only, no harm. Regular operation can increase self-confidence, can enhance the ability to judge right and wrong, but also to deepen understanding. Novice in stereotypes it is impossible to know the feasibility of the project project which can make money, the operation can be found over the problems, if not, only hearsay, only experienced things have a final say. read more

morning news (reporter Han Yuanjia) this year "double 11" gains 35 billion yuan record, let the Alibaba group’s Tmall pocketed the money and face. The upcoming "double 12", so that the 7 million Taobao sellers to find the characteristics of the marketing arena. The use of big data, Taobao 12· 12 will be more interesting and fun to attract consumers by the new way of playing, and Taobao and Tmall also found a clear position in the game gradually.

began in 2011 Taobao 12· 12 propaganda strategy in recent years, changing. 2011, Taobao announced, 12· 12 attracted the same day the consumption of 120 million users, and received a sales of $4 billion 380 million. But from the beginning of 2012, sales figures began to be diluted by Taobao, Taobao time machine, etc. to narrow the distance between consumers, more humane marketing tool became the theme of the year. This year, this trend is further expanded. Zhang Yu, President of Taobao, said in 2013, Taobao 12· 12 theme is universal Taobao, the starting point is to hope that more small sellers in Taobao found its own potential development space. The use of big data, Taobao will be based on different needs of the population, divided into more than and 200 shopping scenarios, while shopping will be launched in all aspects of the shopping forecast, will launch a shopping cart cruise and other marketing activities. read more

eleven has passed in January much of the time, believe that the majority of buyers have received the goods even win return service.

today, the Consumers Association announced the double 11 online shopping goods after-sales service experience.

experience results show that in seven days no reason to return, the return of the application of the 184 models, the successful return of the 178 models, the success rate of return of 96.7%. From the results of this experience, the main electricity supplier platform seven days no reason to return the provisions of the implementation of good. read more

due to the rapid development of the third party payment after obtaining the license, the bank and the relationship between the third party payment companies have also undergone a subtle change.

May 10th, Lacarra chairman Sun Taoran said in an interview: "we work with banks this year is more and more closely, more closely, more and more large scale."

but the bank doesn’t seem to think so. Lacarra chairman speech did not fall, in May 13th, there was news that lakala or by ICBC ban". When a customer in succession in the Kara terminal reaction, convenience store, bank debit card interbank credit card payment operation failed. In addition to Kara, there is news that engaged in mobile phone payment purse treasure in the bank debit card payments, also appeared in the same issue. read more

with the development of electronic commerce in China and the popularization, more and more people choose the network as a business way, found that these entrepreneurs have cost, low risk, simple organization characteristics, the entrepreneurial opportunity makes a large number of individuals are rapidly and scale into occupation e-seller. These network sellers to sell products on the Internet as a career, and is committed to bigger and stronger own shop, belonging to the survival of entrepreneurship. In general, the network seller open shop is the beginning of a "self-employed", its purpose is to make a living or interest and create a business heart, when the shop develops to a certain stage, the seller must carry out the professional management of the business, but also have to think about issues such as development strategy, brand, supply chain, so the network the seller has entered the "company" stage. read more

July 28th news, recently, the electricity supplier and MUNMU Inc. (South Korea) signed a cooperation agreement, the two sides agreed through its own funds or funds respectively to 55% and 45% of the proportion of investment to set up a subsidiary and the antarctic.

according to the cooperation agreement, the new company will have exclusive MUNMU all of Inc.’s network of artists in the territory of the red, China publicity, promotion, brokerage, business cooperation, brand building, brand retail and all personal rights, and exclusive Asian beauty queen PONY in Chinese (including Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan area) of all commercial activities including but not limited to the fans economy realized, endorsements, performing brokerage business activities, etc.. read more