double eleven major electricity providers are struggling to compete marketing ideas, in order to get the most attention to consumers, but sometimes win too much attention is not necessarily a good thing. Electricity supplier competition is from before to after the comprehensive strength, in the case of homogeneous goods, service experience is particularly critical. There is no research shows that: a dissatisfied customer to at least 11 other people to tell a highly satisfied customers should be recommended to at least 5 people around. So there are still much more ability to stop living, otherwise may The loss outweighs the gain. read more

whether the micro business or business or! If you do not know how to package their products, then you will be very tired, but also can not get the corresponding return! If you are electricity providers, may also enter the price war.


as the first marketing circle of friends and I often visit other silent circle of friends, which found a particularly interesting phenomenon, many micro business release information about the products in the circle of friends, or before the kind of old-fashioned way, is free to introduce myself in the effectiveness of the product and how good read more

Zhang said earlier in other platform shop never met someone bad being the deposit. Fold 800 responded that the specific provisions of the provisions of the deduction by the Commissioner, if any objection can appeal.

Beijing Morning News Hotline 96101 (reporter Fan Yijing) Zhang in the fold of the network to open a shop, through the quality of the products on the line after the platform is based on the user’s feedback to the poor quality of goods by 27%, deducted a margin of $1000 800. Mr. Zhang said, had never met someone on other platforms shop being poor margin situation. Fold 800 responded that the specific provisions of the provisions of the deduction by the Commissioner, if any objection can appeal. read more


marketing platform Mary billion company, CEO overall, fine Ke Xing said that during the double eleven flow price to rise more than doubled. Usually 0.5-0.6 yuan a single click, rose to about 1.5 yuan during the double period of eleven.

trainee reporter Wang Chuanhong Beijing reported

Cao Yining, vice president of

bags seller UTC remember, in 2010 when the double eleven, the main business activities through the main venue to get traffic. With the increase in the number of players, since 2013, Tmall began to form personalized customization page in the user’s home page, there is no longer a fixed main venue page for businesses to get traffic. read more group purchase channel will be officially launched in September 25th, will serve as a separate channel, also joined the ranks of group purchase. Buy site finally experienced a storm after the invasion of calm, ushered in a stable development, the spring of the group, the spring of e-commerce has come.

China’s online shopping market continues to develop rapidly. IResearch data from online shopping transactions continued to grow, the continued growth of the size of the online banking transactions, especially personal online banking transactions have exceeded the size of the enterprise NetEase, enough to explain everything. The second quarter of 2012, the overall size of Chinese network economy reached 94 billion 340 million yuan, an increase of 66.1%, rose 22.5%, while the contribution of e-commerce growth rate as high as 50.6%, is the biggest driving force of economic growth Chinese network market, e-commerce industry is the highest contribution rate. Online shopping market share is the largest e-commerce market in the market (2012Q2 accounted for 84.7%), because Amazon China, Jingdong mall fast and easy network to carry out large-scale anniversary activities, many network operators have joined the large range to 3C as the representative of the home appliance price war activities, and marketing activities to boost high-speed Internet shopping the development of. read more


] July 21st news billion state power network, online crazy shop two months ago, WeChat in the SF hey passengers also have their own shops. Billion state power network to understand, the SF hey off on its official WeChat officially opened the public number of online shopping channels, a small amount of fresh fruit to buy online support.

It is reported that the current

, SF hey off micro shop supports only 11 commodities (mostly fruits such as Kiwi fruit, mangosteen, durian) online orders. But it is worth noting that, although an important position is the SF hey off line experience online shopping products, but not the WeChat store any prompt the user can experience or delivery to the inn hey information. In the distribution, hey micro shop only supports users to fill out personal address, no points for selection. read more

with the further maturity of the Internet economy, the electricity supplier has become a normal business. However, the real electricity supplier industry is not only a desirable world, but also an extremely brutal competition in the world, the survival of the fittest frequency unprecedented fast, Fang Sheng Fang died, Fang Fang sheng. What is the cause of most of the electricity supplier on a thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers of no return? – not speculative investment, the nature of cognition on the electricity supplier is not clear, especially it is too "pure", resulting in business often fall into "DOA" die. read more

The rapid development of e-commerce

I [note] the network operators in the world, facing low culture, vicious competition, fake hat, credit crisis, tax loopholes, innovation of the storm, logistics short board, the difficulties of financing, supervision of the pain this nine long-standing pain point, the electricity supplier if you want to continue in the future healthy development, to be scraping the bone cure poison, traveling light.

recently, SAIC announced the monitoring results oriented network trading commodities, Taobao 2nd publicly questioned…… This makes the long-standing electricity supplier pain points once again by the public hot. read more

social network will enter e-commerce C2C

so, if you want to sell children’s clothing online, please set up a shopping mall. You don’t need to engage in a community equivocate, just think of to do sales. Because there are some consumers above the mall is a heavy user, so you can consider another forum community to meet the needs of the group of consumers to share and exchange.

community and e-commerce can not be combined?. But to be clear, based on the above characteristics, e-commerce revenue is destined to become part of the community site, not all. Social networking sites whose income must be three legged walk: 1) advertising; (2) e-commerce; (3) virtual goods. The three may be different because of the community’s mainstream crowd, but will coexist. read more

November 11th morning, LETV holding network network " 919 black, and Hui double 11" double eleven big promotion fully opened, sweeping the Internet to ecological electricity supplier strength. In November 11th 0:00–1:00, total station and network network of Tmall’s flagship beverage category sales exceeded 100 thousand, sales exceeded 5 million


0:00 – 10:00, total station and network network of Tmall’s flagship beverage category sales of over 180 thousand, sales of more than 8 million! Tmall flagship store Chateau products sales of over 150 thousand, breaking sales records! Until now, network network explosion sales unabated, is expected to double or eleven imported wine sales will refresh the record! read more