Abstract: industry analysts believe that Jingdong’s good day seems to end. In the Tmall comprehensive border, with Beijing as the center of the northern region will further consolidate the lead at the same time by the Alibaba, will have great impact on the Jingdong is rooted in Beijing for many years.

news September 23rd, a person close to the Alibaba said, Tmall headquarters will be moved to Beijing from Hangzhou, is expected to be the fastest in the year 11 before the completion of all double relocation. read more

Enterprises do not register the domain name "new in order to be different"

– on how to give full play to the commercial value of the domain name

first, in the "name" before, you should first consider the future of enterprise website service object focuses on the group. If you want to expand trade opportunities, highlighting the globalization of business philosophy, so we must pay attention to the international domain name registration, according to the enterprise business characteristics, correct moral English terminology to combination of domain name, to prevent misuse "Chinese thinking" like English vocabulary, to avoid foreign business colleagues in the "search" "not on the number, the opportunity to pass". At this point it is even necessary to consult the relevant expert consultant. If you locate the user groups, mainly concentrated in the general public in the country, there is no need to translate your domain name into English expression, so that it will not affect the understanding of foreign language customer inquiries. You can choose "pinyin" as the domain name code, make your domain more emotional color, your potential customers even if you do not fully understand the situation of the enterprise, as long as through word-of-mouth etc. slightly heard, with only a vague impression on the Internet will be able to find your location. In addition, the unique role of Chinese Pinyin domain name is not inferior.

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according to the "Wall Street journal", the online retail giant Amazon plans to open its first line of stores in New York, if the news is true, that traditional retailers including WAL-MART, Taghit, the future will face challenges.

is reported that Amazon’s first physical store will be opened in Manhattan 34 street, and will be opened before the holiday shopping season in 2014. New York Amazon users can order online in store pickup, and may even be selling their own electronic products, such as the Kindle series Kindle Fire series of e-books, tablet computer and Fire Phone intelligent mobile phone. It is said that Amazon will also be part of the store as a mini warehouse. read more

recently, suning.com held a press conference in Beijing, Beijing. Most fascinating news is suning.com. First, Beijing is the largest electricity supplier market, then Beijing is suning.com’s rival Jingdong Laochao mall. Suning.com’s purpose is very clear, is to let the restless, a Jingdong.

Beijing Raiders

suning.com but spent a lot of thought, like how to see how Jingdong tailored area. The first round of the Beijing campaign from suning.com products, services, prices and other aspects of the introduction of the three. Carefully check the suning.com launched the three Raiders, it is not difficult to see that the Jingdong is completely by hot. read more

We have been in the protection of business

, we hope to provide more help for entrepreneurs.

but it is never a small thing, is not a simple thing, entrepreneurs are also different, behind each person has its own story and pursuit, today we have the personal growth of three stages will be divided into three types of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, hope each of the upcoming entrepreneurs people can have a clearer understanding of their own and entrepreneurship.


this kind of entrepreneurs who have played in the market among the top companies, in a senior management position or line, had led his team to make outstanding achievements. read more

at the beginning of 2015 to the present, in the field of O2O typical life service website, seems to have some more smoke flavor, a variety of investment strategies, arms, frequent life. In January the U.S. group raised $700 million in April, the public comment by millet, Tencent invested $850 million; the end of June, Baidu Nuomi officially announced the "member + O2O" ecological strategy, more Robin Li rhetoric within 3 years of glutinous rice business invest an additional 20 billion yuan; recently, but Ali first hit "meow street." and then after the revival of "word of mouth network". read more

11, Sina officially launched the luxury B2C website (l.sina.com.cn) "Sina luxury goods, including over 50 international luxury brands, a total of over 1000 Sku. According to insiders, sina will face the first internal staff launched promotion activities.


luxury goods official information display, including Bvlgari, Chanel, more than Dior, Fendi, Warren Tianlun and other 50 luxury brand products have been officially launched. At present, Sina luxury goods have set up bags, clothing, watches, jewelry and other four categories, the number of Sku over a thousand. read more

Abstract: Recently, Tmall announced joint Moutai, Wuliangye, Qingdao, Budweiser and other 300 wine enterprises to build a "liquor business credit union", with "winery proprietary" mode to ensure the wine wine circle attracted attention to genuine goods at a fair price. Wine giants involved in the sales line, or in the "Warring States" burn stage, and the vertical main electricity supplier.

go to 2014, the scale of China’s Internet users has reached 649 million people, but the size of the beverage market size of $800 billion, only about 2% through online sales, the development of electricity providers slower than other industries. read more

Trump coffee shop decoration swing as fish nets webmaster, contact with a lot of Taobao sellers, Taobao found that many sellers choose to express the principle of price is as low as possible, but not without considering the delivery speed and service attitude.

stands in the angle of buyers think, regardless of the quality of your products, the price advantage is enthusiastic service attitude, the customer can buy something today, took a week to give to the next time, who would dare to buy things on your side. read more

On a failed business experience a few days ago wrote "

: from a monthly income of 30 thousand yuan to 10 thousand yuan monthly income" has been the concern of many friends, but there is sharing method, today has the effect is not so good. Then I wrote a "car product Hongzhi and Zhuo truck product Taobao station marketing comparison", this article is not of concern for many people, personal feeling second guidance for Taobao big sellers more, this article is a person views marketing for Taobao. Then talk about some of the views of Taobao station marketing. read more

Abstract: Double 11 Tmall business conference opening, two share a lot about double 11 categories and marketing platform gameplay and strategy, media will continue to update the map business double 11 new content, including Tmall clothing for last year added more personalized content guide gene rally also has delayed a period at the same time for two weeks, the 11 men’s and women’s double play also put forward various suggestions.

[editor’s note] just past 2013, was the founder of Dangdang Li Guoqing called the first year of digital reading. This year is the Amazon Kindle into China’s landmark event, tight layout are Tencent, Ali, Baidu three giants, more watercress, see, your thumb continued to explore new cutting-edge companies.

digital reading is becoming more and more popular, "how will the future of reading" evolve?

Li Guoqing in an exclusive interview with this newspaper that at least 5-8 years, e-books can not replace the paper book, his judgment is based on dangdang.com data; and independent bookstores all sages Bookstore general manager Liu Suli believes that the paper book prices will be dozens of times now. read more

24 on the same day, the Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong made a long survival time of micro-blog, the micro-blog although is then removed, but it will be a business under the running of the wrestling scenes emerge from each other. "A site without we allow direct capture all of our products, these products evaluation is Jingdong spent billions of dollars worth of points to encourage users to write out, how do you also want to say hello? It is difficult to believe that this is a day of" new commercial civilization, advocating honesty "for the company, there are what are the Jiminggoudao and behavior?" then, a micro-blog official responded that the website is a scouring network by Liu Qiangdong micro-blog, but stressed that a scouring network capture user evaluation information is to make the Internet more open and transparent information. read more

September 12th Hongkong Disney park opened in May, "Disney.Cn" this should belong to Disney’s Chinese domain are still pointing to a car sales company homepage. Not only that, in addition to the "Mickey Mouse.Cn" belongs to Disney Beijing representative office has, even "Donald Duck", "Snow White", "Winnie the Pooh", "fruit Philippine dog" a Disney iconic cartoon image of the Chinese domain has been registered by a space.

since 2004 has not settled the "Chinese domain name dispute" has plagued Disney, especially in the background of Disney is to Beijing, Shenzhen to open two parks, lack of brand protection Chinese domain name case highlights more directly affect its new plan.

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registered CC meters now increasingly popular, many enterprises including domestic registrars in all of its a whoop and a holler.

below I found some promotional materials from the Internet:

CC after.Com and.Net has become the world’s top third domain name,.CC is English " Commercial Company" (business) acronym, meaning clear, easy to remember. The.CC domain is rich in resources, huge commercial potential, a new generation of Internet users have to accept and use.CC as their designated brand, such as Nike, Coke, Goodyear and Intel have registered the domain name.Cc, and now has been put into use. .CC Chinese domain name is currently the only international top-level domain that does not require any download software to access directly. .CC domain name is a valuable asset. In June last year, Beauty.cc this domain name is a company in Losangeles to $one million price to buy, as more and more people on the.Cc domain name favor,.CC value is increasing. We believe that the.CC domain name in the future will become the world’s most important network bridge communication. read more

last week four days, Taobao has released four copies of the annual report with different structure of counterfeiting, "Taobao 2014 report", "fake police linkage linkage 2014 Taobao intellectual property bureau report", "2014 fake Taobao with the Department of press and publication," Taobao 2014 report "fake fake commodity quality inspection report". A series of moves, so that the industry dazzled, so Taobao has done so much.

the proliferation of fakes, a long time, in the Taobao has not yet been born, we can buy all kinds of fakes at all levels of the market, and even for the fake professional market. read more

In this paper, the author

contacted the Jingdong, Taobao mall mall mall, pat three business platform, according to the practice of nagging learned, in understanding, and in summing up the various online training and tutorials to learn the experience in the process, to accept, simply on several platforms to promote the alliance to make small comments.

a, what is the promotion alliance?

sellers want to expand sales to the consumer market, especially the Internet to sell a new product, in addition to the store internal organs, such as shop shop signs, the main products, product details page, product price adjustment and promotion method is provided, in the rules issued by the platform, do have a certain visual style, overall coordination, clear focus the shop effect, also need to recruit a group of identity of your product, willing to promote your products Amoy read more

lead: online shopping goods arrival time of the fastest for 1 days in November 11th, under the single payment, 12 days delivery time; the slowest for 19 days, business interpretation because of "courier warehouse explosion, beat back the retransmission delay.".

part of the double eleven online shopping goods arrival, return, refund investigation report

Association released 18 "double eleven" online shopping experience investigation report found that this year’s double eleven online shopping goods delivery smoothly overall, as of December 4th, the staff to buy 94 items, only 1 did not arrive; business platform and business seven days no reason to return provisions in good condition. Only underwear, wine, milk and other 94 products in 4 products can not be returned, but not individual business platform refund; part of the business platform and businesses to provide invoices or bills is not optimistic; individual business platform online shopping process is unreasonable. read more

yesterday, my personal micro business views said, perhaps, you will feel no dry cargo. Today, I come to talk about the content of personal dry cargo derivative, that is how to be a thought, there are stories of people


we say, do Taobao are worried about traffic, do micro business, are worried about friends. In fact, the surface seems to be a truth, is to have someone. However, in depth, you will find that the two places are completely different. Taobao people are random, you can only passively accept. WeChat people are emotional, you need to take the initiative to find. read more

due to the reasons for the internship, recently always think about what they can do in the future, the following I think of something to share out, hoping to communicate with other students and peers.

a, e-commerce professional students learned during school?

most of the time, I would think, whether I can learn many things, if only to learn that the curriculum syllabus of the school, the future can do what work? Six more months to practice, recall now I learned at what college is to know what is B2B, what is C2C, what is Alipay, That’s all., now there are many students in our class there is no Alipay and online banking, now give an online banking card will not use, how do the future of e-commerce? May be more the reason behind us the development of electronic commerce, the school library also do not have what is new about books. We are now even a simple HTML page do not come out. I don’t know the city e-commerce developed the university is how, Inner Mongolia University of electronic commerce professional mostly just some understanding of the basic concepts, the simple operation course about network promotion, what SEO never heard. Fortunately, I met last semester from the green outfit marketing planning agencies friends, they tell me what is the learning, learned a lot, but also improve their self-learning ability. read more