now society, due to the relaxation of the entire domestic fertility policy, the entire maternal and child market has also formed a huge market demand, but in the operation of maternal and child shop when the purchase is also very important. General business will choose to purchase wholesale market purchase, then maternal and child supplies wholesale market how to do it?

Purchase tools

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pet shop in the community people’s lives are very common, the industry is worth looking forward to the development prospects, if you want to invest in a pet shop, then you need to learn what knowledge? If you are a novice do not understand, then together with Xiaobian to learn about it.

pet store management and the operator’s personal quality is closely related. This puts forward new requirements for the operator: a keen insight into the industry, accurate market observation, flexible customer strain. Specific performance in accordance with the level of consumer spending, feeding pets grade, decided to store the grade and price of goods. read more

open a convenience store, the cost of investment is not large, so many small entrepreneurs who want to open a convenience store. Convenience store location has a lot of know-how, if you are the first time to open a convenience store, you must be interested in the convenience store location, right? Here we look at the location of the convenience store needs to pay attention to the problem.

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now, the girls for the maintenance and decoration of nails, not a little simpler than skin care. A pink table, open a look, it is full of all kinds of nail tools, Zhang Qiu expertly from a wide range of nail polish to pick out a bottle of two recommended for customers. After choosing the right color, she is like in the grinding of art as a serious help customers do nails, 40 minutes later, the customer’s fingertips shine a dream light. You may not think of it, but this is a girl’s bedroom opened in the nail shop. read more

shop to do business is not simply to say, there are often more points of attention, so as to be able to make the business success probability is higher. So, what are the operating point of the shop? Let Xiaobian for you, see if you can pay attention to in the course of business operations.


not overdo sth.

must not have been staring at the customer entangled, chatter to introduce non-stop. Xiao Li has been afraid to go home only a dozen steps that pharmacy. This pharmacy facade style, shelves are open, is a typical drug supermarket. It should be said that there is no inconvenience to buy drugs here, and sales staff is very enthusiastic…… Bad is bad in "very enthusiastic". When the customer enters the hall, the door of the counter will continue to pass moves Lai sound, and beside the shelf salesman also immediately went up around you, if you say to want to buy cold medicine, he immediately brought you to the shelf, take some cold medicine off the reel introduction, can not wait to let you buy a try to go home. That passion, so that you can not advance and retreat. read more


startup mode of operation and thousands, to sum up, all entrepreneurial companies get rich means nothing more than two: either sell products or sales service, but no matter what kind of enterprise, the goal is the same, that is to make money.

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Street shopping almost all of the young people are a cup of milk tea drinks, modern people love to drink tea shop business is very hot. But with the gradual saturation of the market, open milk tea shop is not so simple a few years ago. Open milk tea shop has three matters needing attention, I hope this article will be helpful to the novice.

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in the entrepreneurial boom, especially for college students, the most potential to create a growth oriented enterprises, but because of its many aspects of their own shortcomings need more support.

Central Party School professor Zhou Tianyong said, from the data analysis, China’s entrepreneurial space is quite large, the developed countries and regions per thousand population have 40 to 50 enterprises, developing countries for 20 to 30, while China is only 11.66. From the international experience, the EU countries to solve the increasingly serious problem of unemployment, began to develop strategies to encourage entrepreneurship from the end of 1990s, 1997 to 2001 5 years, the total EU jobs growth over 10 million. The United States to enhance economic vitality and create jobs, long-term implementation of the national strategy to encourage and nurture entrepreneurship. In order to give full play to the effect of entrepreneurship to promote employment, Japan has developed a series of measures to encourage entrepreneurial activities, and in the labor policy formulated to help young people, women and other vulnerable groups entrepreneurial policy. read more

entrepreneurship in order to completely rely on personal strength alone is impossible, and often need to rely on cooperation with others in order to play a more resource advantage. So how to find the initial venture partner? Here are four good suggestions for entrepreneurs.

1, venture partner how to find? Don’t believe such a thing Taoyuan three sworn brothers don’t believe that Liu Bei sell sandals encountered sell date Guan Yu, and then pull the admission of Zhang Fei hit the world like a nouveau riche fairy tale. So how to find the founder? The first way is to find a proper understanding of the people in the relative; second is through the intermediate link of strong, such as two degrees, let an acquaintance, is also a way to introduce investors; the third is from the staff in training future partnership, which means you the company ranks to open, the staff to have the opportunity to rise up and step. read more

in the earlier stage of the whole college students entrepreneurial wealth, financing is a very critical point, have a good social financing channels, in fact, can help the public realize their business goals, especially for some college students who want to start.

5, Heilongjiang college student loan Company limited by guarantee inaugurated in Harbin, according to the introduction of this is the first national innovation and entrepreneurship to provide loans for the financing platform. The company aims to effectively solve the problem of college students financing difficulties, financing expensive, financing and other issues, to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship. The opening ceremony, Heilongjiang province entrepreneurship loan Guarantee Corporation and Bank of Longjiang respectively, Heilongjiang Province, Harbin Credit Union Bank signed a cooperation agreement, the Guarantee Corporation and the Bank of Harbin province college students and the first batch of 28 students entrepreneurs signed a loan guarantee agreement, and on the spot loans of 1 million 910 thousand yuan. read more

is now in the whole society, the education industry is a sunrise industry, and now the parents for the children’s education is also very concerned about, in the whole education but also put a lot of energy.

throughout the market business model, franchise stores emerge in an endless stream class. Join so many businesses tasted the sweetness, but the phenomenon of entrepreneurial failure still exists. Open shop blind operation is not desirable, the success of joining a chain store must be aware of prior to joining the notice and the signing of the signing process points. read more

a lot of people want to start a business, but there is no shortage of such a problem, that is, there is no cost to start a business, there is no cost how to start it? Don’t worry, the whole network to give everyone a "".

The process of read more

China has taken full advantage of the Internet’s driving force for the economy, and the Internet into the future development plan. The use of science and technology and the power of information to promote structural reform of the economy, so that everyone can choose innovation and entrepreneurship.

held within 17 days of the Second World Conference of the Internet Internet innovation and sustainable development "forum, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission Lin Nian Xiu keynote speech said that the China government attaches great importance to the integration of the Internet innovation and development, as the leading force for the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, carry out effective platform for entrepreneurship peoples the innovation of the public, an important starting point to promote economic structural reform. read more

when it comes to men’s business, many people’s first impression is that they will choose a big career, invest huge sums of money, and then completely buried in the cause, thus creating a big fortune! In fact, men do not necessarily have to do big business, small investment is also suitable for them, the following Xiaobian recommend to you a few!

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life pressure, abundant funds on hand, men spend more money on health and beauty, the beauty salon has increased. If you want to get rich in the men’s beauty salon, investors need to learn more about how to provide competitiveness. Next, the whole network to improve the competitiveness of men’s beauty salon weapon.

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in your early efforts, your bookstore finally opened up. However, want the bookstore business is hot, not a simple effort can do, in fact, there are related indicators can refer to. So, to improve the bookstore sales performance of the 4 indicators?

your bookstore is open. Now, you are the most demanding thing is how to make the bookstore sales increase, rising? Of course, you have to rack one’s brains, desperately try to search the promotional ideas, but whether you can make a powerful and unconstrained style ideas into view, make effective thinking focus on a multitude of things? read more

the same business, if the customer picky, this business will undoubtedly face more difficulties, and even difficult to achieve. As for the general customers, basically do not spend any breath, you can easily do one handed delivery. So, if you want a good business, but also need to face different customers have different treatment methods. Among them, if you encounter picky customers how to do?

one day, a customer into the store to buy things, first look around, then pointing, then holding a piece of merchandise to ask: "boss, this thing you are fake and shoddy goods?" I smiled and said: "our shop is disloyal, you look at the store on the billboard written, this shop fake a penalty ten, genuine goods at a fair price, fair trade! Perhaps you can provide us with evidence, you are very welcome to join us in the fight." read more

government’s support for college students entrepreneurs, than the greatest encouragement. January 24th, West Lake – Star nest angel investment fund launched in Hangzhou. Where there will be entrepreneurial intentions, entrepreneurial potential, innovative ideas, business plans and entrepreneurial passion for college students, have the opportunity to get funding.

, this was established in November last year the "entrepreneurial base", can accommodate 1000 students in business enterprise and technology start-up companies. There are restaurants, conference centers, science and technology exhibition halls, University Students’ apartments and leisure places.

of college students, in the park very favorable conditions. As long as there are entrepreneurial intentions and project plans, in line with the conditions of college students, not only can get 40 – 80 square meters of business space, and two years rent free. "We also for the college students to take charge of routine procedures, such as enterprise track, project planning, marketing, business management training and investment and financing management consulting services we will provide." The person in charge said.

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with the people of all ages to the leisure food, has great prospects for development in the market, according to market observation, especially desserts, by the love of the people, so there are a lot of people would like to open a dessert, but we all know that a dessert shop who has no characteristics of the words is certainly not, how to open a dessert stores?

Since the
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