Abstract: when you invest in a business, you will see both advantages and disadvantages. Inevitably, you will hear a story about the collapse of a business. Here is a detailed analysis of the company CEO. Hope to help you CEO.

editor’s note: the author is an angel investor and independent trader Jeffrey Carter, co founded in 2007 Hyde Angels Park – the most active angel investment company in the United states. In this paper, he will analyze the depth of the case, refining the reasons for the failure of the business, from the opposite to provide business advice CEO. read more

November 9th, the network capacity of the world summit in Shanghai (2010 http://s.h.ecpxw.com/) hot billing. Shanghai will be held in Putuo in December 18th 2010 of the network capacity of the world summit in Shanghai, by the media as "the last year thousands of chamber of Commerce network".

It is reported that

, the network capacity of the world 2010 summit in Shanghai, the key word is "tolerance" — B2B, B2C, C2C and S2X (service provider) "four network compatibility". The organizers are grassroots nonprofit organizations in Shanghai network alliance. Then, from around the country about 1000 e-commerce practitioners will be sharing e-commerce combat grasp the trend of dry cargo. At the same time, the grassroots network in the prestigious A5 stationmaster net, iResearch, micro-blog, Sina, network world magazine EC training network and other media in the field to "capture" case and the theme, participants the opportunity to greatly increase communication. read more

Internet era, online business has become the first choice with many entrepreneurs, but really do not succeed, but why?


information group Dongsheng teachers through investigation and analysis, found some online business rules, though not but these experiences are golden laws and precious rules, following a comprehensive summary of online business success footprint. Entrepreneurship should be based on their actual situation flexible use.

first, have failed to bear the psychological quality read more

on cross-border electricity beats, all kinds of "foreign" business is raging like a storm. Regardless of size, cross-border electricity supplier players are with their own dreams, hopes and vision in the development of a new world of their own. To this end, billion state power network launching a new column — "foreign business", aims to show the cross-border electricity supplier industry business boom, about growth trajectory and process all kinds of new enterprises.

with the sea Amoy market competition increasingly fierce, the "mother", "price war" and "flash purchase" has become almost synonymous with the cross-border electricity supplier, the global purchase CEO Zhang Zhendong thinks about, most of the current market and commodity circulation of cross-border electricity only to solve the problem, which is still the traditional electricity supplier product model now 90 girl has not eat "old business" of this…… read more


technology news November 21st afternoon, the second shot, small coffee show, a live three products about science and technology in the parent company this afternoon announced the completion of $500 million E round of financing, led by Sina micro-blog, Shanghai radio station, Shanghai radio and Television Culture Group Limited company joint venture industrial investment fund.

technology CEO Han Kun said at the scene, Sina micro-blog started from the B round of investment in 2013, has four consecutive round lead investor about science and technology, in-depth and comprehensive cooperation between the two sides in a short video and mobile broadcast field, together to create a mobile short video field the maximum strength of ecological community ", become one of the reasons this year micro-blog shares outbreak. Sina chairman and CEO Cao Guowei has publicly said: Sina micro-blog will continue to provide funding for the development of science and technology." read more

[Abstract] now people just look at the circle of friends, you can understand the different regions of the new year customs.

Tencent science and technology Xin Yan reported on February 16th

began in the 1983 Spring Festival Gala has become essential to every family during the Spring Festival of the project: one family around in front of the TV watching the Spring Festival evening eat family reunion dinner, waiting for the 12 o’clock midnight ringing sound, accompanied by the deafening sound of firecrackers ushered in the new year. Slowly, the Spring Festival Gala has become the witness and recorder of the Chinese New Year’s Eve family reunion. read more

in recent 1 months, organized outdoor mannequin photography contest "human photography artist" Mao Jian very fire, after the network operating costs of launching sites, the site suddenly became a "porn", was forced to close network operators. Yesterday, Mao Jian came to the Yuhuatai District People’s court, the prosecution service.

"artist": how is human art

Mao Jian told reporters, "the human body photography art" is a photographer, art lovers learning and communication platform, and provide information dissemination activities, "this site is a major learning website, except for professional internal communication, ordinary citizens can also browse the site, appreciate the beauty of body art. I did not expect such an art website, network operators will be as a porn site, was forced to close down more than half a month. At the beginning of March, I and some famous national body art photographer, created this website, 429 yuan fee paid to the space of a famous Nanjing network technology company agents at the time, the use of time for 1 years. Unexpectedly, the site has just run a few days, was forced to close in March 27th. I asked the network operator, job number 8010 reception staff to give me 4 reasons to close the site, a received network monitoring department notification requirements closed, think the site suspected of spreading pornographic photos; two is not numbered; three is the telecommunication department also received notice of censors ordered to shut down; four is no record in the telecommunications sector. I found the public security bureau network monitoring department, the Department of telecommunication, have confirmed that the site is not suspected of spreading pornographic pictures." read more

The success or failure of

website depends on the planning and operation of the website. Only detailed planning, in order to avoid many problems in the construction of the site, so that the site can be carried out smoothly. Site planning refers to the construction site of the market before the analysis, determine the purpose and function of the website, and according to the need of construction site design, promotion and maintenance to make reasonable planning, make the site quickly improve site traffic, establish the brand image. Web site planning for the construction and operation of the site to play the role of planning and guidance on the site’s content and maintenance play a role in positioning. read more

since 2007, the vertical industry B2B has been a great development, the electronic commerce market after the power. This platform has two main features: designed: concentrate all the power to create a professional information platform, including industry features or international service features; deep: this platform has professional unique characteristics, in the continuous exploration will produce many deep and unique service content and the profit model. But the vertical industry B2B has obvious shortcomings, because of concerns of the industry market is too small, the overall size of the development space is limited, such as in the vertical industry B2B developed very good China Chemical Network (more than 80% chemical enterprises is its membership in the chemical industry, originated in the monopoly position, its annual income) only about 80 million yuan; most in an industry leading vertical B2B annual income is only in the range of 10 million ~4000 million. read more

with WeChat’s popular "derivative" seems to be synonymous with the electricity supplier, from early morning chicken haven’t called, began to brush circle of friends, until the chicken slept, circle of friends also did not break down.

day sun, Shuabing, Jack, inspirational, exchange group, push each other, mutual praise…… What made what? I believe most people like me, the viral marketing sellers hate, not only single, but early in the shield, or pull the black

. For WeChat such an era of marketing tools, is an indispensable derivative era of good stuff, but the water boat can capsize. Excessive abuse, not only has no effect, but produce side effects. read more