a lot of home owners to see Groupon in the United States is very popular, we have started a group buying site. In fact, the network has long been in the country, mainly the group buying site business model is different from the traditional. The domestic lead several sites are: the United States Mission network, handle network, the most earth network.

since the most earth released the source code, the domestic group purchase network began to fluctuate. Whether it is a company or individuals are engaged in the purchase of the network, and now more successful on the U.S. mission network, but there are a lot of failures, why? Why do they fail? read more

Abstract: Double 11 Tmall business conference opening, two share a lot about double 11 categories and marketing platform gameplay and strategy, media will continue to update the map business double 11 new content, including Tmall clothing for last year added more personalized content guide gene rally also has delayed a period at the same time for two weeks, the 11 men’s and women’s double play also put forward various suggestions.

[editor’s note] just past 2013, was the founder of Dangdang Li Guoqing called the first year of digital reading. This year is the Amazon Kindle into China’s landmark event, tight layout are Tencent, Ali, Baidu three giants, more watercress, see, your thumb continued to explore new cutting-edge companies.

digital reading is becoming more and more popular, "how will the future of reading" evolve?

Li Guoqing in an exclusive interview with this newspaper that at least 5-8 years, e-books can not replace the paper book, his judgment is based on dangdang.com data; and independent bookstores all sages Bookstore general manager Liu Suli believes that the paper book prices will be dozens of times now. read more

In this paper, the author

contacted the Jingdong, Taobao mall mall mall, pat three business platform, according to the practice of nagging learned, in understanding, and in summing up the various online training and tutorials to learn the experience in the process, to accept, simply on several platforms to promote the alliance to make small comments.

a, what is the promotion alliance?

sellers want to expand sales to the consumer market, especially the Internet to sell a new product, in addition to the store internal organs, such as shop shop signs, the main products, product details page, product price adjustment and promotion method is provided, in the rules issued by the platform, do have a certain visual style, overall coordination, clear focus the shop effect, also need to recruit a group of identity of your product, willing to promote your products Amoy read more

latest news is that Ali is likely to become the second largest shareholder of Gao Xin retail. Darunfa in three or four line city store layout, Ali is very important, which is currently in the three or four line of the city retail layout of the strongest line network.

source: Vision China

traditional retail re-enter pit. In February 15th, Ali Gao Xin negotiate retail "news in the retail circle, Gao Xin retail supermarket and Auchan supermarket of the parent company. Both sides of the rumors did not respond positively to the negotiations. read more