first_imgIn the middle of the race to sign a striker, but with the team’s sport crisis on the table, Josep Maria Bartomeu granted an interview to Mundo Deportivo on the occasion of the gala that organized this media last Monday. The first that He wanted to send a message of confidence to Setién: “He is a coach we like. Both his philosophy of play and his way of thinking. We know that it is not always easy when a coach arrives. There have been few matches and few trainings but soon we will see positive changes. “Then, Bartomeu stopped to talk about several proper names. First, Messi and his renewal: “He has a contract until 2021. Our goal is to retire at Barça and therefore it will have to be renewed. He has a lot of football to teach us and enjoy it. Therefore, he will not finish in 2021 his exercise as a footballer and will have to be renewed of course so that he ends up at Barça whenever he wants. “And then, of Neymar and his possible arrival in summer:” It is the recurring question that makes us all the world since last year but I already said it. Until we have meetings and plan the following season, this topic will not be discussed. Now we are very aware of what we can do this January, some departures that are seen and some arrival. But for next season it has not been spoken and if it has been spoken, I cannot reveal it. We are always open to everything. “ On Suarez he did clear balls outside: “(his renovation) is not on the table. We have not talked to him or his agent. If the opportunity arises, we will talk about it. But we are currently worried about his recovery. It was a shame that you miss this important part of the season. “He also dropped that there will be an extraordinary Assembly to launch the Espai Barça: “We do not know yet (if it will be in March the Assembly), but there will come a time when we must gather the compromising partners to consult them in order to start the works of the Camp Nou. But the Estadi Johan Cruyff is finished, the Mini is already demolished and this does not stop. Now it is necessary to ask the members if they agree with this financing to continue with the Camp Nou, which is the most important of this project, renovate the stadium that is already a few years old. “last_img read more

first_imgAs the journalist successfully summed up Ricard Torquemada in Catalunya Ràdio, “Barça and hobby players begin to look each other in the face”. For a long time, and with the bad results, there has always been some layer that avoided direct conflict between the workforce and the partner. The last victim was Ernesto Valverde, to whom time, little even, has ended up giving the reason. The fans who thought that post-Valverde football would thrill have already understood that, perhaps, the cow no longer throws milk and that it was not a matter of coach, but of players, that Barça cannot reach perfection. These days, the Barça It reaches where it arrives. Who else, who least, remembers, every time he sees a player put his hands to his ears, of the gesture of the Topo Gigio by Juan Román Riquelme to Mauricio Macri in 2001 how famous he became in Argentina. But in Barcelona, that gesture of Jordi Alba to the stands when he made the fictional 2-0 to the Real, which was not even 2-0 because it was canceled, he remembered the one Philippe Coutinho did after making Manchester United 3-0 Last season. Coutinho It is not related with Sunrise, who is a youth player and a player with a career in Barça and loved by the fans. But Alba has risked and opened, maybe, the last melon left to destroy in Can Barça. The players-hobby conflict could burn the end of the season in the Barcelona. A vital thread in the health of a team. The fact is that, after a very terrible victory of which there was not much to show off, Alba pushed a center of Ansu Fati Y, hurt by the pitos of the Camp Nou, he put his hands on his ears and left a scroll, angry at what he considered an unfair criticism that ended up making the media public: “The players leave everything. No player likes not to play well, but we are beaten in the fifteenth minute with a zero draw I do not like Just like I respect everyone, they have to respect me. And I don’t like to be beaten. “ 18 And as the first ones who know it are the professionals, maybe that is what hurts them the most and that’s where the laments of Jordi Alba. Barça put everything on the field against Real, with Messi to the head. The players left their souls and the team won. But a hobby that has been accustomed to excellence for more than a decade does not finish assuming that this legendary team can stop playing brilliantly. The conflict even has an emotional cruel point. Support until the end players who have won more than 30 titles or answer them.Those words of Sunrise They can be a reproach. But also a SOS. Admit that, now that they can no longer win as machines, they need the encouragement of people to continue choosing to win titles. From what it seems that nobody would benefit, neither the partner culé nor players, is to consolidate a crack. What the fan likes is that his team wins matches and the player, like any, that people don’t point. We will have to be attentive to the development of this new controversy that opens in the Barça of the messes, with Bartomeu already covered as a general rule for what it seems and with an internal audit to resolve on the issue of I3 Ventures. But, from the outside, Barça is already involved in another type of career, the electoral. And there, all the families of Barcelona move threads and puppets. And everything goes, until the ties soccer-hobby are broken.last_img read more

first_imgDear Editor,“If you say that you love God, but don’t care for his people, then it has no meaning – Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar”It is an established fact that only His Excellency, President David Granger is empowered by the Constitution to call elections, not GECOM. So, this whole myth of GECOM having to advise the President on a date is exactly that, utter gobbledygook from those who are subscribing to this myth. Mr Granger’s actions since December 21, 2018, reflects one that is unaccountable, aloof and distant from the people. The longer they hide from the people the greater the political damage to the Palm Tree with a key superimposed for cosmetic purposes. Are the thinkers in the PNC totally blind to this fact?Since GECOM held elections in November 2018, that institution has in place a valid list that expires on April 30, 2018. So, there is nothing preventing the President from doing his job in accordance with the Constitution. Therefore, this high nonsense being peddled by the GECOM Commissioner, Vincent Alexander, is exactly that; a determined attempt to mislead and distort the truth. I would not want to call the gentleman an untruth peddler, but all I am seeing is grave acts on his part of subterfuge and deception in service to his masters in Congress Place. Is this the legacy he wants to be remembered by – the man who frustrated democracy?All the voters want is adherence to the rule of law, free and fair elections so that they can have a framework that will facilitate their economic and social upliftment. So why is Mr Alexander bent on destroying democracy?Granted that the President is bedridden, the functioning of the Presidency does not stop. Who is tasked with the responsibility to get out and understand what is going on out there in the villages of Guyana on behalf of the President? Who is tasked with carrying out his constitutional functions while he is in bed? This nation needs leadership now and Mr Granger must step up or please have some dignity and step out.Sincerely,Sasenarine Singhlast_img read more

first_img…Govt’s coverage ‘public relations gimmick’ Outspoken attorney and accountant Christopher Ram has dubbed the Government’s coverage of the Green Paper “public relations and propaganda” and not serious consultations.He told a forum organised by the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) on Thursday to discuss the Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) that the paper leaves more questions than answers.“It is not a Green Paper, it’s a White Paper. A Green Paper tells you what your options are and various variables, what are the advantages and disadvantages,” he explained.However, he claimed that the document is “very prescriptive.” In other words, it actually outlines what the Government plans to do. He argued that that is not consultation.“And we are also speaking against the background of inadequate information. We still don’t know things about the contract and there is an elephant in this room and we are not addressing it,” he said.Ram, pointed to a host of things that are yet to be done, including information being released about the prospecting license, the production license, a depletion policy, and no local content policy.“I think the paper has paid some lip service to the Dutch disease particularly as it relates to the impact on exchange rate, inflation, unemployment, balance of payment, unbalanced development. We have already seen the Dutch disease here,” he added.The outspoken accountant told the forum attended by persons from civil society that the distinction must now be drawn between the theory and the practice.“We are gone a far way with a Natural Resource Fund…And we are seeing the economy already suffering from the Dutch disease…We have said, we talked about the resources curse. There is nothing saying how to do you prevent it,” he further pointed out.A section of the audience at the forum organised by the GMSA on ThursdayHe continued, “I am, not sure what there consultation process is, who is taking the notes, and do we have a committee in the Ministry of Finance for the Government to consider recommendations and to decide? Because unless we do, we are hearing that government is going ahead with legislation by the last quarter of 2018. They are not waiting on us.”Ram stressed that “Unless you put good mechanisms in place nothing is going to work” and added that he believes that “the best sovereign wealth fund you can have is a well-managed economy and a proper structured country.”Using Singapore as an example, he said that that country is not one that is natural resource blessed but still has one of the best economies and SWFs in the world be “because it “runs its economy well and puts aside its money.”Veteran trade unionist and General Secretary of the Guyana Trade Union Congress (GTUC) Lincoln Lewis who was part of the panel said that the Government has failed to engage the Guyanese people in active consultation to hear from them what they would like to see done with the resources from the oil and gas sector.Meanwhile, University of Guyana lecturer Carol Webster said there is need for a clearer rules set out in the Fund that will guarantee sustainability and the equal distribution of wealth.The discussion covered issues such as the guiding principles for a SWF; how the SWF should be utilized and mechanisms for doing so; governance mechanisms, and oversight and management of the SWF and the role of civil society and the private sector. Forum also included a representative of the Finance Ministry Sonya Roopnauth.The Green Paper on the Natural Resources Fund (NRF), which will deal with the question of management of anticipated oil revenues starting in 2020, was laid in the National Assembly in August. Government has said that legislation in relation to the fund could be laid in Parliament before the end of the year, as indicated in Budget 2018.It said that the proposed legislation addresses two main issues: stability of the economy, and saving for future generations. Advice on this fund is being sought from the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the Commonwealth Secretariat.Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo recently said he still did not agree with the model being proposed for the Fund, which could cater for a representative from the Opposition.last_img read more

first_imgCHICAGO – A surprising study of elderly people suggests that those who see themselves as self-disciplined, organized achievers have a lower risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease than people who are less conscientious. A purposeful personality might somehow protect the brain, perhaps by increasing neural connections that can act as a reserve against mental decline, said study co-author Robert Wilson of Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center. Astoundingly, the brains of some of the dutiful people in the study were examined after their deaths and were found to have lesions that would meet accepted criteria for Alzheimer’s – even though these people had shown no signs of dementia. “This adds to our knowledge that lifestyle, personality, how we think, feel and behave are very importantly tied up with risk for this terrible illness,” Wilson said. “It may suggest new ideas for trying to delay the onset of this illness.” When the researchers took into account a combination of risk factors, including smoking, inactivity and limited social connections, they still found that the dutiful people had a 54 percent lower risk of Alzheimer’s compared with people who had the lowest scores for conscientiousness. Could lower conscientiousness merely be an early sign of Alzheimer’s? The researchers think not. At the start of the study, the less-conscientious people were no more likely to have lower mental abilities or more memory problems than the most-dutiful people in the study. Renee Goodwin of Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health was not involved in the new study but has done similar work that found a connection between conscientiousness and better health. “It’s having self-discipline and energy, doing the healthy things,” Goodwin said. Because priests and nuns are an unusual group, the findings might not apply to the general population, Goodwin said, but she noted that there was a normal range of personality types among the participants. The research could lead to strategies for developing dutiful personality traits as a way to prevent dementia, Goodwin said. The study was supported by grants from the National Institute on Aging.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Previous studies have linked social connections and stimulating activities such as working puzzles with a lower risk of Alzheimer’s. The same researchers reported previously that people who experience more distress and worry about their lives are at a higher risk. The new findings, appearing in Monday’s Archives of General Psychiatry, come from an analysis of personality tests and medical exams of 997 older Catholic priests, nuns and brothers who participated in the Religious Orders Study. At the start of the study, none of the participants showed signs of dementia. The average age was 75. Everyone took tests, including a standard personality test, then the researchers tracked them for 12 years, testing yearly for cognitive decline and dementia. Brain autopsies were performed on most of those who died. During the 12 years, 176 people developed Alzheimer’s disease. Those with the highest scores for a personality trait called “conscientiousness” at the start of the study had an 89 percent lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s compared with people who had the lowest scores for that personality trait. The conscientiousness scores were based on how people rated themselves, on a scale of 0 to 4, on how much they agreed with statements such as: “I work hard to accomplish my goals,” “I strive for excellence in everything I do,” “I keep my belongings clean and neat” and “I’m pretty good about pacing myself so as to get things done on time.” last_img read more

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first_imgResultsPeter McFadden BreenaghU12 Go Games Section One Termon 5.05 5.06 LK GaelsSection TwoRed Hughs 1.06 0.16 McCumhaillsN Padraig 1.03 2.08 St Eunans B Crawford Trophies LiffordUnder 14 Division OneBurt 3.05 3.13 GlenfinFanad Gaels 2.04 0.08 Ghaoth DobhairSt Eunans 6.18 1.03 Cloughaneely McCumhaills 5.03 4.13 ConvoyDivision Two Section OneUrris 12.14 0.04 Robert EmmetsMalin 9.15 3.05 Naomh Colmcille Carndonagh 6.09 2.08 UrrisRed Hughs 1.08 2.03 BuncranaN Padraig 0.00 1.05 CarndonaghDivision Two Section TwoL/Kenny Gaels 5.10 3.03 Gaoth DobhairSt Eunans B 5.09 4.10 MilfordDownings 1.02 6.06 GlenswillyTermon 1.02 6.19 St MichaelsFixturesWednesday15th June 7.30 pmCrawford Trophies LiffordUnder 14 Division OneConvoy v Fanad Gaels Paul CrampsieCloughaneely v Burt Conal O BaoillGhaoth Dobhair v McCumhaills Hughie McGarveyGlenfin v St Eunans Cathal DohertyDivision Two Section OneCarndonagh v Urris Paul McLaughlinBuncrana v Malin Alan FrielR Emmets v N Padraig Gareth DevenneyN Colmcille v Red Hughs Joe O DonnellDivision Two Section TwoSt Michaels v St Eunans B Seamus BradleyGlenswilly v Letterkenny Gaels Conal McGreneraMilford v Termon Mark DorrianGhaoth Dobhair v Downings Joe CaseySaturday 18th June 12.00Peter McFadden BreenaghU10 Go Games Section OneCloughaneely v Letterkenny GaelsGhaoth Dobhair v St EunansFanad Gaels v MilfordDownings v TermonGlenswilly v St MichaelsPeter McFadden BreenaghU10 Go Games Section TwoNaomh Colmcille v BuncranaRed Hughs v N Padraig LiffordRobert Emmets v McCumhaillsGlenfin v ConvoyWednesday 22nd June 7.30 pmCrawford Trophies LiffordUnder 14 Division OneSt Eunans v Convoy Paddy McKeeverBurt v Ghoath Dobhair Paddy McGonagleFanad Gaels v Glenfin James McGinleyMcCumhaills v Cloughaneely Cathal DohertyDivision Two Section OneRed Hughs v Carndonagh PJ ScanlonMalin v Robert Emmets John FarrenUrris v Naomh Colmcille Paul McLaughlinN Padraig v BuncranaDivision Two Section TwoDownings v St Michaels Daniel HallL/Kenny Gaels v Milford Conal McGreneraSt Eunans B v Ghaoth Dobhair Gary McDaidTermon v Glendwilly Don LanganRegistrationsAll clubs must ensure their registrations are with Northern Board Registrar Emma McAtteer before 30th June. Any club who fails to do so will not be allocated any further fixtures and will forfeit their gamesCups & TrophiesAny club who has still not returned a divisional or county trophy should do so immediately.Championship DrawsThe U16 championship games will be played immediately after the exams have been completed, commencing on Monday 27th June. Fixtures can be viewed on the website.DONEGAL NORTHERN BOARD GAA NOTES was last modified: June 14th, 2011 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_img 1 Argentina’s hopes of reaching the knockout stages of the 2018 World Cup campaign are in tatters following their 3-0 defeat at the hands of Croatia.Goals from Ante Rebic, Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic sealed the resounding defeat for the two-time World Cup winners. It’s been a miserable campaign in Russia for Lionel Messi and co so far following their disappointing draw to Iceland last weekend.And Argentina will probably need a win in their final Group D game against Nigeria in order to prevent themselves from getting an early plane home.It was 0-0 at half-time in what was a tight first-half but the game turned on a moment of madness from Argentina keeper Willy Caballero.The Chelsea man tried a terrible flick in his own box which presented Rebic with a great opportunity to give Zlatko Dalic’s side the lead which was finished brilliantly.After that Argentina capitulated and went 2-0 down through a great strike from Modric before Rakitic teased the dejected defence before tapping home the third.And many fans on Twitter were quick to make fun of Caballero after his costly error. Below you can see footage of the mistake and some of the best tweets mocking the goalkeeper… Modric celebrates Croatia’s second goal What a ball by Caballero 😂— Joey B (@ElMayaBlanco) June 21, 2018 David De Gea: My mistake will be the worst in the World Cup this year.Willy Caballero: Hold my beer.#CRO #ARG #ARGCRO #WorldCup2018 #WorldCup2018 pic.twitter.com/XzHq5YgU9h— FIFA World Cup 🏆 (@TheSporTalk) June 21, 2018 Definitely going to spend years arguing about whether Caballero passing the ball to Rebic was Messi or Higuain’s fault.— Mike L. Goodman 🔥 (@TheM_L_G) June 21, 2018 Caballero just like an English keeper there.— TrueNumber10 (@TrueNumber10) June 21, 2018center_img Even Mesut can’t play this type of lobbed through balls.Willy Caballero is the new KING OF THE ASSIST! What a pass!bow down peeps! GOAT is here! 🐐🔥— 1666’s apple 🍎 (@Ananno11Asif) June 21, 2018 The highlight of my day was seeing how angry my dad got with Argentina’s goalkeeper Caballero #ARGvsCrO— Adaly Acosta (@AdalyAcosta3) June 21, 2018 Willy Caballero did something out of one of those FIFA Fails videos and showed why he’s only second best at Chelsea in one go! #ARGCRO— Daniel Baker (@DRB_1992) June 21, 2018 Its a miracle how chelsea went through a succesful FA cup campaign with caballero in goal #worldcup— Ogb Donne (@piouskiddd) June 21, 2018 Rebic take a bow 🔥🔥⚽️⚽️ Caballero what are you doing 😂😂 #Arg #CRO #ARGCRO pic.twitter.com/0NaU0LqYTX— Richard lavender 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (@Lavender901) June 21, 2018 Don’t worry Caballero, you and Karius can start a club 🤣😂🤣😂— Brunna (@PrincessaBrunna) June 21, 2018talkSPORT will be with listeners all day and all night at this year’s 2018 FIFA World Cup™ with over 800 hours of World Cup content and all 64 games live across the talkSPORT network.last_img read more

first_imgDONEGAL JUNIOR LEAGUEREPORTS SATURDAYOld Orchard Saturday Division One Erne Wanderers 1 Glencar Celtic 2In perfect conditions this was a very evenly contested game. The first half saw both teams playing good football. Erne nearly scored after 3 minutes when Sticky Ward headed just over from David Dolan’s corner. The rest of the half saw both defences on top with neither keeper really tested. The second half started much the same. The breakthrough came on the hour mark when Erne gave up possession easily on the right wing and with the backline out of shape the ball ended up at Malseed’s feet on the edge of the box and his shot somehow found the bottom corner. Erne should have equalised straight away when they worked the ball down the left and Ryan O’ Brien got in behind the Glencar defence but the outrushing keeper did well to block his effort. Erne were pushing hard at this stage and were suspect to counter attacks and Celtic could have caught them on two or three occasions but for last ditch tackling to save the day. On seventy minutes Erne were caught square at the back and allowed Shane Hilley through on goal and he neatly tucked it into bottom corner. Erne went all out after this and got a lucky break when given a penalty with fifteen left. Ryan O’ Brien tucked it away into bottom corner. Wanderers pushed hard for the remainder of the game but Glencar just about held on for the points. Good battling display from Erne with Diarmuid Spratt, Micheal Ward and David Dorrian showing well and a team performance from Glencar. Referee: Seamus Mc Groary.Glenea United 3 Orchard F.C. 2In wet conditions, it was the home side that came out on top with a hard earned victory over Orchard. Glenea started brightly, putting the visitors under pressure, but were unable to create any clear cut chances and were made to pay on 25 minutes when Niall Bonner picked up a loose ball on the edge of the box and chipped the ball over the keeper and into the net. Orchard almost doubled their lead when, after good work down the right, the ball was pulled back to Niall Bonner but his effort went over the bar. Glenea equalised on 36 minutes when Eugene Maguire’s cross was headed on by Dean Gallagher and Sean McBride drilled the ball home. Orchard went back in front on the stroke of half-time, when Eddie McLaughlin drove in from the left and fired the ball home from 25 yards. In the 2nd half the home side tried hard to get back into the game but were finding it difficult to create any chances. Glenea were given a lifeline on 83 minutes when, from a free-kick on the edge of the area, Shane Coll curled the ball into the corner of the net. Both sides pushed hard for a winner and in the final minute it was the home side that broke away through Michael Mc Clafferty. His through ball found Tommy Rodgers who slipped a pass to Sean McBride and he lifted it over the keeper and into the net. Best for Glenea were Shane Penrose, Michael Mc Clafferty and Sean McBride, while Niall Bonner impressed for Orchard. Referee: Kevin DohertyGlencar Inn Saturday Division TwoTullyvinney Rovers 1 Arranmore United 3Arranmore came into this game unbeaten. They started this game brightly and were three up in the first twenty minutes. They scored their first goal when Mark Ward’s attempted cross sliced over Nigel Hegarty’s head for a fortunate first goal . Arranmore scored their second goal after a long kick-out was latched onto by Gavin mc Glanaghey who tapped home .They scored their third when Mark Ward was upended in the penalty area. He got up and dispatched the penalty to the net. Tullyvinney started to play football after that and got a goal back when DavidGardiner was fouled in the box. Daniel Mc Nulty scored from the spot. The same player should have scored a second goal when he rounded the keeper but with the goal at his mercy he shot wide. Team effort from Arranmore. Best for Tullyvinney were Jason Mc Kinney, Paddy Cassidy and Adam Gardiner. Referee: Charlie Crerand Keadue Rovers Reserves 4 Glenree United Reserves 6Glenree came out winners of this entertaining fixture at Central Park on Saturday. After a good opening spell for both sides Glenree took the lead on five minutes, a header from a corner from John Mc Clafferty. However a minute later Keadue were level, David Ward striking low to the corner of the net. The home side had followed this with a good spell and created a few half chances but against the run of play Glenree went 2-1 up when Karl Mc Elhinney got on the end of a good move. After twenty five minutes Keadue should’ve been level, Luke Neely hitting the post. Glenree took advantage of that miss and were 3-1 up within minutes, Karl Mc Elhinney getting his second of the game. Keadue came back into it with Luke Neely drilling home, leaving it 3-2 on the half hour mark. Glenree went 4-2 up after thirty five minutes from an inswinging corner which hung in the wind. Damien Nelis headed home almost on the line. Close to half time Glenree were the stronger outfit and made it 5-2 when Damien Nelis scored. Into the second half, Damien Hanlon poked home following a defensive mix up on forty seven minutes. Having most of the possession Keadue continued to push forward and on seventy two minutes following a fine cross from Jack O’Brien, Donal Rodgers rose well to head home to make it 5-4. Keadue were now well on top but just couldn’t force the equaliser. Karl Mc Elhinney was proving dangerous on the break for Glenree and on eighty minutes following a breakaway he was brought down for a penalty. Damien Nelis converted to complete his hat-trick. Best for Glenree were Damien Nelis and Karl Mc Elhinney and best for Keadue were Conor Greene and David Ward. Referee: Barry Hunter.Cranford United Reserves 2 Strand Rovers 1Cranford started the game on the front foot with good chances falling to Brendan Giles and Naoise Cullen, but the Strand keeper doing well in nets pulled off two good saves. Both teams had chances with Brendan Glackin going close for the Strand from distance. Cranford took the lead after good work from Brendan Giles to turn the defender, win a penalty, and then coolly slot home. The second half started with Strand putting the pressure on and they were rewarded with Thomas Brennan finishing well to make it one each. Cranford responded well and went close through Kevin Fisher and Hughie Bradley. Cranford then took the lead after a great finish from John Mc Bride inside the box. Cranford almost got a third but Tony Boyce’s header was well saved by the keeper. Best for Cranford were John Mc Bride and Darren Lynch. Team effort by Strand. SUNDAY REPORTSWatson Hire Division OneCastlefin Celtic 6 Eany Celtic 1Castlefin had a convincing victory over an under strength Eany on Sunday. Castlefin took the lead in the 4th minute when Ronan Tourish scored from the penalty spot after Mathew O` Rourke was fouled in the box. Castlefin made it two in the 25th minute. The ball was played out of defence from Michael Dunnion to Matthew O` Rourke who played it through to JP Malley to score. Eany pulled one back in the 32nd minute when Liam Mc Groarty scored direct from a corner. Castlefin increased their lead on the stroke of half time when Simon Mc Glinchey tapped home from a Ronan Tourish corner. Matthew O` Rourke scored the home sides 4th goal in the 60th minute, fed by a though ball from Kieran Brennan. In the 75th minute Ronan Tourish scored again form the penalty spot after Mailey was fouled in the penalty area. JP Malley completed the scoring in the 85th minute when he shot past the keeper from a Matthew O` Rourke pass. Referee: James MalseedCT Ball Division TwoRaphoe Town 3 Letterbarrow Celtic 1On a stormy day in Raphoe the home side collected their first three points of the season. Raphoe started very well with Jamie Gallagher and Mark Bogle causing all sorts of problems for the away team. Jamie Gallagher opened the scoring after a great move involving Seamy Bogle, Mark Bogle and Paddy Gallagher. They went two up when Mark Bogle scored with a fantastic diving header. Letterbarrow got back into it when they scored on the break, after this they had a few half chances but Raphoe held firm and went three one up after Micheal Quinn was taken down in the box. Christy Bogle stepped up and dispatched he penalty expertly. Best for Raphoe: Jamie Gallagher and Gavin Mc Brearty. Solid team effort from Letterbarrow Celtic.Drumbar F.C. 1 Convoy Arsenal 2Drumbar welcomed the league leaders Convoy on a wet and windy day for football. A bright opening from the home side but they just couldn’t convert their chances. Convoy shocked the home side with a quick double before half time from David Harvey and John Melaugh. Drumbar dominated the second half and forced a free kick after some fine play from Adam Enright, Enda Brogan and Gavin Bennett. Shane Browne stepped up and dispatched a fine free kick. Drumbar pushed on from there with shot after shot but couldn’t get past a Convoy keeper in great form on the day. Team effort from Convoy. Best for Drumbar were Owen Harron and Daniel Bennett.FAI Junior CupKerrykeel ’71 F.C. 2 Whitestrand United 1Kerrykeel ‘71 moved into the next round of the FAI Junior Cup with a win against local rivals Whitestrand United. The game started at a frantic pace with Kerrykeel on top. Brendan Friel saved well from his brother Johnny on ten minutes. Paddy Mc Grenaghan was pulling the strings in midfield and he went close on eighteen minutes only to see his strike go narrowly wide. Mark Friel put the ‘71 in front on twenty five minutes when he brilliantly fired home after a Cathal Martin pass. Whitestrand were trying to hit Kerrykeel on the break but Marty Mc Ateer, Seimie Friel, Patrick Mc Conigley and Mylie Mc Bride dealt well with it. Kerrykeel had chances to extend their lead but Brendan Friel was having a fine game.Whitestrand drew level in the first minute of the second half when Jerome Burke broke the offside trap and finished well. Kerrykeel upped a gear and got their lead back on sixty minutes when Kevin Loughrey crossed for Johnny Friel to head home from six yards. Kerrykeel had keeper Shaun Friel to thank shortly after when he made two point blank saves to deny Burke. In the final ten minutes the ‘71 had chances through Mark Friel and Cathal Martin but again Friel came out on top.Best for Kerrykeel: Patrick Mc Grenaghan, Fergus Callaghan and Shaun FrielBest for Whitestrand: Eamonn Martin and S.P. GallagherReferee: Paddy DuffyUlster Junior CupBallybofey United 2 Lagan Harps 1Ballybofey United advanced to the next round of the Ulster Junior Cup by defeating Lagan Harps on Sunday afternoon. The Twin Towns outfit fell behind after just ten minutes when Austin Marron struck to give the Manorcunningham based outfit the lead. Ten minutes later the home side pulled level when Conor Doherty scored from twenty five yards. The game was contested in typical Cup Football fashion throughout. Ballybofey United secured the winner in the last minute of the match when Chris Darby drilled a free kick to the back of the Lagan net. Referee: Brian O’ KaneLifford Celtic 4 Kilmacrennan Celtic 0Lifford stormed out of the blocks, similar to the weather, and they raced into a two goal early lead following goals from the evergreen Patrick Sumners and a cool Johnny Robb penalty. As the first half progressed Kilmac came more into the game but never really troubled Paul Given in the Lifford goal. The second half began as the first ended with Kilmac pressing and Lifford rearguard standing strong. Lifford ensured they would progress to the next round as Declan Lafferty scored from 40 yards on 70 minutes with the Kilmac netminder caught in “no man’s land”. Kilmac continued to enjoy fine spells of possession but couldn’t find a way through a determined Lifford defence marshalled by Marcus McDonald. Patrick Sumners put a fine gloss on the result as he scored Lifford’s fourth and his second to wrap up the victory and cap a fine personal performance.Carrick United 1 Gweedore United 2(No Report Available)Milford United 8 Cootehill Harps 3Milford advanced with a comprehensive win over Cootehill Harps at the Flag Pole Pitch in Rathmullan following the switching of the game from Milford.The sides met in the FAI Junior Cup earlier this year with the Cavan team coming out on top by five goals to nil. Milford were not going to be caught cold this time round and started with great drive and energy and ended the game as a contest with four goals in the opening half hour.Milford’s first was headed home by Christy Mc Cafferty following a perfect cross from TJ Evesson. PJ Hagan rattled in the next again from an Evesson cross. Christy Mc Cafferty scored the goal of the match, following good work by Gary Merritt, Mc Cafferty took the ball 25 yards from goal to strike with power to the top corner. Gary Merritt tapped home the fourth following good work by Mc Cafferty. Cavan scored a goal before half time. Mc Cafferty struck again from 20 yards to secure his hat-trick. PJ Hagan added another and also rounded the keeper minutes later to tap in for his hat-trick. Merritt scored two further goals to complete his hat-trick also. Cootehill scored two late consolation goals and Milford finished with 10 men when Paddy Peoples received two yellow cards and was dismissed. A great team performance by Milford. Referee: Kevin Logue.Curragh Athletic 0 Carndonagh F.C. 2Last year’s winners Carndonagh F.C. progressed through the next round of the Ulster Junior Cup thanks to two goals from former Derry City player Brendan Devlin. However, although the Inishowen team probably just about deserved their win, they had another former Derry City player, goalkeeper Seamus Houghton, to thank as he had an excellent game in goals. Devlin opened the scoring on fifteen minutes when he slotted home from close range from a free kick. He then wrapped up the game with a penalty on seventy minutes. But the home team will feel they could have done better with a bit of luck, Ronnie Carlin’s header just going the wrong side of the post and Houghton making several confident saves when needed. For Curragh, Garbh Gallagher and Neil Lloyd tried hard up the middle with Carlin and Marcus Oliver always looking dangerous up front. But it was the Inishowen outfit that dealt better with the difficult weather with Curragh if anything trying to play too much football. Referee: Joe Mc Hugh.Donegal Town 1 Rathmullan Celtic 2Rathmullan came out on top in this closely fought affair at the Hospital Field. In blustery conditions, the visitors started the brighter and created some early chances. Donegal then grew into the game and came close from a David Harron effort. Goalkeeper Dermot Mc Cafferty and defensive pair JP Byrne and Barry Farragher dealt well with the fluid Rathmullan attack. After the break Donegal grew in belief and that belief was rewarded when Clint Walsh fired home in the sixtieth minute. Good work out wide from David Harron and David Bustard created the chance which Walsh buried into the bottom corner. Rathmullan pushed forward in search of an equaliser and got their reward when Eamonn Sheridan nodded home from a corner. The winner was scored in the second half of extra time when Darragh Patton headed home at the near post from a corner. Ryan Earley went close for Donegal late on but fired his effort just over. Good team performances from both sides.Cranford United 4 Dunkineely Celtic 0Cranford got their Ulster Cup campaign off to an excellent startagainst Dunkineely Celtic with a 4-0 victory. Arthur Lynch stabbed home fromclose range after Philip Buchanan’s effort was cleared off the line.They made it two nil on 40 minutes when Kyle Black headed home a MichaelCannon cross. In between Dunkineely had a few chances well saved bythe in-form Cranford keeper Shaun Gallagher. On 75 minutes Kyle added hissecond from a Buchanan through ball and got his hat-trick when hescored from a Cannon pass. Declan Murrin put in a good shift for theaway team with new signing Kieran Sharkey, Kyle Black and Seamus Carrthe pick of the home team. Referee: Charlie Crerand.Gweedore Celtic 3 Bonagee United 0The final result may flatter Gweedore Celtic as this was a much closer game than the scoreline suggests. As early as the first minute Bonagee had a chance as Lee Mc Gonigle outpaced the home defence but his low shot went past the post. Against the run of play Brendan Devine’s shot took a deflection and wrong footed the keeper with the ball ending up in the back of the net.Bonagee continued to press and they seemed to have their reward when they were awarded a penalty just before half-time. Kevin Doran took the kick but fired it over the bar. The second half was a more even affair. Gweedore Celtic got their second goal on seventy-five minutes when Odhran Mac Niallais drove home from just inside the area. In the last minute Tommy Diver headed home from a Chris Porter corner. Best for Gweedore were Johnny Mc Ginty and Jamie Boyle. A team performance from Bonagee. Referee: Michael LaganGlengad United 1 Glenea United 1(Glengad won on penalties)St. Catherines 2 Cockhill Celtic Youths 1The Saints entertained Inishowen side Cockhill Youths in the Ulster Cup at a windy Emerald Park. Cockhill started the brighter and on thirty five minutes opened the scoring when Daniel Doherty hit a free kick from wide on the wing and it found its way to The Saints net with the assist of the strong wind. The Saints pressed for the equaliser but couldn’t break through the Cockhill defence.The second half saw chances go amiss from both sides and it wasn’t until eighty minutes that St. Catherines found the net when Cormac Cannon pounced on a defensive error and his shot hit the post on it’s way in. Cockhill finished the ninty minutes with ten men.Extra time saw The Saints press hard for the winner as Cockhill defended for their lives and on one hundred and five minutes Ryan Farrell popped up at the back post to riffle the ball low and hard into the bottom corner. Good team performances from both sides. Referee: Victor Rainey.Cavan Celtic 4 Gweedore United Reserves 6(No Report Available)DONEGAL JUNIOR LEAGUERESULTSSATURDAYOld Orchard Saturday Division OneErne Wanderers 1 v 2 Glencar CelticGlenea United 3 v 2 Orchard F.C.Glencar Inn Saturday Division TwoTullyvinney Rovers 1 v 3 Arranmore UnitedKeadue Rovers Reserves 4 v 6 Glenree United ReservesCranford United Reserves 2 v 1 Strand RoversSUNDAYWatson Hire Division OneCastlefin Celtic 6 v 1 Eany CelticCT Ball Division TwoRaphoe Town 3 v 1 Letterbarrow CelticDrumbar F.C. 1 v 2 Convoy ArsenalFAI Junior CupKerrykeel ’71 F.C. 2 v 1 Whitestrand UnitedUlster Junior CupBallybofey United 2 v 1 Lagan HarpsLifford Celtic 4 v 0 Kilmacrennan CelticCarrick United 1 v 2 Gweedore UnitedMilford United 8 v 3 Cootehill HarpsCurragh Athletic 0 v 2 Carndonagh F.C.Donegal Town 1 v 2 Rathmullan CelticCranford United 4 v 0 Dunkineely CelticGweedore Celtic 3 v 0 Bonagee UnitedGlengad United 1 v 1 Glenea United(Glengad won on penalties)St. Catherines 2 v 1 Cockhill Celtic YouthsCavan Celtic 4 v 6 Gweedore United ReservesDONEGAL JUNIOR LEAGUEFIXTURESSATURDAY 02-11-2013 K.O. 2 p.m. (Unless Stated)Old Orchard Saturday Division OneRamelton Mariners v Castlefin Celtic ReservesGlencar Celtic v St. Catherines ReservesOrchard F.C. v Erne WanderersGlencar Inn Saturday Division TwoStrand Rovers v Arranmore United (K.O. 1 p.m.)Milford United Reserves v Glenree United ReservesDonegal Town Reserves v Curragh Athletic ReservesTullyvinney Rovers v Keadue Rovers ReservesCranford United Reserves v Gweedore United ReservesSUNDAY 03-11-2013 K.O. 2 p.m. (Unless Stated)Brian Mc Cormick Sports Premier DivisionRathmullan Celtic v Glenea UnitedGweedore Celtic v Cranford UnitedKilmacrennan Celtic v Lifford CelticMilford United v Curragh AthleticSt. Catherines v Donegal TownWatson Hire Division OneKerrykeel ’71 F.C. v Gweedore UnitedCastlefin Celtic v Bonagee UnitedDrumoghill F.C. v Keadue RoversEany Celtic v Lagan HarpsCappry Rovers v Dunkineely CelticCT Ball Division TwoDeele Harps v Dunlewy CelticBallybofey United v Raphoe TownCopany Rovers v Whitestrand UnitedGlenree United v Letterbarrow CelticDONEGAL LEAGUE – ALL THE RESULTS, REPORTS AND FIXTURES was last modified: October 27th, 2013 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Donegal Leaguelast_img

first_imgA MAN has been rushed to hospital in Letterkenny after a serious road crash.The incident happened around at 12.30am when a car left the Glen Road in Glenties.The vehicle hit and tree and ended up on its side in a nearby field. Glenties Fire Brigade crews attended the scene and assisted with the recovery of the driver.Ambulances from Killybegs and Glenties Gardai also attended the scene.The driver, who was is a foreign national, was transferred by ambulance to Letterkenny General Hospital in a serious condition.  BREAKING NEWS: MAN SERIOUSLY INJURED IN ROAD CRASH was last modified: August 19th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:ambulaceambulancedonegalFIRE BRIGADEGlentiesletterkennyroad crashlast_img read more